Ecological crisis.

the person throughout all history changed properties of natural systems. The economic activities of people connected, for example, with building of feed ditches, data, forests in huge territories, change rusel the rivers and with realisation of many other things of projects, changed shape of a planet.
Examples of similar changes the history has saved up flock. Moiseev N.N. in the monography devoted to problems modern mi-rovozzrenija, describes destruction of an agricultural civilisation of Mesopotamia where as a result of a superheavy use of soils salification and erosion has begun their post-foamy. Consequences of degradation of soils have appeared catastrophic: productivity fall has led to shortage of a foodstuff, population shift has begun, the civilisation began to weaken and the barbarians who have come from the north, not only have eroded Sumer cities, but have erased it from memory of mankind [160]. Further the scientist does a conclusion, that only the changes, accompanied (caused) by exhaustion of possibilities of environmental niches of the person, it is possible to name ecological crisis. In all other events it is necessary to speak about the extremely negative perception of the information on an environment condition in territory. A word-combination "ecological crisis" we will be used for obozna
chenija an ecological situation which is characterised by events "the deep irreversible changes of the environing natural habitat which has caused essential deterioration of a level of health of the population, on-rushenie natural balance, destruction of natural ecological systems, flora and fauna degradation" [40]. According to the author, at the heart of the ecological conflict, contrary to widespread understanding of ecological crisis as conflict between the person and environment, collision of various interests and the purposes of people, public groups which is developed on "prirodnommateriale" lays only.
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A source: MAKSIMENKO Jury Leonidovich. ECOLOGIZATION of SYSTEM of preparation and acceptance of ECONOMIC DECISIONS. 1999

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