Conceptual approaches to strategic management of a mining complex of local significance

GPK MZ is the economic system having tseyolyj a number of specific lines that testifies to necessity razrayobotki and developments of theoretical and methodological approaches to it strateyogicheskomu to management.

If to speak about GPK as a whole, and not just MZ it is possible to assert, that in the course of Russia it is a basis sotsialnoyoekonomicheskogo developments both separate subjects, and the country as a whole, and efficiency and stability of its activity largely opyoredeljaet quality and a standard of living bolshej population parts.

With 2003 on present time activity GPK of Russia is focused on modernisation of industrial capacities, an increment of volumes proizyovodstva, and, subsequently, overcoming of recession of the last decade 20 centuries and world crisis 2008-2009 On a number of industrial indicators was possible to reach record significances that has given the chance to increase country gross national product in 5 times, partially to solve social problems, and also ukreyopit a financial system of Russia [94]. The total volume of gross national product since 2003 (13208,2 mlrd rbl.) has grown to 92037,17млрд rbl. in 2017 [298].

The oil recovery and a gas condensate has reached in 2017 of marks in 546,8 million t. And 690,5 billion м3, accordingly. Intensive growth also nayobljudalsja in coal branch, including on a productivity indicator truyoda. For 2017 in Russia have extracted a 407,8 million order t. Coal (the fifth place in miyo
re), from which 184,64 million t. It has been exported (the third place in the world) [150].

Also in Russia the iron and steel industry has been generated competitive and effektivyonaja. Russia has taken in the lead items on volume of production of copper, the titan, nickel, diamonds and aluminium.

Today enterprises GPK of the Russian Federation adapt for new political and macroeconomic conditions [252]. For stability increase funkyotsionirovanija and stability to external effects, at level of regions were generated special social and economic systems - gornopromyshyolennye complexes [94].

Their creation was defined proceeding from specialisation of regions on dobyyoche and processing of that mineralno-source of raw materials which are available in a significant amount in its territory. The availability of a certain kind of a source of raw materials largely defines a development vector ekoyonomiki region. Mining complexes include geologorazveyodochnye the companies, and also extracting and processing mineralnoyosyrevye resources. Such complexes create and use uniform infrayostrukturu and make production with much bolshej an added value, than the separate companies [323].

It is possible to result some examples GPK functioning in SZFO. Republics Kareliyas GPK are included by 266 enterprises. In 2017 on territories of Kareliya, including 312 436 licences for use of bowels acted on extraction OPI. Thus, only number of workers predpriyojatija Open Society Karelian okatysh made 2,9 thousand persons.

Murmansk area - one of the most developed mining regions Russian Federations. In its territory there are rich deposits of rare-earth elements, precious metals, and also zhelezorudnogo, medno-nickel and raw materials apatite-nefelinovogo. Besides it, in area territory raspoyolagajutsja stocks of nonmetallic construction materials, semiprecious kamyonej, ogneuporov etc.

Development of Kola peninsula has given the chance
To generate powerful GPK, consisting of set of the enterprises, otnosjayoshchihsja to various industrial branches.

As it was already marked in chapter 1, the state fund of bowels LO includes more than 4 thousand deposits, from which order of 95 % soyoderzhat underground waters, or OPI. Also there are deposits of such minerals, as combustible slates, zhelezomargantsevye ores, phosphorites and bauxites. In the Tikhvin and Podporozhsky areas the estimation prognoznyh resources of diamonds is already conducted, and also searches and an estimation of radical deposits [250] are conducted. Today GPK LO basically consists of the enterprises - of manufacturers NSM, and also the enterprises which are carrying out them pererabotyoku [185].

The resulted examples speak well for that occurrence GPK in reyogionah has mass character, instead of is any special case. It confirms a working out and perfection urgency metodoloyogicheskih bases of strategic management GPK in a context of maintenance of a sustainable development of regions Russian Federations. It is understood as the complete doctrine about creation in region of the favorable environment for functioning and development GPK, working out of tools, methods and principles of the organisation of this dejayotelnosti.

Besides the reasons designated above, the importance of strategic management GPK follows from following positions:

1. Enterprises GPK are under construction in the locations useful iskoyopaemyh and are adhered to raw objects, they cannot be constructed with allowance for favourable economic-geographical position, as, for example, the enterprises of a machine-building complex. Therefore favourable or nevyyogodnoe the arrangement of such enterprises is defined by the nature, instead of the person.

2. Enterprises GPK face every year aggravation kachestyova mineral resources and their availability in force ischerpaemosti bolshinyostva kinds of minerals.

2. The enterprises and branches are in dynamics at any moment vreyomeni, that is, they constantly develop. Within the limits of this development, GPK can acquire new properties, lines and characteristics sotsialnoyogo, ecological, economic, technical or technological hayoraktera [61].

3. Also every year there is a strengthening of uncertainty of an environment, in connection with competition development for seller's markets that requires creation and perfection of flexible and long-term plans for development of the company.

4. The objective fact in modern conditions is that economic systems (including GPK) cannot function and razvivatyosja is exclusive on the basis of self-regulation market mechanisms. neyohvatka attention of the state government bodies to questions of regulation of activity of territorial branch complexes can lead to occurrence of set of contradictions which are preconditions of falling of growth rates and efficiency. In this connection, it is necessary to supplement a market mechanism with the state methods of regulation which can compensate its defects [61].

5. One of factors of slowing down of rates of social and economic development of regions is nedootsenennost significances regional proyomyshlennyh complexes.

6. Necessity of working out of new methods state reguyolirovanija is defined by prevalence of the private capital in base otrasyoljah national economies [61].

Problems of the government, generally, are decided by development of regions Russian Federations, and also industrial complexes of regions on reyogionalnom and federal levels. The authorities of subjects within the limits of the polyonomochy carry out administrative functions concerning process razyovitija own territories and, being on them, industrial to a clod
pleksov, basically, at the expense of working out and realisation various strategicheyoskih programs [139].

Basis of strategic management GPK is the account and udovletvoyorenie requirements of three basic interested parties:

- The states, on behalf of federal, regional and power city governments;

- Companies, in litseindividov, living in the given territory;

- Economy as sets of productive forces and proizvodstvenyonyh relations.

Considering a material stated above, it is possible to draw a conclusion, that maintenance of stable long-term development of branches GPK, depends on quality of the following processes which are consecutive stages of strategic management (drawing 2.3):

- Formation at the subject of management of strategic vision in otyonoshenii object of management;

- The complex strategic analysis internal and an environment;

- Working out and substantiation of alternative variants of strategic development of object of management;

- Estimation of in parallel executed programs, scenarios and projects;

- Choice and detailed study of strategy of development, realisation strateyogicheskoj programs;

- Estimation of the reached results and the control of process of fulfilment of the designated problems, realisation of a factor analysis internal and an environment, updating of the strategic program of development.

Within the limits of the first stage (process) the pilot analysis and a situation estimation is supposed. Differently, it is necessary to conduct diagnosis statement, and also to generate assumptions, concerning probable variyoantov conditions GPK MZ in long-term prospect. Differently, it is a stage tselepolaganija.

Drawing 2.3 - Process of strategic management GPK It is developed by the author.

The second - a stage of accumulation of knowledge of factors internal and an environment which are capable to affect process of strategic management GPK. As the complex analysis it is understood continuous proyotsess studying and updatings made before forecasts concerning factors external (strategy of social and economic development of region, seller's markets, state regulation, suppliers, the basic potreyobiteli etc.) and the internal environment (production, staff, the finance, meyonedzhment, technologies) [97, 99, 102, 103, 106, 107].

Working out of alternative variants of strategic development GPK is understood as formation of portfolios possible for realisation stra -

tegicheskih the programs, allowing to reach the uniform purpose, but for the account vypolyonenija different actions.

The central link of process of working out of strategy of development GPK javyoljaetsja subprocess of acceptance of separate strategic decisions on the basis of the analysis of available alternatives [77]. Acceptance of strategic decisions requires the account of three basic components [279]:

1) decision parametres;

2) alternative decisions;

3) purposes.

Decision parametres are understood as system characteristics, opiyosyvajushchie its current condition and requiring the account at a choice stage strateyogicheskogo decisions. Are allocated endogennye and ekzogennye parametres resheyonija. Ekzogennye are the indicators reflecting a condition of an environment. Endogennye characterise factors of the internal environment. Decision parametres are a barrier to expansion of a range potential alyoternativ.

Alternative decisions are potential possibilities of continuation of an existing policy of management in changed usloviyojah functioning [313, 334].

The purpose is the defining factor at a choice alyoternativy, allowing to solve an existing problem.

Choice of optimum strategy of development of an industrial complex soyostoit in revealing of the most suitable way of achievement of objects in view, and also in drawing up of the concrete plan of realisation of the confirmed variant. Process of a choice of strategy can be complicated, at availability znayochitelnogo quantities raznonapravlennyh the purposes having various priyooritet for development GPK [305].

Process of realisation of strategy consists in coordination and reguliroyovanii a course of fulfilment of the chosen strategic actions, that predyopolagaet studying of a condition of environment and updating dejatelyonosti an industrial complex proceeding from changes external and vnutrenyonej environments [304, 327].

At realisation of process of working out of the strategic program fulfilment of following conditions is necessary: communication with others dejstvujushchiyomi regional and federal documents of strategic character, a coordination of operational possibilities and strategic targets, the account of all potential lines of business, the account of internal priorities reyogiona, feasibility of tasks in view.

Specific line of strategic management GPK is that one of the basic objects in this process are industrial enterprises [61]. Besides, there is a number of differences in approaches to strategicheyoskomu to management at level GPK and the company. The cores from these differences are shown in drawing 2.4. We will notice, that some aspects of management GPK (*) should be realised together with a regional government, that is cannot be carried out only at industrial complex level.

Summing up, we will notice, that strategic management, in market conditions, is the effective tool povyshenijakak konkurentoyosposobnosti region, and developments of a branch complex and including - GPK.Strategicheskoe management allows to build accurately promyshlenyonuju a policy of development of base and supplying branches, to realise a complex of actions within the limits of programs social and economic razviyotija [181]. At realisation of strategic management GPK tselesoobyorazno use of measures of administrative, legal and economic character. In a case with GPK focused on extraction OPI, strategicheyoskoe management and planning should consider features of normativyono-legal base in nedropolzovanii.

Aspect of management The company GPK
Statement of the purpose and problems Strategy of development of the company Standards SMK and SAM Strategy of development GPK Standards SMK and SAM
Object of management Company divisions, SEB Managing subjects, the complex enterprises
Definition of priorities Criteria of stable economic development against the companies-competitors Private indicators of functioning of the company in region Criteria of stable economic development against others GPK Private indicators of development of a complex
Innovative development Introduction of new knowledge and innovative technologies (in a broad sense, including organizatsionnoyoupravlencheskie) Formation of base and climate for working out and generation of new knowledge p innovative technologies (in a broad sense, including organizatsionnoyoupravlencheskie) *
Management of staff Improvement of professional skill of shots Preparation and retraining of personnel * the Communication of experience, knowledge and the information *
Investments Attraction of investments, development at the expense of internal funds Creation of a favorable investment climate *
Ecology Estimation of influence of industrial activity of the company on surrounding environment Complex ekologo-economic monitoring p an ekologo-economic estimation of activity GPK
Work with the documentation The company reporting The information analysis on the companies and in aggregate Updating of the program of development GPK

Drawing 2.4 Basic distinctive features of management at level of the company and GPK

It is developed by the author.


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