The carried out qualitative and quantitative analysis; rejderskih; shares on the basis of materials / from open sources allows to reveal most, essential, the feature investigated: experts in Russia and to make some; conclusions; concerning necessity and possibility state protivodejstvija'rejderstvu.

Rejderstvo is; in constant transformation: the quantity of participants rejderskih attacks extends, forms, rejderskih shares become complicated, vary; methods of rendering of effect on opponents,
The structure of the companies attacked by aggressors will be transformed. In the short-term period on meso-and macroeconomic levels rejderstvo renders, mainly, negative influence on economy.

The next years in connection with reduction of set attractive for rejderov it is necessary to expect projects either disappearance, or the further transformation rejderstva. The analysis of results of the state policy mentioning the market of the corporate control, indicates possibility of influence and management of behaviour rejderov. It causes necessity of definition of main objectives, directions and forms of a state policy of counteraction.


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A source: Kireev Alexey Jurevich. READY IN THE RUSSIAN ECONOMY: ESSENCE, TRENDS AND OPPORTUNITIES OF COUNTERACTION. Thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences. Moscow - 2008. 2008

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