Urgency of a theme of research. Under the influence of the big number negayotivnyh the factors of an environment creating problems for effective regioyonalnogo of development, and as consequence of increase and an aggravation internal proyoblem, a role of regional government bodies as a basis supplying stabilyonost developments of social and economic system of region and increase of a standard of living of the population, increases.

On June, 17th 2016г. The president of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, addressing to plenary session of the Petersburg international economic forum, has declared, that for effekyotivnoj realisations of key directions of a state policy in the country is planned to introduce the design approach at all levels of management: federalyonom, regional and municipal [52].

The urgency of working out of teoretiko-methodical basis of application and increase of efficiency of functioning of the mechanism of design management for development of social and economic system of region is reasonable sledujushchiyomi by assertions:

- First, objective necessity of introduction of productive modern tools of management (one of which the design approach is) has developed under the influence of the geopolitical calls facing RosYOsiej, tendencies of development of the economic, accompanied by competitiveness toughening, introduction of new technologies, degree increase neopredelenyonosti and the risk, causing importance of increase of efficiency upravleyonija various kinds of resources, by improvement of activity of government bodies.

- Secondly, with the purposes of realisation of priority directions of acceleration of economic growth, improvement of quality of a life and well-being of citizens of the country, by structural transformations to economy and social sphere, on the foreground there is a problem of introduction and effective application mehanizyo
ma design management, at federal, regional and municipal levels;

- Thirdly, introduction of the design approach is effective meyotodom managements of social and economic development of region, application koyotorogo allows to supply achievement of the scheduled purposes regional razyovitija with the least expenses, overcoming of administrative barriers, the account and association of interests of government bodies, business communities and the population for poyovyshenija efficiency of functioning of social and economic system of the country as a whole and each separately taken region. Insufficient prorabotanyonost scientifically-methodical maintenance of design management interferes with application of the given tool of a regional government and requires sharing of scientific community in the decision of this problem.

Degree of a readiness of a problem.

Various aspects of management are reflected by social and economic development of region in proceedings of such authors, as L.V.Bobrovsky, O.V.Buresh, T.S.Kolmykova, I.V.Minakov, A.S. New settlers, M.V.Panasjuk, B.G.Preobrazhenskiy, I.E.Risin, JU.V.Savelyev, N.V.Sirotkin, O.V.Tolstoguzov, JU.I.Treshchevsky, E.V.Harchenko, etc.

Great value in the methodological plan works in the field of design management of such scientists as had D.A.Gajnanov, O.N.Dojnikova, A.M.Ignatov, J.N.Lapygina, I.I.Masur, JU.I. Priests, A.I.Tatarkin, V.D.Shapiro, O.V.Jakovenko, etc.

Within the limits of certain territorial formation works of following researchers are devoted problem aspects of realisation of projects: V.N.Leksin, O.P.Ovchinnikova, B.N.porfirev, S.V.posledov, D.A.Sinjavsky, T.O.Tolstoy, etc.

Despite the big number of publications on a research theme in works of indicated and other authors application problems are not to the full opened
The design approach for the decision of problems of social and economic development of region.

Considering necessity of development and practical application sovreyomennyh management tools social and economic development on the basis of design activity, had been concretised a dissertation theme, the object and an object of research, an object in view are defined and the problems directed on its achievement are reasonable.

The purpose and research problems. The purpose of dissertational research zayokljuchaetsja in working out of teoretiko-methodical basis and practical rekoyomendatsy on increase of efficiency of design management sotsialnoyoekonomicheskim region development.

The indicated purpose has predetermined statement and the consecutive decision of a following complex of problems:

- Conceptual positions of realisation design dejatelyonosti in regional government system are developed;

- The complex methodical approach to an estimation of design management is offered;

- Determinants of increase of level of efficiency of realisation of design management at regional level are revealed;

- The complex of the administrative actions directed on poyovyshenie efficiency of realisation of design activity in Kursk area is developed.

The research area corresponds to item 3 (3.10. Research traditsionyonyh and new tendencies, laws, factors and conditions funktsionirovayonija and developments of regional social and economic systems; 3.17. Management of economy of regions. Forms and mechanisms of interaction federal, regioyonalnoj, municipal authority, business structures and structures civil obshcheyostva. Functions and controlling mechanisms. A methodical substantiation and working out of organizational schemes and controlling mechanisms economy of regions; an estimation
Their efficiency) passports of a speciality 08.00.05 - Economy and management of a national economy: regional economy VAK Minobrnauki the Russian Federation.

Object and object of research. As object of research vystuyopaet process of introduction and realisation of the mechanism of design management by sotsialyono-economic development of region. Practical approbation of the technique developed in the dissertation is executed on an example of Kursk area and of some others reyogionov TSFO the Russian Federation. As an object of research environment and the organizational-administrative interactions arising in the course of realisation of design activity in region act institutsionalyonaja.

Teoretiko-methodological basis of research the works of domestic and foreign scientists opening questions of management by sotsiyoalno-economic development of regions have made, applications of the design approach in kayochestve the tool of management, practical realisation design dejatelnoyosti at various levels of the government. Tool base for research realisation general scientific methods and statistical meyotody have made data processing, such as a dialectic method, supervision, a method of comparison and groupings, classic methods of economic analysis and sinteyoza, a cluster analysis, a method of graphic data presentation. For razrabotyoki schemes institutsionalnoj circles of an effective system design upravleyonija in Kursk area, and also for construction of a problem field of realisation of the design approach in region us have been used system and strukturyonyj approaches, methods of organizational designing.

Information basis of research and a database of Federal service gosudaryostvennoj statisticans, is standard-legal base of federal and regional level collections of publications have served in management sphere as social and economic development, in area proyoektnogo managements, presentations and materials of conferences on development proektyonoj to activity, the publication in scientific editions on investigated problematiyo popular danyonye, granted federal, regional and municipal orgayonami to the power,
ke, Internet resources, in particular sections of sites of the regional government bodies, devoted to design management.

The scientific hypothesis of research consists in the assumption, that primeyonenie toolkit of design management allows to reveal strategic priorities of social and economic development of region and to develop a complex of the administrative actions directed on maintenance of a trajectory ustojchiyovogo of growth.

Scientific novelty of results of research consists in the decision vazhyonoj the scientific problem consisting in working out and a substantiation teoretikoyometodicheskih of positions of the design approach in increase of a management efficiency by social and economic development of region.

To the most significant new scientific results received during dissertational research, the following concerns:

1. Conceptual positions of design management are reasonable, otliyochajushchiesja decomposition of the purposes, problems, principles and performing a number of functions in system of the government for the purpose of creation is maximum blagopriyojatnyh conditions for complex scientifically-technological and sotsialnoyoekonomicheskogo developments of territorial formations that will allow to supply achievement of priority strategic problems of development of region (item 3.10 PasYOporta of a speciality 08.00.05 VAK Minobrnauki the Russian Federation).

2. The complex technique of an estimation of design management in the region is developed and approved, differing possibility structured issleyodovanija element structure of system of design management with the subsequent analysis of efficiency of its realisation that will allow to build ratings isyosleduemyh territorial formations and to unite them in klastery with the purposes of vyyojavlenija the factors constraining and stimulating social and economic development (item 3.17 of the Passport of a speciality 08.00.05 VAK Minobrnauki the Russian Federation).

3. Recommendations about increase of level of efficiency proyoektnoj are offered activity in the region, allowing to concentrate efforts regioyonalnyh public authorities on achievement of the priority purposes
Systems of design management and key indicators of efficiency (sotsiyoalnoj, financial and economic and ecological a component) sotsialnoyoekonomicheskoj systems that will allow to realise consistently the measures of administrative effect differentiated depending on prisvoenyonogoregionu of type (item 3.17 of the Passport of a speciality 08.00.05 VAK Minobrnauki the Russian Federation).

4. The complex of administrative measures in a cut of elements of system of the design management, considering problems, factors institutsionalnoj environments (is standard-legal base, objects and subjects, realisation process) and priorities in achievement of key indicators of efficiency sotsialnoyoekonomicheskogo developments of region which will supply complex and posledovayotelnoe the decision of the problems directed on improvement of quality of a life of the population and improvement of financial and economic position of territory (item 3.17 of the Passport of a speciality 08.00.05 VAK Minobrnauki the Russian Federation) is offered.

The theoretical importance of research consists in working out and obosnoyovanii teoretiko-methodical bases of efficient control development of sotsiyoalno-economic system of region on the basis of the design approach.

The practical importance of research consists that teoretiyocheskie conclusions and the generalisations made in the course of research, the recommendation about increase of efficiency of realisation of design management can be used by working out of program documents of regional level (for example, strategy and the plan of social and economic development of region, doyorozhnaja a card on introduction of design management), expansions of toolkit of design activity with the purposes of increase of productivity of available resources, improvement of quality of a life of the population, usyokorenija social and economic development of territorial formation.

The separate positions of work comprising teoretiko-methodical bases of design management, are applicable in teaching and studying of rates «Regional economy», «Strategic management», «State reyogulirovanie economy», «the State and municipal management».

Approbation of results of dissertational research.

Key conclusions and results following the results of the carried out research osyoveshchalis in performances at various conferences: Annual mezhdunarodyonoj scientifically-practical conference «Problems of social and economic development of Russia at the present stage» (Tambov, 2017), International nauchnoyoprakticheskoj conferences «Modern approaches to transformation of concepts of state regulation and management in social and economic sisyotemah» (Kursk, 2018).

The results of research connected with working out of recommendations on povyyosheniju of efficiency of realisation of design activity in region:

- Are used by executive powers of the power of Kursk area;

- Are used in scientifically-educational activity FGBOU IN «JUgoYOZapadnyj the state university».

Results of introduction are confirmed by documents.

The basic results of the dissertation are reflected in 11 works in total amount 6,29 items of l., author's volume - 4,54 items of l., including in six articles in editions, reyokomendovannyh VAK the Ministries of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

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A source: KELESH JULIA VADIMOVNA. Design management of social and economic development of region. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Kursk - 2019. 2019

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