Regions Russian Federations, as proprietors of the property belonging on the property right to subjects of the Russian Federation. Including Khabarovsk territory, within 1993 1998 these rights independently, irrespective of will of "Center" have realised.

So, the Law of Khabarovsk territory from 23.04.1996 40 About management goyosudarstvennoj the property of Khabarovsk territory provided sootvetstyovujushchie actions concerning a state ownership of the subject of the Russian Federation (further under text SSRF):

- Alienation SSRF in the property of the Russian Federation, other subjects of the Russian Federation, bodies meyostnogo self-management, legal bodies and citizens;

- Subrogation on possession, use and the order gosyosobstvennostju;

- To use SSRF as a lien subject;

- To association SSRF with property of legal bodies and citizens;

- Transfers to confidential management of the property of subjects of federation.

The order of alienation SSRF includes:

- Transfer SSRF to other persons without transition to them of the property right;

- Creation of State Unitary Enterprise, establishments, the organisations at level of subjects of the Russian Federation and upravyolenie them;

- Entering of investments in XT and HO;

- Entering of investments in Funds, etc.

Institutsionalizatsija a state ownership of subjects of the Russian Federation and formation of institute of a state ownership of subjects of the Russian Federation de - fak - that and de - jure are finished now. Now zakoyonodatelnaja the base of a regional government is built according to federal and includes 3 blocks:

1. The federal legislation: the Constitution of the Russian Federation, codes, the Concept goyosudarstvennoj properties, federal laws in the field of privatisation goyosudarstvennogo property, programs rammy privatisations on years, GK the Russian Federation, zakonoyodatelstvo in sphere of differentiation of authorities of federal and regional levels of the power in the field of management of a state ownership (fedeyoralnyj the law 131 - FZ About the general principles of the organisation local samoyoupravlenija in the Russian Federation, the federal law 184 - FZ About obyoshchih principles of the organisation legislative (representative) and ispolniyotelnyh public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation with changes and additions); the federal laws regulating predpriyonimatelskuju, investment, activity, rent relations, etc.;.

2. The regional legislation: Constitutions, Charters, and also laws, subordinate legislations, decrees, positions, orders, etc. subjects of the Russian Federation in sphere of management of a state ownership of subjects of the Russian Federation (laws of the subject of the Russian Federation, the governmental order of the subject of the Russian Federation and the Governor).

3. System legislatively established federal and regional noryomativov.

Regional features of management are shown by a state ownership that each region with allowance for the developed structure sobyostvennosti concretised general provisions of the federal legislation and defined priority directions of development of object. For example, for Habayorovsky edge it is a principle of an increment of scales state sobstyovennosti, an estimation of efficiency on the basis of criterion budgetary effektivnoyosti, a principle of optimisation of structure of the property by means of reorganizayotsii the unprofitable enterprises in the form of merge of productions and formation of branch complexes, competitive sale of low profitable property (privatisation), privatisation of state blocks of shares of the shares which share does not allow to influence strategy and tactics of economic companies, a policy of incomes and nayopravlennost investments etc.

To subjects of the government in region we carry enforcement authorities and representative orgayony the authorities of the Russian Federation and its subjects.

In 2000 - 2004 of the administration (Pravitop^tvo) Khabarovsk territory has conducted reyoorganizatsiju the subject but - objective structure of the government. The last administration bill concerns September, 2004 Has been changed organizational oruktura managements. At present time on structure bodies ispolshlelnoj the authorities kjxw include 3 | managements:

1. The government of Khabarovsk territory.

2. The ministries of Khabarovsk territory: the Ministry of economic development and external relations, the Ministry imushcheegvennyh relations, Treasury, MiYOnisterstvo natural jxxypcoB, housing and communal services Ministry, the fuel and power Ministry, ̳ buildings, minisgersgvo proyomyshlennosti, transport and power, | the wood industry, miniyosterstvo agriculture, Food Industry Ministry, trade and byyotovogo service, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, MiYOnisterstvo population social protection, the culture Ministry.

. I

3. Other enforcement authorities (4 committees, 2 managements, 1 representation, 2 inspections, 1 Center of strategic planning of edge Pravitelegva)

At the heart of the given reorganisation the new concept of management and state ownership classification laid. Division of functions on management, reduction of structure of object upravleyonija in conformity with functions of state governing bodies, and object structures in conformity with division of objects on functional - target and commercial property became the process contents. Thus, it is possible to note vzaimoyozavisimost basic elements it is subject objective structure of management and their interconditionality.

The key role is taken away to the Ministry of economic development and external relations (further but to the text - Ministry of Economics) and to the Ministry imushcheyostvennyh relations (further under the text - the Ministries of Property). They, together with otyoraslevymi the ministries, should, with reference to each group of objects (object), define the function which fulfilment is served danyonaja by group of objects or object. Then, proceeding from it to lay down the aims, oboyoznachit functions, to develop and offer the most effective methods and criteria of an estimation of management (the scheme of economic realisation of objects, inyostrumenty managements etc.). So, the edge Ministry of Economics executes

The general functions on coordination of activity of all ministries of edge, opredeyoljaet the concept and the basic directions of regional development. Authorities of the proprietor entering on behalf of Khabarovsk territory, are transmitted ministeryostvu property relations. Its organizational and functional structure, the purposes, problems, functions, a range of authorities and responsibility of the Ministry of Property of edge is regulated by Position about the Ministry imushchestvenyonyh relations of Khabarovsk territory which is confirmed by the Decree of edge GuYobernatora from 24. 01. 2002 57 / the Appendix 13, 14/.

If to approach to a question of construction of organizational structure with tochyoki sight of distribution of powers and responsibilities on management obektayomi the Ministry of property relations of Khabarovsk territory concerns organizational structures with the linear organisation of management (postayonovlenie X 57, the Appendix. All authorities linear (straight lines). They I go g from the top echelon to the lowest.

Among advantages of the document - responsibility, accurate raspredeleyonie responsibilities and the authorities supplying efficiency at decision-making, simplicity in understanding and maintenance of necessary discipline. This of structure oozes usually conducts to the stable and strong organisation.

On structure includes the subsystems of management presented more low in drawing 9, managements (in each direction) and them strukturyonymi the divisions (departments) supplying managerial process, and auxiliary services. Between experts and the minister 3 levels of management.

Following to criterion is traced - the subordinate should have one chief that raises efficiency of "pair contacts and reduces risk of occurrence of conflict situations. Horizontal ties if also is the weak. Information streams dvizhutsja only on a vertical: top-down - the command information, from below upwards - the condition information.

The norm of controllability is defined by quantity supervised vzaiyomodejstvy, interrelations of the chief with subordinates, the general vzaimootnoyosheny. Relations between subordinates. It keep within optimum significance: quantity of subordinates at the chief no more than 6.

The vice-president of the Government. The minister of property relations

Fig. 9. Organizational structure of the Ministry of property relations of Khabarovsk territory.

In go time rigidly realised principle of one-man management is realised and in the mechanism of the coordination of decisions, programs etc. with federal ministeryostvami, agencies, the Governor of edge, the Legislative thought of Khabarovsk territory chiefs of the branch ministries, discussion of problems upravleyonija on boards of the ministry of property relations. With allowance for inputs and information exits (fig. of 1 given dissertation, with. 16) extends decision-making procedure. It can include to 10 - 15 procedures soglasovayonija, on concessions - to 200 etc., that, in the end.snizhaet operativyonost, flexibility and a management transparency, both at federal level, and at level of the subject of the Russian Federation.

The form of joint discussion of current problems of management javljayojutsja boards (1 time a quarter). The ministry of property relations of Hayobarovsky edge has the right to employ on an appraisal of property nezaviyosimyh experts, regional BTI, the Balance commissions, Committee on ground resources and land management, FAUGH Cadastral chamber, justice Establishment on registration of the rights to real estate, GU "Real estate", Agency of federal service on bankruptcy. Concerning departments of management of the municipal property it renders the methodical help.

Regarding management of federal property in edge territory still the Governmental order of the Russian Federation from July, 3rd, 1998 696 confirms position about the account of federal property and management reestyora federal property, the form of a card of the account, the list and structure poyokazatelej. According to the indicated Decree management the state databases of the federal property which is available for legal bodies, zareyogistrirovannyh in territory of the Russian Federation, is made sootyovetstvujushchimi by territorial bodies an order established MiYOnisterstvom of property relations of the Russian Federation. The given order is confirmed Races - porjazheniem from July, 30th, 1998 the 800-river According to indicated in rasyoporjazhenii rather legal bodies are obliged to represent in territoyorialnye bodies the Ministry of property relations of the Russian Federation and bodies on management of a card of the account of the federal property which is available for them and the list of objects of real estate of the state property of subjects of the Russian Federation. As a whole during the period, since 1999 and on the present moment, the acting standard base of management is created. The positions regulating authorities of region, structure goyosudarstvennoj properties of the subject of the Russian Federation (the Federal law 184 - FZ with changes and additions) are developed and utyoverzhdeny.

In 1999 - 2000 of the edge Government had been developed and legislatively priyonjata the regional Concept of management by a state ownership and privatisations of the Government of the edge, regulating pravoustanavlivajushchuju and pravopriyomenitelnuju activity of the ministries, their structural divisions, tipoyovye contracts with chiefs KGUPov, a selection and appointment order doveyoritelnyh the managing directors, defining the purposes and personnel selection problems.

The big work under the account of objects of the regional property is done: soyostavlen a cadastre of the earths (the estimation of the ground areas is absent) and inventory and an estimation of the state property belonging to Khabarovsk territory on the property right is conducted. Annually registers are updated and contain informayotsiju for January, 1st of a current year (in a legislature as a rule postupayojut with delay on half a year). The modern uniform information system on management of edge property is created. Information streamlining generally objects of a state ownership has allowed to raise mobility and flexibility of subsystems of management.

Forms of realisation of a state ownership in economy reyogiona are: the state unitary enterprises of two kinds - federal and subjects of the Russian Federation, the unitary enterprises on the right of economic management, gosuyodarstvennye corporations from 100 % sharing the states mixed predpriyojatija with various degree of privatisation, official bodies, okazyyovajushchie free and paid services to the population, the real estate and nemateriyoalnye assets (resource material and non-material objects), predosyotavljaemye controls in regions according to zakonodatelstyovom to users of the state property on a hire basis, kontsesyosii, a constructive trust or confidential management, bessrochnoyogo uses etc.

Objective structure of a regional state ownership predstavyolena diverse objects of management. According to the state property Register

Khabarovsk territory for 01.01.2004 but structure of objects regional gossobstvenyonost includes:

1. Property complexes of the enterprises - 100 units, residual stoiyomost - 2052972 thousand rbl. On 01.01. 2003 into the list entered 127 predpriyojaty. During 2003 4 enterprises in a fuel industry, transyoporte and public health services have been introduced to the register, 31 enterprise is excluded

I Appendices 4,5/. Into economy public sector enter economic obyoshchestva from shares of the state ownership exceeding 50 % of an authorised capital. The last years the tendency to their reduction was scheduled: 2003. - 56 units; 2004 - 52 units; 2005 (forecast) - 20 units

2. The establishments which are in regional state property - 125 units, bayolansovaja cost - 24079970 thousand rbl. Addition of value has occurred at the expense of the revaluation of permanent assets conducted by establishments according to the order of the Government of the Russian Federation from 15.11.2002 1611 - the river, and also at the expense of increase in quantity of state institutions: in the course of the year: leaving - 5, priyobytie - 10. For 01.01.2005 only 139 KGU, a book value of a fixed capital - 23974332 thousand rbl. / the Appendix 7/. In the course of liquidation nahoyoditsja Regional official body the Khabarovsk regional management of highways"Habarovskavtodor"cost of a fixed capital - 30167 thousand rbl.

3. The property which is in treasury of edge / the Appendix 8/:

3.1. 766 objects of the real estate (within 2003 has left treasury - 95 obyoektov, from them: 2 objects are fixed on the right of economic management, 1 - on the operational administration right to the regional organisations. For 01.01.2005 - 696 objects of the real estate in cost a ratable value - 1567742 thousand rbl.; a reproduction new cost - 2736915 thousand rbl. / the Appendix 8/. For 2004,

According to edge Ministry of Economics, incomes of the regional budget of lease sostaviyoli 91,00 million rbl. the/appendix 16/. Yield under the real estate makes 2,34 %.

3.1.2. Property complexes (movable and real estate) - 81, cost of 1310240800 roubles. For 2003 there was a reduction stoiyomosti state property at the expense of leaving from the register of 4 complexes, cost of 512878,4 thousand roubles, from them two complexes completely, and two partially. For the same period in RKGI 9 complexes in cost - 153324,9 thousand roubles are included. A pas of 01.01.2005 - 78 imushcheegvennyh complexes in cost of 1510232,1 thousand rbl. the Total cost of the real estate - 3887147,1 thousand rbl., doyohody from lease of the regional real estate - 425906 thousand rbl.; yield ispolzovayonija the regional real estate - 0,11 %

3.1.3. Objects not finished by building for 01.01.2004 - 15; leaving 1 object. For 01.01.2005 - 17 objects; on 13 objects building priostayonovleno. I object-is preserved.

3.2. State blocks of shares of shares (a share of contributions) - in 151 economic company / the Appendix 11/. Dynamics: leaving - 21, arrival - 9. Change stoimoyosti a state block of shares of shares is conducted in the course of increase in a face-value of 1 share. On 01.01. 2005. The edge had controlling interests in 119 hozjajstyovennyh companies; from them: in 40 economic companies the share in authorised kayopitale exceeds 50 %; from them, ogosudarstvleny - 10: 100 % - percentage gosyokorporatsii - 6; the edge share in an authorised capital exceeds 70 % - 4. The Total cost of a state block of shares of shares - 920404234 rbl. For 2004. Dividends have made 3770 thousand rbl. Yield gosudarezvennogo the share capital for 01.01.2005-0,0004 %

3.3. For 01.01.2004 of the ground areas - 30 units Dynamics for 2003: arrival - 9 ground areas. In particular, in Khabarovsk kras in gosudaryostvennoj properties are the ground areas under privatizirovannyyomi the enterprises a total area 124200,25 sq. m and completely raspolagajuyoshchiesja in Khabarovsk. Now in the course of differentiation there is 11 thousand more the ground areas / the Appendix 8, 4 tables; PrilozheYOnija 9, 10/. For 01.01.2005 - 33 ground areas.

4. In the edge property there are also budget means in a type of income from use of the state property and from activity: incomes from neyodvizhimosti (incomes of lease of land, objects of the real estate), proyotsentov from granting of budgetary loans, percent from placing in banks of temporarily free money resources, the incomes formed for an abacus paternal -

leny from profit of the regional unitary enterprises and miscellaneous incomes, means of off-budget funds, gratuitous transfers from the federal budget.

For the purpose of attraction of investments into edge economy has been created ZalogoYOvyj fund into which have entered vysokolikvidnye assets of edge (the list and stoiyomost objects are presented in the Appendix 12). The Primary goals in obyolasti managements of objects of mortgaging fund are:

- Expansion of structure of the objects forming mortgaging fund;

- Increase of liquidity of objects of regional mortgaging fund, including at the expense of transfer for these purposes of gold from Gohrana the Russian Federation, grantings prayovomochy to Khabarovsk territory on pawning of objects natural resuryosov, being in edge territory, on the basis of agreements with the Government of the Russian Federation;

- Regular modification of structure of regional mortgaging fund (not later than 60 days at the expiration of the first half of the year and the next fiscal year);

- Definition of a market estimation of a hypothecation value of objects regional zayologovogo fund;

- Working off of the mechanism of the control over target draught on funds, poluyochennyh under a pledged security.

At the same time, in the register non-material assets are not considered and sootveg - stvenno it does not have their market estimation. In modern conditions obyoekty to intellectual property bring in significant incomes, their inventory, an estimation and entering into the register therefore is necessary. Other group of objects of a state ownership which are in process of differentiation is not considered. There is no list and an estimation obshcherasprostranennyh iskoyopaemyh, natural resources (water objects, bioresources, objects zhivotnoyogo the world), wood fund.

Let's consider the practice which has developed in edge of management by objects goyosudarstvennoj properties according to object structure upravyolenija.

1. Management of a regional segment of public sector of economy.

On the end of 2004 public sector of economy Khabarovsk predyostavlen the federal and regional unitary enterprises (KGUL) and gosuyodarstvennymi establishments (KGU). From them, the regional property predstavyolena property complexes 100 KGUP and 125 KGU. Total balansoyovaja cost of a fixed capital of the enterprises has made 2052972 thousand rbl. (2052, 972 million rbl.), and establishments - 24079970 thousand rbl. (24079, 970 million rbl.). The Financial position gosudarsgvennyh the unitary enterprises difficult, hoyotja the share of the unprofitable enterprises in public sector of economy more low, than on the average on edge (38,2) also has made 7,8 % (with allowance for liquidated predyoprijaty - 20,2 %) Z the Appendix 6/.

The management purpose the unitary enterprises is reception makyosimalnoj profits for the budget the proprietor of the enterprise at miyonimalnyh expenses for management. The purposes are reached by construction konyotraktnoj systems of hiring of chiefs. Problems of chiefs is maintenance increase in weight of the profit, transferred into the budget on normatiyovu. They act in interests of the proprietor (Khabarovsk territory).

Functions on government KGUP are distributed between the branch ministries and the ministry of property relations, representations of the federal ministries in the subject of the Russian Federation / the Appendix 13, 14/. Ministry functions relations of Khabarovsk territory concern:

- Investment KGUP and KGU the property concerning the regional property;

- The coordination of questions of the order property of the unitary enterprises;

- Management their register;

- The decision of questions of reorganisation unitary the enterprise;

- The control over productivity and safety gosudarstvenyonogo the property fixed for KGUP and KGU;

- The assertion in coordination with branch controls admiyonistratsii edges of charters KGUP and signing of contracts with chiefs of the enterprises which are in management of controls of a regional administration, not having status of the legal person.

Branch enforcement authorities of edge co-ordinate charters of the unitary enterprises. Those from them which have the status of the legal person, in coordination with the Ministry of property relations of Khabarovsk territory, appoint to the post and dismiss chiefs KGUP, conclude, change and terminate contracts with them, carry out the control, over their economic activities.

By the concept of management of regional state property are established osnovyonye forms of the control over activity supervise mine GUPov:

1. For the unitary enterprises the order of the Ministry of property relations of Khabarovsk territory 295 provides from 22.04.99 obligatory realisation of periodic auditor checks since without it the control, for them financially - economic activities is essentially hindered.

2. Realisation of regular auditor checks in economic companies from shares of sharing of edge over 50 % of an authorised capital.

3. It is offered to carry out reorganisation on organizational - legal foryomam the unitary enterprises - to unify organizational - legal form KGUP and to transfer them in the status of the state enterprises, and the state property fixed to the unitary enterprises on the right hozjajstvenyonogo of management to withdraw.

Provided by civil procedure law organizational - the legal form of the unitary enterprise and institute of the right economic veyodenija have a number of negative properties. The legal design of the right hoyozjajstvennogo management grants the subject of such right wide sections polyonomochy on possession, use, the order property of the proprietor.

Really these authorities are carried out individually by the chief unitaryonogo the enterprises which mutual relations with the proprietor are regulated by labour laws. On the contrary, the edge terms of reference as proprietor are certain in the exhaustive image:

- Interference of the state bodies in activity unitary predyoprijaty their chiefs) out of the established terms of reference is neyopravomernym;

- Chiefs of the unitary enterprises independently make of the decision on directions of use of profit and are not connected by necessity soyoglasovyvat the decisions with the proprietor of property (behind an exception voyoprosov orders real estate).

As many researchers recognise, in practice large powers of chiefs of the unitary enterprises in the absence of effective instruyomentov and an order of management, the control and motivation of chiefs lead to the conclusion of bargains in which the management of unitary "enterprise" is interested that leads to artificial overestimate of product cost, and in some cases - to plunders of the state property; to absence of a trustworthy information about a state of affairs in the unitary enterprises and impossibility to prevent negative consequences of unskilled or illegal activity of chiefs/101, 111 - 121/.

The authorities of the proprietor provided acting zakonodayotelstvom, in some cases do not give it possibility not only to require from ruyokovoditelej the unitary enterprises of achievement of certain quality indicators in activity of the enterprises, but even to define these indicators. Development of accurate criteria of necessity of creation, functioning, privatisation of the unitary enterprises, estimations perspektiyovy preservations of objects with allowance for therefore is required to their economic efficiency (on the basis of the analysis of their effect on regional reproduction and the cores pokazateyolej vosproizvodstvennoj, financial, economic activities), instituyotsionalnoj (from the point of view of maintenance of the economic rights of the subject of the Russian Federation) and budgetary efficiency. Definition and fixation in konyotraktah with chiefs KGUP of accurate criteria of an estimation of activity rukoyovoditelja on management is necessary, measures and forms of responsibility for economic efyofekt and an establishment of tasks on deduction have arrived to the regional budget, itself to investment in fixed capital KGUP, in the human capital. An Ekonomiyochesky and budgetary inefficiency of some the unitary enterprises speak a low material interest of workers, take place nevyyoplaty wages, redistribution of a part of the profit remaining at the enterprise in favour of administration of the enterprise, and at times and to the detriment of vnutrenyonim to investments.

2. Management of regional official bodies (further io to the text - KGU).

Under the current legislation regional enforcement authorities are allocated by the right of creation of establishments. Establishments should sozdayovatsja for realisation of functions of noncommercial character. Them finanyosirovanie in full or in part prizvodite I at the expense of means of the regional budget. The purpose of management of official body is maksiyomalnoe satisfaction of public requirement for certain kinds usyolug at minimum budgetary expenses. In 2004 the total gosuyodarstvennyh establishments in subjects of the Russian Federation has increased at the expense of withdrawal from veyodomstvennogo submission and transfer of a part federal state obyorazovatelnyh establishments of average vocational training on uroyoven subjects of federation that has caused increase budgetary rasyohodov.

As practice of management KGU the monitoring system has shown, reglamentiyorovannaja corresponding legal certificates behind realisation uchrezhdeyonijami economic operations, now is absent, including feyoderalnyj level. Dissociation in activity of financial, branch controls is marked; at the same time regional enforcement authorities bear subsidiarnuju responsibility under obligations of establishments. Checks of target use of the state property, the conducted Ministries of Property of edge in 2001 2003 of, have shown, that in practice there are cases of no-purpose use or underexploitation of the state property allocated KGU. The regional branch enforcement authorities having subordinated establishments, supervise use of the state property (for example, corresponding doyogovora lease of a part of the areas, the equipment etc.) not enough Fixed for podveyodomstvennymi establishments on the operational administration right, ogranichivayojas the control over the basic authorised activity and an expenditure bjudzhetyonyh the means, allocated to establishments under the estimate. Khabarovsk territory as sobstyovennik, thus, receives less money resources in the regional budget. And though by results of checks statements are drawn up and the state property is withdrawn, the facts of availability of the regional property not considered till now take place also.

Long time practice of delivery of a part of real estate KGU and assignments of a rent by chiefs KGU around kraevoju the budget took place. Now separate lines register incomes of lease izbyyotochnogo the state property of culture establishments, formation and the public health services, acting in the budget, about also incomes of activity.

3. Property management of Khabarovsk territory. The subject structure of management, structure of users, as well as objective structure of a state ownership are dynamical. The Ministry of property relations, the Ministry of building of building, management concern subjects of management of objects regional nedviyozhimosti housing-and-municipal hozjajstyova regional administrations, regional office of technical inventory, Habarovyosky regional establishment of justice on registration of the rights on immovable imuyoshchestvo, committee on ground resources and land management of Khabarovsk territory. With the purposes of coordination of work of the enforcement authorities participating in property management in territory of edge by the decree of the head admiyonistratsii of Khabarovsk territory from 20.07.98 285 the Interdepartmental commission on the real estate is created. In the work the commission considered such voyoprosy, as: Preparation for board under the real estate at the head of administration of edge, about formation of cadastral numbers, supervised course of execution of the Decree of the head of administration of Khabarovsk territory from 29.06.99 253 About measures on perfection of state regulation of relations in real estate sphere in edge territory. At commission meetings administration bills of such laws as About the technical account and goyosudarstvennoj registration of sharings, buildings, premises and structures in territory of Khabarovsk territory were considered.

For 01.01.2004 of all 766 objects are considered. As required the structure of objects is presented by structures, objects of inhabited and uninhabited fund, objects of a civil defence, industrial, sotsiokulturnogo, toryogovogo and auxiliary appointment, transport and engineering networks. From them it is involved in economic circulation - 691 object. It makes 93,3 % from total of objects. To objects, temporarily not having polzovayotelja, diverse objects concern: apartments, objects GO, auxiliary and industrial objects, engineering networks, objects not finished the building, being in the property or having a share of Khabarovsk territory. Dynamics of the real estate is defined by processes munitsipalizatsii, privatisations, differentiations of objects of a state ownership on government and management levels.

The purpose of management of objects of the real estate - increase of incomes, poyoluchaemyh from use of the real estate by use of the developed market indicators. In edge it is created and the system of bodies of technical certification and inventory of objects of the real estate (fig. 3, .38) continues to be improved ediyonaja. In 1999 there is begun realisation continuous tehniyocheskoj inventories of objects of the real estate in edge territory, the purpose koyotoroj is creation of a uniform databank of technical inventory of objects of the real estate. The software the Register (the Summary inventory) regional property is created. The first register contains the inventory regional imushcheyostva for 1997 In a basis of structure of the Register has been put poobektnyj the property account, including immovable and registration of all legal owners for each object of the account. During trial operation program sredyostva in 1999 The information has been introduced to a database on 2820 objects neyodvizhimosti, being on territory of Khabarovsk territory and received during realisation of inventory of regional property. It is updated ezheyogodno by results of the subsequent inventories.

According to board decisions at the head of administration of edge in 1999 there has been begun work on the state registration of the right sobstyovennosti Khabarovsk territory and municipal unions on objects neyodvizhimosti. During this work check of completeness and accuracy of the information on the objects of the real estate which are on balances organizayotsy was conducted. On the end of 1999 the information on 3937 objects of the real estate is introduced to the Register (the summary inventory) regional property, a total area of 3355878,38 sq.m. the Average percent of deterioration of objects made 38 %. The Available housing of Hayobarovsky edge included 1124 buildings, a total area of 287064,51 sq.m.

In 1999 the task for realisation of inventory of the earths of settlements of Khabarovsk territory and zemleustroitelnyh works / PriloYOzhenija 9,10/has been defined. Besides, ground uchastyokami city governments attend to possession and use questions: committees on ground resources of cities and areas of edge and management of architecture municipal administyoratsy. Now work on inventory of ground objects, nayohodjashchihsja in the regional property basically is finished, but regional zemelyonye resources for 01.01.2005 have not passed estimations.

Managerial process optimisation by natural objects nedvizhimoyosti represents a number of actions in land tenure sphere, lesopolyozovanija and nedropolzovanija.

On the landed property work on the state registration of the rights to use of the ground areas which are in goyosudarstvennoj the properties of edge and on plots which are in process now of differentiation according to federal laws 184 - FZ and 131 - FZ and to perfection of forms state konyotrolja proceeds.

In area nedropolzovanija practice of reduction of limits, quotas, the preschedule termination of the rights nedropolzovanija, in a case neisyopolzovanija the allocated natural resources, regular defaults of payment in the budget is applied.

In sphere lesopolzovanija it is used mechanisms of withdrawal of wood rent plots, the hunting grounds according to the legislation in case of non-use of the allocated natural resources and regular defaults of payment in the budget.

Certification of objects of the real estate is not finished.

At the same time the existing system poobektnogo managements neyodvizhimostju in Khabarovsk territory requires perfection on a number osyonovany:

1. Development of the ground legislation lags behind development of other branches zayokonodatelstva, a real estate turn-over that leads nestyyokovke legal regimes of use of the ground areas and the buildings possessed on them and structures at their objective coherence in uniform object of managing;

2. There is no system of constant and obligatory annual revaluation of a market value of the objects which are in a state ownership of Khabarovsk territory, that in practice results (especially in conditions inyofljatsii) in constant understating of cost of property. So, actually only in the second half of the year 2004 on the assertion of the Legislative thought of Hayobarovsky edge the register of the regional property containing inyoformatsiju for 31.12.2003 has been introduced;

3. Authorities of the proprietor of the real estate, are realised by the different government bodies which activity often is not interconnected (management soyooruzhenijami is torn off from management of the ground areas);

4. It is not finished state registration of the rights of Khabarovsk territory on objects of the real estate belonging to it, including the ground areas that hinders the order them;

5. The part of objects of not complete building is not involved in a turn-over and utyorachivaet investment appeal;

6. Permanent reforming of the federal legislation creates eksyotremalnye conditions for management, requiring supermobility and flexibility. At the same time use of the earths which are in a state ownership is carried out by local governments without the coordination with organayomi the government of Khabarovsk territory;

Management of state blocks of shares (shares) of shares is debugged the last 3 years and brings real money resources in the budget in the form of dividends, the weight koyotoryh increases from year to year '. For 01.01.2000 in territory of Khabarovsk territory have been registered and carried out the activity 259 hozjajstyovennyh companies in which authorised capitals were available state payokety shares (a share, shares), including in 151 economic company packages akyotsy (shares, shares), were in the regional property, in 115 - in federal, in 10 companies the special right - ("the gold share) is fixed. For 01.01.04 the edge had shares in 151 economic company. From them 89 are on territoyorii edges. A financial position of many companies difficult enough. In 2003 only 33 from 151 companies have made the decision on payment of dividends to Habarovyosky edge. It is connected and that the edge in a number of companies has neyoznachitelnye packages (shares) of shares that does not allow to influence on dividendnuju to the politician of economic companies.

The positive moment is that in edge the base of management is developed by the state blocks of shares normayotivnaja, the order on realisation and right edge protection as participant economic tovariyoshchestv and companies is established. Decisions starting in a following order. The governor

Khabarovsk territory on submission of the Ministry property otnoyosheny authorises for pawning, in confidential management and other order (except for sale) the shares which are in kraeyovoj the properties. Decision-making on stock trading, on fastening of shares of the open joint-stock companies created in the course of privatisation, in kraeyovoj properties, about use concerning the indicated companies spetsiyoalnogo the rights ("the Gold share"), definition of an order of appointment (election) of representatives of Khabarovsk territory in controls and auditing komisyosii the open joint-stock companies which shares are in regional sobyostvennosti or in which relation the special right "ZoloYOtaja the share" is used is within the competence of the Government of Khabarovsk territory.

The legislative thought of Khabarovsk territory within the limits of the regional law About a government program of privatisation of the state property in Hayobarovsky edge annually defines prognoznyj the list of the joint-stock companies assumed to stock trading making production (the goods, usyolugi), having strategic significance for maintenance national bezoyopasnosti the states, and shares of open joint-stock companies, and also proyognoznyj the list of the state unitary enterprises which are subject preyoobrazovaniju in open joint-stock companies, a book value osnovyonyh which funds for inclusion date in the privatisation program exceeds 5 million minimum wage rates established by the regional law.

To the factors reducing quality of management state pakeyotami of the shares, concerns, not high enough occupational pattern of managing directors. For example, management of shares belonging to edge and osuyoshchestvlenie the rights of the participant in economic associations and companies is realised through institute of the representatives quoted PravitelstYOvom of Khabarovsk territory. On structure is basically administrative rabotyoniki. For 01.01.2000 of 66 % workers of regional bodies ispolniyotelnoj made the authorities, 13 % - workers of municipal unions of Khabarovsk territory. Status quo of appointment of civil servants of prehundred -


viteljami does not provide effective mechanisms of their estimation professioyonalnyh qualities, qualification and preparation with allowance for specificity of concrete object of management, application of such measures of property responsibility for results of activity of representatives which could essentially sniyozit risks of the state; sharing in quality of representatives of Khabarovsk territory, in the basic civil servants.

According to the Ministry of property relations of edge, considering koyolichestvo and the importance for regional economy of economic companies, otrasyolevuju specificity of the indicated organisations and a number of other factors in which the edge is the participant (shareholder), such control system iosredstvo.m inyostituta representatives from items of the received volume of incomes in the budget nelyozja to recognise as effective.

Concrete actions for increase of economic efficiency of management by economic associations and the companies, developed by the Ministry of property relations, concern, on the one hand, poyovyshenija qualities of management, in particular, appointments of representatives gosuyodarstva in economic companies and associations and managements of blocks of shares, and, with other, re-structurings of the regional block of shares.

In sphere of improvement of quality of management:

- Appointment of representatives of the state in controls opened akyotsionernyh the companies which shares are in state sobstyovennosti, from among experts of branch regional bodies ispolniyotelnoj the authorities, the property Ministries, and also enforcement authorities of municipal unions of Khabarovsk territory;

- Issue by the Ministry of property relations of written instructions for voting to representatives of the state in controls of the open joint-stock companies, which share are in state sobstvenyonosti, in coordination with branch structures of a regional administration;

- Direction in the Ministry of property relations not less than 10 proyotsentov the dividends which have acted in budgets under the shares which are in

State ownership, on financing of the costs connected with management by shares, thus to half of indicated means napravljayojutsja in branch controls of a regional administration;

- Establishment of an order of use of blocks of shares as warranties on behalf of Khabarovsk territory with reference of these warranties for the public debt supplied with property, instead of incomes of the regional budget;

- Acceptance of measures on revision of charters of economic associations and companies, for maintenance of interests of the state;

- Control of a management efficiency belonging Hayobarovsky ' to edge and a share in authorised capitals of economic companies is connected by blocks of shares with an estimation of dynamics of increase in incomes of management nahoyodjashchimisja in the regional property shares (shares);

- Acceptance of measures on perfection of the mechanism of the account and the control for dejayotelnostju the organisations in which the edge has a sharing share, and also otchetyonosti and the control over activity of representatives of the state in controls of joint-stock and other economic companies;

- Maintenance of completeness and reliability of the data containing in the register payoketov of shares; results of reduction of number of small illiquid packages akyotsy, being in the regional property.

The basic directions of re-structuring of the regional block of shares javyoljajutsja:

- Consolidation of blocks of shares of the joint-stock companies which are carrying out odyonorodnuju activity or activity on achievement of the similar purposes;

- Share acquisition of joint-stock companies for the purpose of strengthening gosudarstvenyonogo sharing in these companies if it is necessary for fulfilment obshcheyogosudarstvennyh problems and if for this purpose there are necessary resources;

- Establishment of the mechanism of preservation of the size of the block of shares (a sharing share goyosudarstva in an authorised capital) at realisation of additional issues; replacement of the block of shares fixed in the regional property by the special right ("the Gold share").


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