the concept and the system of the mechanism of transformations in the conditions of dynamic development of industrial enterprise

In system orgdejatelnostnyh characteristics the analysis strukyotury managements allows to schedule a starting point of its transformations, in our opinion. In this initial link proyoishodit the greatest accumulation of the information and data, dostayotochnyh for their subsequent ordering and an estimation of the moment of transition to converting shares.

The mechanism in which limits these begin and conducted analytical operayotsii, it is possible to present in an image of the "car" which functional purpose consists in creation of necessary conditions for movement in a corresponding direction. Such car should have the engine, the mechanism of transfer of its energy for work fulfilment, and she should be subject sootvetstvujuyoshchim to service regulations,

According to a research task in view it is possible to present, that already there is a structure acting and supplying any control mode. PreobrazoYOvanie this mode with reference to enterprise style it is possible to present as a complex of the actions done in the logician of work of the car.

The future condition of a control system of the enterprise within the limits of the designed approach can be received or in a designing mode, or in a programming mode. Between these modes and corresponding to them preobrazovayotelnym to actions, in our opinion, is essential razliyochija.

The basic characteristic of designing consists what to design it is possible when know, that should poluyochitsja. That is always it is necessary to have the description or the image of that it is necessary to receive as a result. It always izmeneyonie and the transformation of a situation focused such obrayozom that at minimum changes it has been supplied doyostizhenie all target items, at preservation of their external structure, mission, appointment and the purpose.

Designing is extremely target action, and poetoyomu the approach to management of development can be design-tseleyovym.

Programming - activity more difficult rather than designing. It is carried out in conditions when realiyozovat the design-target approach it is impossible. It, however, does not mean, that we deprive programming target sostavljayojushchej, ideal objects (as designing, and proyogrammirovanie there is a cogitative work). But programmirovayonie there is first of all a work from reached on the scheduled directions, and it is first of all remedial podyohod. And on the basis of these characteristics we allocate programmyonyj the approach to management of development. Projects become eleyomentami this approach when it is possible with sufficient accuracy to designate a necessary condition of object in this or that nayopravlenii within the limits of the program.

The program approach can be considered as certain "zayorjad" questions and errors which should be overcome. RazreYOshenie and overcoming often leads to new questions and errors, in the places scheduled as a result of the analysis or topah in aristotelevskoj to terminology. Questions are put without delay as problems and problems following from them. Errors - are tupikoyovye the ways which monitoring is necessary for carrying out during work that them not to repeat.

For the decision of the problem delivered in work, we vybrayoli the program approach. The greatest, that we can make is to give some characteristics industrial predprijayotija, developed in the logician of these ideas and some predyostavlenija about ideas.

One more item necessary for search of the approach - razliyochenie enterprise and orgupravlencheskoj dejatelnosyoti. We enter only one characteristic. predprinimatelstyovo - there is a work which does not have standards set in advance and samples. Business - is the thought starting the enterprise. When it is started - business zayokanchivaetsja and gives way orgupravlencheskoj to work, predyostavlennoj in the knowledge, having norm, standards. It is a cultural item. Thus we do not exclude problematiza - tsiju from orgupravlencheskoj work, but it is presented there as norm.

In the mechanism system (the Fig. 10) (in chosen by us podhoyode) to us while was possible to allocate five planes. The first - glavyonaja and defining - theoretical (and partly mirovozzrenyocheskaja), theories, concepts and the engineering approach here lay. On the second plane conceptual ideas (or strategy), topika, the purposes, problems and problems are possessed. The third board anayoliza a situation and forecasting. On the fourth - the concept of actions, problems and plans of works under their decision. The fifth plosyokost - a monitoring plane where results of works are traced, their researches are carried out.

Schematically it can be represented as follows.

I Theories, Concept, the Engineering approach

II Conceptual ideas (strategy):

- The purposes

- Problem problems

Plans 1

V Monitoring


The analysis


Fig. 10. Structure of the mechanism of transformation dejstyovujushchej industrial enterprise control systems

Arrows indicate communications.

Submissions and concepts on the second and third plane are in many respects defined by the first. The concept of actions is under construction, involving in the form of a construction material of submission and poyonjatija from first three boards. Results of work are projected on the fifth plane and come back as results issledovayony to the first, the second and the third.

Remains, however, not clear how to start this car and nayopolnjat the contents, for example, first three planes.

The engine the people having the purposes and inyoteres in this work can be only. But besides, certain formation, preparation is necessary.

In the West, in our opinion, there are the similar cars adapted for development, for example, of strategy promyyoshlennyh of the enterprises in the conditions of economic system. Thus each block is supplied by certain knowledge and one - ratsionno is presented, that allows to enter enough zhestyokuju funktsionalizatsiju and to organise this work as production. But it is result of work of decades in opyoredelennoj to system. Being transferred back in our situation, we can ascertain, that there are either no knowledge, or operationally presented sections of works, long-term practice. And consequently, not denying possibility funktsionalizatsii, we poniyomaem, that we build the car of other type, and to its organisation as production when is based on defined mayoteriale places with functions, with the constructed system of communications, still far. Furthermore and car elements essentially others.

There is a problem of the detailed description of each plane with allowance for how we imagine the car engine. treyobuetsja first of all to find the form supplying vypolneyonie ideological, methodological, epistemologicheskih and understanding functions. Or more truly to take the first step. poyoskolku in itself work on statement of the purposes, metodologiyocheskogo maintenance is very labour-consuming and requires long, siyostematicheskoj work.

Such form, in our opinion, are organizational-deyojatelnostnye games. In work a lot of attention is given organiYozatsionno-dejatelnostnym to games in which the author participated, and to the actions following them necessary elemenyotam and conditions of construction of a controlling mechanism by development of industrial enterprise with the analysis of some examples of such work.

For the analysis six games, conducted by George PeYotrovichem Schedrovitsky on the largest industrial predyoprijatijah the countries are chosen: the Volga car factory on issue of cars (VAZ), Kamsky car factory on issue bolsheyogruznyh cars (KAMAZ), industrial obedineyonii "the Chelyabinsk tractor factory" and with group dejstvujuyoshchih businessmen - active workers of a consignment "Free truyoda" (1991). These are games: "Prospects and programs of development of system" "," Prospects and programs razyovitija systems "aoOoa?ONOi??O??oa??N", "Prospects and programs of development of motor industry in the country" (VAZ), "Strategy of development of factory of engines in system ON" KAYOMAZ "," Industrial enterprise HH centuries "on base ON" CHTZ "," Business and political protection predpriyonimatelstva ". Besides, four games conducted by Oleg Grigorevichem Isaevym in ON" CHTZ ". These are games:" The concept of development CHTZ "," the Concept of development of factory spetsinstrumenta and industrial equipment in system ON "CHTZ" and game-konyokurs "Programs of development of factory of powerful tractors ON"CHTZ". The author of this work participated in all these games in quality igrotehnika, and in five as the organizer and a deputy head.

Summarising told in the first part of work, it is necessary to note, long-term attempts of construction of the mechanism upravleyonija terminated in development in vain, and, the main thing, was not possible to deliver problems at all without what searches have always chaotic and unpredictable character. Attraction in rayobotu SMD-METHODOLOGY means organizational-dejatelnostyonyh games has allowed to look in a new fashion, on the one hand, on previous attempts to understand their inadequacy, and with druyogoj the parties, to grope a problem and to designate its ways resheyonija.

So, we consider organizational-dejatelnostnye

Games, but the considerations taken under a special corner, from a point zreyonija possibilities of their use for construction of a controlling mechanism by development of industrial enterprises. To us neobyohodimo to explain, as well as in what degree are executed by them poyonjatijnaja, ideological (or world outlook), metodoloyogicheskaja, epistemologicheskaja and educational functions.

The first, that has forced to address to orgdejatelnostnym igyoram for the decision of tasks in view, there was an understanding of that the existing situation requires the decision of problems and the problems standing far outside of possibilities of one person, one discipline. Such situations are understood for a long time and opiyosany:... Human life and collective represents the purpose postayonovki - decisions of problems. Main overwhelming difficulty, zayokljuchaetsja here in their greatest heterogeneity... Let obyoektivnye social and economic tendencies are directed to overcoming of this separation - absence of unity in oryoganizatsionnom thinking will be a constant obstacle in this way while here again old forms will not be won. From here necessity of development of universally-obyoshchih organizational methods which would put a limit anarhichnosti and crushing of organizational experience [43 is obvious, With. 4951]. All work Bogdanova quoted above in many respects napravyolena on the decision of this problem. Games, in our opinion, sposobyony to solve questions of unity of organizational thinking.

In 1979 there was a straight line and is limiting konkretizirovanyonaja installation on working out of the new form of games which could supply the permission unique economic and sotsiokulturnyh problems, would reach complete vital inclusion of participants in process of cogitative work, razviyovala them.

In July, 1979 the first has been conducted About Dee on a theme "Working out of a stock line of national consumption for the Ural region" which has coincided on time with razrabotyokoj themes "the Analysis of engineering of the decision of challenges and problems in the conditions of the partial information and collective action", that has created necessity in parallel with designing and programming workings out to conduct parallel isyosledovanija decisions of the problems set by this theme plus vseyoobshchej by the organisation collective mysledejatelnosti. DalYOnejshy experience has shown, that similar researches are one of the major factors collective mysledejatelnosyoti, and they were fixed as base components, konstiyotuirujushchej form ODI. Therefore all connected with spetsiyoalnym research collective mysledejatelnosti mozhyono to consider as one of the major factors of formation ODI [147, .1531 ".

When work on controlling mechanism construction razyovitiem industrial enterprise "has faced" with organizaYotsionno-dejatelnostnoj game, it has been accepted as nesomnenyono the successful form originally for criticism and problematiza - tsii directions and searches, and then and continuation of works. UchaYOstie in games has introduced to necessity of creation metodologichesyokih seminars, development of bases SMD of methodology without what seyoreznye the further works on mechanism creation upravleyonija development, in the named tradition are impossible.

The in itself presented approach allows the purpose postroeyonija cars of management of development to outline as a problem, that is to schedule its contours and to move further, transferring proyoblemu to packages of problems.

Practically we stand now before a description problem

Step of work of the car from the first step to defined konyotseptsii the actions turning in long run in plans of works and results. During the subsequent monitoring all vozyovrashchaetsja in a starting point. Here there is simple and doyostatochno a rough analogy. We were very much interested once by a plan system existing in France where ezheyogodno annual and five years' plans of works are made. That is the plan, for example, on 80th and on 80-84, next year on 81st and on 81-85, further 82 and 82-86 etc. And plans always korrektiyorujutsja after reception of certain results and them moniyotoringa. But it occurs at the chosen strategy or konyotseptsii, the settled mechanism of managing. In a case peyorelomnyh, reorganisation situations, program movement the mechanism extremely becomes complicated, and we work in the conditions of other system of times, the critical situation, two.

Before to pass to more detailed consideration of the car designated by us on management of development promyyoshlennogo the enterprises, we will give one more description ODI, poluyochennoe us by theme consideration: "ODI on industrial enterprise", after realisation of a series of the games named earlier.

Organizational-dejatelnostnye games are oppositional sloyozhivshemusja to type socialist industrial predprijayotija which changes are begun during reorganisation. It proyoishodit first of all socialist promyshyolennoe the enterprise has been constructed on a principle of unity of ideology, while SMD methodology and ODI sushchestvuyojut within the limits of other validity opening a way to poyoznaniju and construction of systems of activity. Possibility of various sights at the world and their coexistence Here admits. The uniform ideology builds the certain validity in soyoznanii people by which the firm status edinstyovennoj is given to a reality, through the restrictions imposed ideoloyogiej and outlook corresponding to it, that also zakryyovaet possibility of understanding of a reality.

The methodological approach, opening a way to understanding, poyoznaniju, sets possibility of construction different dejstvitelnoyostej, corresponding to different forms myslimosti about the world and by that furnishes the clue to reality reorganisation. And in this sense About Dee it was considered as the reorganisation weapon, postyoroenija a new reality, development.

Thereby appointment ODJ on industrial predprijayotijah (here and further we will not use the term "siste - momysledejatelnostnaja methodology" as About Dee there is practice SMD of methodology) and those forms of work which follow them in building new industrial predyoprijaty, corresponding to new ideas, ideal objects and the conceptual designs received in frameworks metodologiyocheskoj of work. Development of industrial enterprise by that sayomym is a process of transition to essentially new sostojayoniju, this process requires, in our opinion, first of all, upyoravlenija, and ODI it is possible to consider as an element mehanizyoma, starting this process and creating the mechanism.

ODI it is possible to consider as the bulbs which are flashing and dying away in social situations, norms bearing on, standards, samples of reorganisation, methodological culture. At the same time the situation on industrial enterprises (and they are considered as pillars of our system, and it is soldered strong in in consciousness of people) is defined basically by other cultural norms that imposes on ODI kulturotehniyocheskuju function. Thus, except as in historical framework, to understand, that means effect on culture space, it is impossible. And game or a series of games on industrial predpriyojatii can is hardly probable wide introduce new norms, standards and samples of activity, especially in the closed system promyshyolennogo the enterprises. Though the push to working out and introduction of some conceptual ideas, fiyolosofii the enterprises can be, of course, given.

That aspect is important, that norms, standards which bears and broadcasts ODI, belong to other culture, and, sledovayotelno, ODI acts as means oestestvlenija these norms and start of process of reproduction of activity, sootvetstvujuyoshchej to these norms. Then construction of the new enterprise and upyoravlenie its development will consist first of all in isyokusstvenno-technical actions on oestestvleniju new norms of thinking and activity or to development mysledejatelnoyostju region of industrial enterprises.

ODI on industrial enterprises it is possible rassmatriyovat and as one of tools of construction of the theory orgupravyolenija.

One more important function ODI - imitating. For the account toyogo, that ODI is the concentrated life, kontsentriyorovannoj a reality through cogitative predstavlennost, situation analysis and analysis possibility situayotsii, object requiring a portrayal which are neobyohodimoj a step or an activity brick on postroeyoniju industrial enterprise of new type and in management of its development is set.

One more cut of consideration ODI as mechanism tselepolayoganija or tseleopredelenija participants of game, and also formuliyorovanija intellectual functions of a reflexion, understanding,


ODI builds in the frameworks of system of activity, zapusyokaja game and working processes. Passage traces proyotsessov on a material are such its organisation, koyotorye allow to proceed to corresponding processes. SreYOdi them - managerial process by development which should be started. As game, it is transferred in working and further "parazitiyorovat" on organizovannostjah a material outside of game within the limits of industrial enterprise.

Using the received submissions, we will consider (fluently) some games.

The first we will consider a sheaf from two games "Prospects and programs of development of system" "and" PerspektiYOvy and programs of development of system "Avtovaztehobsluzhiva - nie. Games passed in November-December, 1988. One after other. It is possible to name these games games on reorganisation, on action within the limits of reorganisation and historical process, proyohodjashchego in the country. This time was characterised by the beginning stayonovlenija rent and co-operative patterns of ownership, poyojavleniem enough distinct ideas of the property and predyoprinimatelstva.

Not casually, that results of games have affected practically neyomedlenno, were realised in work of both systems, have found prochyonoe a place in strategy of industrial associations-giganyotov, have given a push to development of lease and cooperation within the limits of these enterprises.

The pilot analysis has shown availability of a layer of people at these factories on which not only the idea of business can lay down and begin to live, but they on a sort of the dejatelyonosti are already involved in work of enterprise type, but the forms sometimes deformed by system. And game has been in many respects calculated for them. The subsequent work has completely confirmed this assumption.

In the game centre the idea of business, as one of the most significant for the country, reorganisations, formation of economic system, "VAZ" laid. And the game program was postyoroena on construction of concept enterprise dejatelnoyosti, necessary as means of the further work. The logic poyostroenija concepts was set and tematizmom days. We will give an example such themes of game on "VAZ": " Technical, tehnologichesyokie and economic forms of the organisation "avto In AZtehobsluYOzhivanie","System" aoOoa?ONOi??O??oa??N "- as means and the mechanism of development of an economy, the country and regions. parallelyono process problematizatsii submissions uchayostnikov and process of stratification, allocation of group of people - possible carriers of enterprise idea has been started, work kotoyoryh should supply possible organisation tayokim with image that development through predprinimatelyostvo has been started. During this work revolution in sights at motor industry and industrial proizvodyostvo as a whole has been scheduled.

And this work can be considered as attempt oestestvle - nija norms of enterprise activity on concept, poyojavivshihsja in the course of reorganisation and unusual and even hostile doperestroechnoj to culture.

Here in the analysis we identified in many respects 2 games though differences between them were very essential, but nevertheless the described general line in this or that form, in our opinion, was obvious.

Following pair of games which we will consider, is "XXI-st century Industrial enterprise" and "Prospects and programs of development of motor industry in the country" which passed - the first - in April, the second - in December, 1989. IgYOry had more global, theoretical character, work on building of concepts was more developed, norms of methodological, cogitative culture were born. At this time became obvious difitsientnost theoretical maintenance of reorganisation on the one hand and firm orientation on soyotsialnost and daily occurrence. This orientation bars the way developments and on the contrary strengthens old traditions (and we it pyyotalis to show at the enterprise analysis doperestroechnogo tiyopa}, assimilates and to unrecognizability changes reorganisation ideas, transforming them in their contrast. Obvious attempt of the decision of challenges simple, moreover inherently was carried out by old methods. These games have entered direct struggle against this tendency.

And if we stand on the point of view what to operate it is possible only development the belief here was added, that upyoravljat it is possible only future which is necessary mysliyotelno for constructing now, and differently the future is not present, and there is only poyovtorenie the present, and in the present a crisis, stagnation, stagnation. However, in history of human thought it is far not new utyoverzhdenie, but its application to reorganisation and the analysis situayotsii have forced to doubt the reorganisation future. And from here such wide calling seeming, for example, to workers CHTZ originally futurological - time, and not having nikayokogo relations to practice - two. Games very much were not similar one to other, but have yielded the results corresponding to this large plan. For example, for CHTZ they have poured out in two nayopravlenija. On the one hand - occurrence of narrow group of the people who have accepted norms of new cogitative work, alien predyoprijatiju doperestroechnogo the type, these norms being potential compilers. On the other hand, there was an interest and understanding of necessity and development strategy.

Submission about development did not go before further "KomYOpleksnoj modernisation programs. pojaviyolas the first note about the concept working out, written some organisation in osyonovnom a temporality into which functions entered razyorabotka concepts have appeared us for a management, there has passed a number of meetings, to department sovershenyostvovanija an economic mechanism has been entrusted koordinayotsija this work. Future CHTZ became object of more and more steadfast attention.

That fact is characteristic, that our conversations with representatives of subcontractors, other tractor factories concerning the concept or strategy originally caused only usyomeshku and statements that well year to stretch, poyoskolku anybody has no submission that will be tomorrow. Gradually the irony passes, and the availability of strategy, the development concept is included into norm of existence industrial predyoprijatija though work on them is conducted while in many respects in the tideway of old traditions. Nevertheless, game ODES also gradually began to enter into norm of work, but about it the following step. TeYOper distinctly it is understood, that strategy and programs opredeyoljajut the future.

Let's pass to consideration to the car presented by us on management of development of industrial enterprise and predyostavim it in the form of blocks, we will connect it with ODI.

The first block of the theory which are the basis for all druyogih as its absence means substitution of original practice by irresponsible poetry in Platon's terminology. In this block the company theory, the managing theory, the theory of thinking, activity, mysledejatelnosti, that is those ontoloyogicheskie the bases on which activity can be under construction. Meeting I.M.Syroezhinym in 1980, after discussion of political economy we have asked a question that has forced it, the visible Soviet expert in the field of economic cybernetics, closely to pass to political economy. He has answered, that the analysis of why do not work in its practice ekonomichesyokie models, has led to its necessity of revision metodoloyogicheskoj bases - political economy.

It is very important, that theory questions cannot be iskljuyochitelno the property of scientists, metodologov, working in cooperation with industrial enterprises. Each of participants of work should represent accurately the ontologiyocheskie the bases. In practice it, unfortunately, is frequent otsutyostvuet, and not only theoretical base, but also understanding of its necessity.

For maintenance of this block are possible ODI-TEORETICHES - kie collision and a problem - tizatsija available theoretical items can be which consequence, formation poyotrebnosti in formation and allocation of a command of experts for work on the set subjects.

The second block - concepts. Here it is important to notice, that concepts are first of all means, tools for work. Thus we have allocated a number key without which to build the car on management of development it is impossible. This concept upravleyonija development, designing, programming promyshyolennogo the enterprises, businesses, productions, tehyonologii, qualities, automation... Unfortunately, practice poyokazala, that workers of industrial enterprises not otlichayojut definitions from concepts, and technologists work without concept of technology, production workers - without concept of production etc. Terms in which people communicate, being expressed logichesyokim language, have no denotatov. In this situation myslitelyonaja work is impossible. And expansion of frameworks of understanding, formation such intellekyotualnoj functions as understanding, working out of concepts as means for the activity organisation becomes main function of game.

The third block - the engineering approach. The name predyopolagaet behind it maintenance first of all is artificial-tehyonicheskoj making work of the car. But it is impossible otozhdestvyoljat engineering and artificial-technical approaches. It would be the big error. The engineering approach much wider, and attention, for example, to natural sostavyoljajushchej hardly probable concedes to activity is artificial-tehnichesyokoj a component. However, for us that does this block so important at construction mashiyony is basic. The matter is that efficiency of its work in many respects zaviyosit from our understanding of the engineering approach and possibility to cope with the conflict or a problem mortgaged in it osyonovanii. That we have in view of. For the engineering approach harakyoterny two characteristics. The first is its orientation on dejyostvie, and the second is a transferring of activity of people on mateyorial cars. Hence, our course on car creation on management of industrial enterprise development realiyozuetsja in the engineering approach. The main moment consists in that orientation to action did not incorporate with extreme uproyoshcheniem and primitivizatsiej problems that usually leads vyyorezaniju the theoretical block, cogitative work and ruko - vodstva so-called "common sense" and experience. It as everywhere widespread phenomenon is key for understanding of the heaviest position, in which nahodjatyosja industrial enterprises. Therefore in this block predyostavlen the engineering approach as theoretical with a portrayal of its structure, system of concepts, a functional purpose, not allowing to reduce the engineering approach to redutsirovanyonym to forms and by that initially to give up as a bad job any works.

Thus, we finish the description of the first ukrupyonennogo the block of the car believing theoretical and in mnoyogom world outlook base for its functioning. VkljuYOchenie people in work of this car does not allow us ograniyochivatsja only theoretical bases as miroyovozzrenie lays in the basis of ideology which defines in many respects the target block.

The following integrated block is presented by four. These are blocks of conceptual ideas, the purposes, problems and problems.

The first block of conceptual ideas, apparently, ochevidyonyj, but nevertheless, containing some question and osobennosyotej, necessary for the explanatory. Conceptual idea - not the concept requiring a portrayal of a certain condition of object which should with necessity be reached. Concept assumes without delay the design approach in it realiyozatsii in that kind as it is described above. The conceptual idea indicates, without delay, the direction of thought and searches and cuts a number of the directions recognised deadlock by theoretical search, or aksiologicheski and ideologically unacceptable. The ideological component especially will be discussed in bloyoke the purposes.

It is necessary to note conceptual ideas or idea of strategy or strategy. We have defined for ourselves necessity proveyodenija works on development of industrial enterprise and with that end in view we build the car on management of development. In this case strategy - is construction and start in work such mayoshiny, the equipped conceptual idea, carried out in constructive, design approaches. Thus the answer on voyopros about a condition of object as a result of work of the car is not present. It is possible to speak only about start of development and attempts of management to them within the limits of the constructed restrictions. SledovaYOtelno, the conceptual idea - is an element of strategy with the important multifunctional load, instead of obemlet it all. Thus, the availability of conceptual idea does not destroy the proyogrammno-target approach and does not transfer the car in the design mode of operation with such social system as promyshlenyonoe the enterprise, but at the same time strengthens target sostavyoljajushchuju and introduces certain restrictions or frameworks on poyoiski.

Development of conceptual ideas requires the special type ODI, focused on construction cogitative megamayoshin from participants, stratification and allocation most priyosposoblennyh for realisation of break, an exit to ideas. And work of all game is focused first of all on groups proyoryva both their cogitative and organizational maintenance.

The following block of the purposes. Concept of a tree of the purposes widely rasyoprostraneno. During work we concern the purposes different urovyonej. And, on the one hand, procedure tselepolaganija is possible at the organisation of works on car construction on management of development, on the other hand, procedure tselepolaganija in ramyokah the integrated block considered by us. This protseduyora directly follows for topicheskoj work, ranzhiroyovaniem and a portrayal of communications. Questions are allocated, on kotoyorye it is necessary to answer, not having stopped all work in a mode of programming, a situation which should be decided, and the answering purpose as branches in movement are formed.

The third and fourth blocks make problems and problems. We will try to discuss them in common, involving a situation tseyolevogo actions. There are three possible ways of achievement konyokretnyh the purposes. The first, when movement is carried out znakoyomymi, the blazed ways, not meeting obstacles, not poyopadaja in impasses. The second way when obstacles or deadlocks have analogues of the decision in culture, some kind of alyogoritmy overcomings of obstacles or work methods on their overcoming. Such type of a situation we decide, sootvetstvenyono, addressing to culture, involving known algorithms and methods, and such type of a situation we name set.

And the third way actually problem. Problem situayotsiju we fix in the event that facing with prepjatstyoviem, getting to deadlock, we do not find neither in own experience, nor in culture as a whole not only algorithms of the decision, but also vozyomozhnyh methods.

The block of practical thinking follows directly the concept of actions and is defined programming and, sledoyovatelno, variativnoj a car orientation on upravleyoniju development, and, hence, absence of the unequivocal concept and the project. Here there is a work on development of the contents, allowing to reduce, sweep away the concept dejyostvy to some integrity and to pass directly to selection of the problems requiring the decision and their transfer in plans rayobot.

Let's notice, that when we speak about the plan, we always podrayozumevaem plans of works as out of a context of works with opreyodeleniem functions, interrelations of system of maintenance, sroyokov, the executors, responsible the plan and planning is fiction and absurdity on concept. Therefore the plan is always funkyotsija from the concept, the program, the project.

For work in this block self-determination of people participating in decision-making, a choice of strategy of a life and work, own ideology and otyonoshenija to the political validity in which technicians problematizatsii can poyomoch, reflexions, understanding and samoyoopredelenija, used in ODI is essentially important,

And the last integrated block of the car on management of the industrial enterprise development, konyostruktsiju-monitoring finishing it.

Functions of this block are simple enough. Any action has the results and consequences which far not always coincide with the wished. To evaluate, understand these actions, vyyojavit the reasons, to avoid repeated errors, to correct the movement, to deliver questions it is impossible without issledovayony, the actions constructed on the detailed description and them ocheyovidnyh results. Besides updating of concrete steps occurs problematizatsija methods and the work bases. And it is a material for start of the next step of work mashiyony.

We have finished in general the car description on upyoravleniju development of industrial enterprise and have come out with assumptions of appointment ODI at its different stages raboyoty. It is possible to present and some typology of games, obespechiyovajushchih its work. These are games on tselepolaganie and samoopredele-.nija, expansion of frameworks of understanding, problematizatsiju and vyrayobotku conceptual ideas, educational games. But ODI polifunkyotsionalno and the combination of some the purposes and problems within the limits of one game is possible. It is obvious, that traditional forms and podyohody to the decision of difficult social and economic problems cannot cope with mechanism construction on management of development in our understanding. But to strengthen this thought, we will address to game "Prospects and programs regioyonalnogo developments of Chelyabinsk and the Chelyabinsk area ", proyohodivshej from November, 26th till December, 3rd, 1990 under the guidance of G.P.Schedrovitsky where the special place has been given questions of thinking of the modern person, to questions of methodological thinking. On game the thinking of the modern person of the XX-th century affirmed, that and, especially, HH - should razvorachiyovatsja not on one sheet ' papers, and in space two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional... P-dimensional. In space, kotoyoroe it is developed in tope or in a place limited to different ontologic schemes and submissions. And metodologicheyoskoe the thinking assumes, at least, two ogranichiyovajushchie planes (a Fig. 11), on each of which are drawn images of the special type.

Orgdejatelnostnaja 1) thinking 2) mysledejatel nost

Rice of L 1.

On an ontologic plane - submission about object or the first ontologic pictures.

And, not important, what object. It can be predyostavlenie about atom, a molecule, power, industrial enterprise etc. But it is each time object.

And on the second limiting plane are developed so-called orgdejatelnye schemes or organi zatsio nno-deja - telnostnye schemes depending on what type dejatelnoyosti is carried out by the given professional.

If he thinks, its submissions about its system of thinking here should be developed. If he not only thinks, but also rezultiruet the thought here should razyovertyvatsja submissions both about thinking systems, and about activity systems in which it embodies the thought further.

And all processes in it tope go on influence of two control systems or the organisations. On the one hand, object, videyonie its submissions in an ontologic picture, and on the other hand, in the thinking and activity scheme, submission myyoshlenija and activity of the given professional. Thus it is necessary in all kinds and thinking forms.

But in search thinking when we leave in new obyolasti, this approach becomes unique and edinyostvenno effective as submissions about dejatelnosyoti already are not present if we left in new area. Or on all occasions, even if we have any submission about obekyote search follows limits of this submission. And then it is unique, on what the person can be guided, in it inyodividualnoj to work is a submission about that type of thinking and activity which it should carry out.

The two-plane scheme of the organisation of thinking and dejatelyonosti is and from the formal point of view of much more paved, than one-plane, fixing only submission about object. For the person saves certain vectors, reference points, and there where it is taken by not clear object, in kotoyoryj it leaves for the first time. And, as a matter of fact, the car on upyoravleniju development of industrial enterprise also is such not clear object, object into which we enter for the first time, here again orgdejatelnostnaja a plane with mysledejatelyonostju the professionals taken by its designing, priobyoretaet the special importance. Thus the object can be given to us in in a special way organised, cogitative, metodoyologicheskoj to work on its construction. Practice of methodological thinking, sistemomysledejatel - nostnoj methodology - organizational-dejatelnostnaja game here again comes into force.

It is clear, that the car on management of development should be car mysledejatelnosti.


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A source: Reus Andrey Georgievich. The transformation mechanism of the existing management system of industrial enterprises. Thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences. Samara - 1997. 1997

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