specificity of methodology of economic research

The methodology of scientific research is the most general form orgayonizatsii scientific knowledge (scientifically-informative activity), soderyozhashchaja in itself principles of construction of the knowledge, supplying conformity to its structure and the contents to research problems, including it meyotody, check of the validity of the received results and their interpretation.

In what specificity of methodology of economic research? osyotanovimsja on the basic basic moments essential to the soyoiskatelja-economist as the researcher.

The problem of statement of a problem (theme) economic isyosledovanija (dissertations) in compliance with character of branch of economic knowledge is saved, the expert in which is the competitor (economic teoyorija, work economy, an industrial economy, etc.). In ekonomicheyoskih sciences the same problem can be a subject of some knowledge branches (scientific disciplines), depending on a research foreshortening. NaYOprimer, management of staff as the theme having the methodology and the theory, is an economic theory subject, it is possible to analyze in a branch cut (the industry, agriculture, building, etc.) And it is possible in a cut - economy or a labour protection. Management peryosonalom has also financial aspect, herein it belongs fiyonansistam, and also tsenovikam. However it is not enough to deliver a problem according to a scientific speciality, within the limits of a speciality it needs to be co-ordinated with the purposes and research problems, comprehensively to justify its structure (sections, chapters, paragraphs). The theme name is frequent is -

Followings disperses from the name and the structure contents that leads to negative recalls of experts.

Other methodological moment - subject definition issledoyovanija, that practically represents expansion and konkretizayotsiju a scientific problem, proceeding from the purposes and research problems and with allowance for branch of economic knowledge (a scientific speciality, a joint of scientific specialities), together with object of studying. There are various receptions of the decision of this problem. The most simple consists that the competitor is limited to the list of the questions which are subject to working out, and tries to present them in that sequence in which they will be developed. Some competitors complicate this variant, strengthening the moments of communications between studied questions, and also razbivayojut problems on podproblemy. The scheme disyosertatsii is as a result received as though. Each item is supplemented with the novelty characteristic, poleznoyosti and reliability. Other competitors an object of research pokazyvayojut in the form of special logic (theoretical) and applied models at which is present not only the description moment, but also the analysis, and each item of model (the idea, position) is exposed to actualisation.

The major methodological item - construction of the theory of a question. In is concrete-economic works competitors are limited izlozheyoniem in certain system of those principles, theoretical theses, koyotorymi they namereny to be guided by in the research, and this set of postulates usually is a result of studying of the extensive literature and its generalisation.

Important point at theoretical surveys is ispolzoyovanie methods. In one works are guided on active ispolzovayonie receptions of an is abstract-logic method, i.e.

reception vosyohozhdenija from abstract to concrete with analysis and synthesis elements is applied. In other cases the competitor as a hypothesis puts forward certain understanding of the contents of a problem, then tries to give reason, obrayoshchajas to force of the logic proof, appealing to authorities, obrayoshchajas to practice, to history of an economic life and economic mysyoli. There are also other variants of theoretical surveys.

One more methodological item - the validity proof poyostroennoj question theories. The theory is true, if it is satisfactory obyojasnjaet the facts concerning both to the present, and by last time. It is true, if acceptance on its base of economic decisions basically opyoravdyvaet earlier stated offer or gives the chance objasyonit the arisen unforeseen deviations with allowance for the additional moments which earlier have been not taken into consideration. But correctness check teoyorii should pass in any case on a mass material.

One of methodological items of economic research is a unity of the theory and practice. The theory should not come off needs,
Problems and inquiries of practice, prospects of its development. At the same time, teoretiyozirovanie for the sake of teoretizirovanija, inflating without special requirement poyolemiki with other authors considerably reduce level economic isyosledovanija. And at the same time the crude actual and digital material, neglect the moments reprezentativnosti (to imposing appearance and sufficiency) contradicts the requests presented to ekonomicheyoskim researches.

The unity of the theory and practice as a sign of the normal, effectively executed economic research means, on the one hand, construction of the theory with its orientation to strict fulfilment of the funkyotsy concerning practice, on the other hand - a support on practice as on a theory basis at observance of necessary requests sistemnosti, tiyopichnosti and reprezentativnosti, clarification and development, in necessary cases revision of concepts in connection with the new facts and the phenomena in hoyozjajstvennoj to practice.

The interpretation problem in economic research is one more methodological moment - interpretation (interpretation) as osnoyovany researches, and the received scientific results. InterpretaYOtsija the research bases (the selected problem, object of research, an information file, methods of research, the purposes and problems), and also conclusions and positions on research in economic workings out noyosit first of all world outlook character and usually (but not always) has ideological colouring. So, if ideas of development sisyotem production managements are investigated, in particular ideas of paperless technology of management, that, naturally, rises a question on a role and a place of the person, on a sheaf the person - the COMPUTER. However, along with world outlook and it serdyotsevinoj - ideological interpretation research (dissertayotsionnyh) the works, rather essential significance has their interpretation isyohodja from the purposes of development of object - the enterprises, branch, region, narodnoyogo economy, first of all from an item of possibilities of use vyvoyodov in interests of increase of a social and economic production efficiency. Escalating significance technicians acquire social otsenyoki, technologies, control systems, the organisations of work and proizyovodstva. For example, orientation to complex studying of a problem, to the analysis of economic aspect in unity with social, studying voproyosov from this point of view intensification and efficiency growth proizvodstyova are examples of modern statement of a question. Use teoreyoticheskoj interpretations does the facts a kind of scientific knowledge, gives them the corresponding status.

At last, last (under the account, but not on the importance) metodologicheyosky the moment - orientation of economic research to objective dialectics of development, to studying of the mechanism of action and use of the economic laws shown through system economic kayo
tegory. In connection with the given circumstance we will underline a problem of opening of internal discrepancy of processes and the phenomena as their source razyovitija. Without the decision of this problem the problem of any research will not be executed. At the same time within the limits of a vital topic of interrelation of the politiyoko-economic analysis with institutsionalnym the approach it is important orienyotatsija researches on a problematics of economic behaviour of subjects, that in the end it is necessary to consider as interrelation of objective and subjective aspects of economic research.

The outstanding role is acquired by interpretation of results of scientific research from an item of orientation of this research on positives of soyotsialno-economic development of the country (it is a question of the researches executed on materials of economy of Russia, its regions, branches, complexes, the enterprises). Very many investigated questions are socially significant, therefore they inevitably require estimations of a similar sort. So, it is conducted aktsionirovanie the enterprises, it has acted magistralyonym as a direction of privatisation of economy. And what has given aktsioniroyovanie, what forms of effect can be connected with it, than that here it is more - positive or negative? The theme is actual, in spite of the fact that aktsionirovaniju as to process more than 20th years. In the country has been entered inyostitut a private property on the earth. What has it given to the country - advantage or continuous problems? Also very interesting research theme, akyotualnost which does not fall, and opposite, increases.

The Russian Open Society "United Power Systems" as the structure is abolished, the generating companies pereyodany in private hands. What has it given to the country, we face what pluses and minuses? A similar sort of a theme inevitably assume istolyokovanie the received scientific results, estimations politiko - economic character.


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