structure and the contents of dissertational work

Work on the dissertation is reduced to a combination of two kinds dejatelnoyosti.

1. Structurally-composite activity represents process of formation of structure of the dissertation on sections and subsections in sootyovetstvii with already set theme, logic of construction of work and vzaimosvjayozej between its parts.

This in a significant part methodical sostavljajuyoshchaja dissertation preparations is interfaced to necessity not only ustayonovlenija and allocation of structural components of work, but also opredeleyonija in general their contents that allows to lay the bridge between a composition of dissertational product and the concrete contents put in designated elements of structure.

2. Appreciably-substantial activity is shown in formuliyorovanii contents of sections, heads, dissertation paragraphs, them napolneyonii by a text, graphic, tabular, digital material obzornoyoanaliticheskogo, creative, innovative and applied, rekomendayotelnogo character.

Appreciably-substantial activity fills in strukturnoyokompozitsionnyj a work skeleton with a scientific material thus, chtoyoby the complete creation focused on dosyotizhenie of the purposes of the dissertation and co-ordinated in the parts according to a uniform thematic plan and logic cause and effect svjayozej, inherent in investigated object as a result was generated.

The dissertation is not simply scientific, and and qualifying rayobotoj, and the author of dissertation is obliged to demonstrate in it both the scientific contribution, and the qualification in the form of possession art to "mould",
To collect from different parts harmonous creation. StrukturnoYOkompozitsionnoe work construction testifies to dignities disyosertanta as scientific architect.

Both for candidate, and for theses for a doctor's degree typically sledujuyoshchee structural construction of work:

1. Introduction.

2. Structural, substantial sections of the basic part dissertayotsii in the form of several heads (from two to four in candidate and from five to eight in doctor's).

3. The conclusion in the form of conclusions and recommendations.

4. The list of the used sources on a dissertation theme.

5. Appendices.

The special attention is given to preparation and introduction registration since in this section in the short form all essence dissertational issleyodovanija is stated. We will characterise in brief the contents of each of introduction subsections to the dissertation, having indicated simultaneously approximate volume podrazdeyola.

The research urgency (one-two page) contains polozheyonija and the arguments testifying in favour of scientific and applied znachiyomosti of the decision of a problem, investigated in the dissertation.

The purposes and research problems (to one page) contain formuyolirovku a main purpose which sees in the decision of the basic problem rayoboty, supplying entering of the significant investment in the theory and practice. According to a main objective it is necessary to allocate four-five target zayodach in the master's thesis and eight-ten problems in doctor's, kotoyorye it is necessary to decide for achievement of a main purpose of research in ekoyonomike.

The further description of object and object of research carries lakoyonichnyj character and is entered in text half-pages.

The object of research represents area of scientific surveys in which limits it is revealed and there is an investigated problem.

It sisyotema laws, communications, relations, activity kinds in which frameworks the problem arises.

The object of research is narrower and is concrete. Thanking it foryomulirovaniju in the dissertation from the general system representing object of research, the part of system or the process proceeding in sisyoteme, being a direct object of research is allocated.

The methodological and theoretical basis of research (to odyonoj pages) usually has standard character and is reduced to utveryozhdeniju, that such basis proceedings domestic and zayorubezhnyh have made authors in the field of those branches and science directions which the dissertation theme concerns. Here expediently to allocate with separate line the methods of research used in the dissertation, such, as

Methods of a system analysis and research of operations, mathematical, statistical methods, method of comparisons and analogies, method of generalisations, modelling method, method of expert judgements and others.

Information base of research (to one page) sostavljayoet:

Scientific sources in a type of data and data from books, journal articles, scientific reports and reports, scientific conferences, seminars;

Statistical sources of various state bodies, the organisations, funds, institutes;

Official documents in the form of laws, normative statements, instyoruktsy, positions, reports, projects;

Results of own accounts and the conducted experiments.

Scientific novelty of research (one-two page) plays especially

The important role owing to what it is necessary to concern this subsection with poyovyshennym attention.

Scientific novelty of work should be not only is declared, but also confirmed.

To number of the signs, allowing to confirm scientific novelty disyosertatsii, concern:

Statement of a new scientific problem;

Introduction of new scientific categories and the concepts developing predyostavlenie about given branch of knowledge;

Disclosing of new laws of course natural and obyoshchestvennyh processes;

Application of new methods, tools, the research device;

Working out and scientific substantiation of offers on updating of objects, processes and the technologies used in economy and upravleyonii;

Development of scientific submissions about world around, the nature and management.

Proving novelty of research it is necessary to use in every possible way oboroyoty: differing that..., again received..., established by the author..., developing earlier known... Etc.

The practical importance of research (half-page) perechisljayoet: in what areas of the applied activity, by what bodies and organiyozatsijami, in what form are used and can be used rezulyotaty the executed research and the recommendations stated in work.

Approbation of results of research (half-page) contains sveyodenija about practical check of substantive provisions and results disyosertatsionnoj works, and also areas of scientific, applied, educational activity in which results of research have found application. In the same subsection it is underlined, where and when results of researches were reported and have been published.

Sometimes in introduction end the list basic poloyozheny, born on protection, by volume approximately in half-pages, and kratyokoe the description of structure of the dissertational work, justifying logiyoku its constructions (approximately one page) is resulted.

Allocation of substantive provisions of dissertational work, vynosiyomyh on protection in independent subsection of introduction, is not deprived sense. This subsection in the concentrated form accumulates conclusions and reyokomendatsii, works stated in a final part or after each glayovy. Thanks to placing of short conclusions on work in its initial chasyoti there is a possibility better and more deeply to perceive the contents disyosertatsii in its interrelation with results of research which and dolzhyony to be reflected in the positions born on protection.

Preparation of the basic part of the dissertation consists in its heads, razdeyolah where the work contents is stated accordingly, and also in zakljucheyonii. It is defining in volume and in the substantial relation a part, it makes 80-90 % of volume of all work and reflects not only the being of work in many respects clear from introduction, but also its detailed contents, vnutyorennjuju logic of construction. The basic part of the dissertation is under construction not on standard, and on a creative basis.


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A source: Dmitriev M. N.. Methodology and a technique of researches in economy [text]: the manual of/m. N.Dmitriev; Nizhegorod. gos. arhit. - stroyoit. Un y - N.Novgorod: NNGASU, 2014. - with.. 93 2

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