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The carried out research of administrative activity of police in sphere of preventive maintenance of offences of minors allows to draw certain conclusions:

1. Significant threats to the existing law and order are more than fifty thousand crimes and about two hundred thousand the administrative violations made by minors and fixed annually by law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation.

Danger of the given phenomena consists not only in essential negative influence on pravoohranjaemye interests of citizens, an economic damage, but also in huge potential of formation of illegal installations of the person, capable to influence on kriminogennye country processes on long prospect.

2. Strategic targets of development of the Russian state and the societies embodied in a state policy in sphere of national safety and the politician on improvement of position of children, define necessity of creation of effective system of preventive maintenance of offences of minors.

3. Studying of formation and development of law-enforcement bodies (police) from beginning HUSHv. Allows to note their participation at all stages and the huge saved up experience on counteraction to offences of minors.

4. Tendencies of development of machinery of state have allowed in theoretical works Russian politseistov and administrativistov already on boundary XIX-XX centuries to consider police activity as activity of the independent kind differing from other kinds of the state activity by raised degree of compulsory influence, a legal order carried out for the purpose of maintenance, safety, and to differentiate it on administrative, detective and doznavatelskuju.

5. In the mid-thirties of XX century in the country the model of functional fastening of law-enforcement bodies in a machinery of government as the basic subject on realisation of preventive activity among teenagers-offenders, with creation of the specialised isolated divisions on work with the given category has been realised.

6. Administrative activity of police in sphere of preventive maintenance of offences of minors constitute set of executive actions of its officials who are carried out in legislatively certain forms, the inherent methods, the public public relations directed on protection from illegal acts minor, and also other persons, capable to define and direct their behaviour by influence on consciousness and will of teenagers.

7. Effective realisation of administrative activity of police cannot be realised, first, without scientifically-practical bases of modernisation of conceptual aspects of administrative responsibility; secondly, without a detailed regulation of powers of employees of the police, allowing to guarantee its legality and, finally, to provide all-round protection of the rights and legitimate interests of subjects of administrative law. And at last, thirdly, without detailed definition of a legal status of minors - objects of preventive influence.

8. Positions ch. 4 items 15 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation contain requirements further implementatsii in the national legislation of standards (principles and norms) international law of the reference with minors. Strengthening of the international accent in departmental standard legal acts becomes an appropriate guarantee of maintenance of the rights, freedom and interests of minors in administrative activity of police on preventive maintenance of offences.

9. Considering individual preventive work of police with minors in quality it is administrative - compulsory legal relation, the author of dissertation marks similarity of the given measure to the personified (administrative) supervision, but does not carry it to that, owing to differences in the establishment bases, a procedure, absence, under the general rule, additional restrictions and duties poduchyotnogo the person.

10. The author of dissertation offers the author's characteristic of model Ieper to police with minors as the kind of administrative activity which is based on a presumption of possibility of socially harmful behaviour of certain subjects, to the social validity proved by long supervision, the conclusions, differing high degree of the probability, generalised by jurisprudence and embodied in the legislation. Realisation Ieper according to the given model occurs only in the presence of the bases specified in the law, in the provided remedial order and consists in realisation of imperious, unilateral actions from the authorised employees of police (as a rule - PDN, TSVSNP, UUP), consists in intrusion into certain spheres of ability to live supervised without its consent and possibility directly to apply in certain cases of a measure of the state compulsion to bring an attention to the question on application of measures of the state compulsion other competent bodies.

11. Dynamics of development of theoretical representations and legislative short stories have allowed to reveal internal and external collisions FZ № 120-1999 regarding application of measures of the state compulsion in the absence of offences (paragraph 4 see). The author of dissertation has specified in objective necessity of precautionary influence as in the presence of offences, and objectively-illegal acts in the form of antisocial actions, specification and accurate definition of criteria and a circle of such actions, and also persons, their making. Thereupon recommendations about the permission of a problem of preventive maintenance of antisocial actions of minors, are a perspective direction of the further researches.

12. The right of employees of police to process data about citizens to form and to lead databanks of various categories of citizens, including minors, in aggregate with modern possibilities of the automated systems of processing and use of the information of various character allow to expand borders of traditional accounts on paper carriers. On this basis the offer on expansion of categories of the citizens who are coming under to obligatory dactyloscopic registration, at the expense of persons, including the minors who are on accounts in police on the basis of federal acts is formulated.

13. On the basis of the carried out research offers on perfection of is administrative-legal regulation of investigated area are formulated:

- To admit basic possibility of approach of administrative responsibility with chetyrnadtsatiletnego age, having fixed in general part KoAP the Russian Federation the exhaustive list of structures of administrative violations for which fulfilment it comes;

- To allocate judges with powers on consideration of administrative affairs with participation of minors on structures of administrative violations, sanctions for which can be appointed by exclusively given officials;

- To include in article 27.2 KoAP the Russian Federation "Dostavlenie" positions about term restriction dostavlenija, remedial registrations of the given measure concerning minors the report, the notice of parents (legal representatives) about dostavlenii minors in enforcement authority office accommodation;

- To specify as the unique purpose of physical examination in state of drunkenness (item 27.12.1 KoAP the Russian Federation) maintenance of the proofs important for qualification of separate structures of offences (item 6.9, 20.22 KoAP the Russian Federation).

- To specify an order of administrative detention, having provided guarantees the minor according to a part 8 items 14 FZ źAbout police╗. With that end in view to make changes and additions to article 27.3 KoAP the Russian Federation źAdministrative detention╗.

14. The received results of research specify in necessity and possibility to improve legal acts in sphere of preventive maintenance of offences of the minors, regulating administrative activity not only polices, but also other enforcement authorities, activity of judges with the account of laws of their functioning and the tendency of development on the basis of the system approach, the system properties, new integrated qualities.

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A source: Kirjuhin Vladimir Viktorovich. ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITY of POLICE ON PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE of OFFENCES of MINORS: TEORETIKO-LEGAL BASES And PERFECTION DIRECTIONS. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the master of laws. Moscow - 2017. 2017

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