Key parametres solodovenogo productions 1.

the Method prorashchivanija barley pneumatic boxes 2. Malt drying dvuhjarusnye solodosushilki 3. Number of the working days in a year 330 4. Annual production of malt of 100 000 tons 5. The cost of crude barley in a year - 143 800 tons 6.
The cost of the sorted out barley in a year of 126 200 tons 7. Production wastes: - Grain impurity - 18 t/days (5940 t/year) - Weed impurity - 7 t/days (2310) - Alloy air-dry - 3,8 t/days (1254) - Barley of 111 grades - 27 t/days (8910 t/year) - - Sprouts - 15,65 t/days (5164,5 t/year) All waste is subject to realisation on a forage to cattle. 8. JAvochnaja number of workers of the basic production - 25 people 9. The cost ensrgorssursov: . Water - 2700 m3/days. Dump of drains - 1375 m3/days The characteristic of drains: The weighed substances - 460 mg/l BPKpoln - 490 mg/l рН-6,9 ! 0) Teploenergija: peregretaja water on heating - 2,0 Gkal/hour Steam on technology and malt drying - 15,0 t/hour Power consumption of the electric power - 1300 kw Barley and malt storage potrebnaja granary capacity (elevatora) at barley storage 4 months-50900 t, malt - 1 month-8850 t The technological scheme of production of malt Acceptance and podrabotka barley is carried out in a working tower elevatora. On solodovnju the sorted out and cleared barley acts. Barley is transmitted by the conveyor to key tubs where it wash out, Disinfect, delete an alloy. Zamochka barley it is made in the key Tubs in a current of two days. The presoaked barley hydrotransport Pump over in solodorastitelnoe branch. Rashchenie malt it is provided in solodorastitelnyh boxes. Loading in each box on 80,0 t the sorted out barley. A sieve in a box a-corrosion-proof grid from shchelevidnoj the grid-iron wire of shaped section produced in lots. Application of this grid allows to have optimum section of a purge air of a layer of grain (at nafuzke on a sieve of 400-450 kg/sm2). For voroshenija grains in process rashchenija it is used 9 shpindelnyj shnekovyj voroshitel. Time rashchenija - 5-6 days. The sprouted malt system of conveyors is transmitted on drying horizontal solodosushilku type by productivity 325 t a day. Drying time - 24 hours. The dried malt moves on rostkootbivnuju the car. The malt beaten off sprouts is transmitted on otlezhku in a silo elevatora, or solodohranilishche at solodovne. The capital equipment list 1). A moechno-key tub 15 pieces 2). The pump for the presoaked barley 5 pieces 3). Voroshitel for malt 9 shpindelnyj 30 pieces 4). Solodosushilka horizontal single-tier or dvuhjarusnaja 5 pieces 5). Installation for removal of water from an alloy 5 pieces 6). Installation for preparation of a disinfectant solution (complete set) 5 pieces 7). Rostkootbivnaja the car 10 pieces 8). A separator for clearing of barley 10 pieces 9). Rassev (or a separator) for sorting of barley 10 pieces 10). The transport equipment (shneki, norii, Scraper and tape conveyors etc.) 5 kompl. 11). Necessary intermediate metal the bunker for barley and malt. 12). The equipment of holodilno-compressor station (The compressor, evaporators, condensers etc.) 5 kompl. 13). The equipment of air-compressor station (The compressor, receivers, the filter for air etc.) 5 kompl. 14). Gradirni 15). Pumps of stations turnaround and repeated Water supply 5 kompl. 16). Aspiratsionnoe the equipment (cyclones, fans, etc.)
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A source: Averin Oksana Vitalevna. Scientific and methodological aspects of the formation of functional strategies of the enterprises of the beer and soft drinks industry / Thesis / Moscow. 2003

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