Volume and work structure.

dissertational work consists of the introduction, three heads and the basic conclusions and offers, the list of the used literature consisting from! 65 names, it is stated on 184 pages of the typewritten text (without the list of the literature and appendices volume of the dissertation 151 page), including 73 tables, 11 drawings, 6 diagrammes, 13 appendices.
In introduction the urgency of the chosen theme, scientific novelty of research is justified, its purposes and a problem are formulated, data on approbation of the received results are resulted and their practical importance is marked. In chapter 1 "Theoretical bases of strategic management" are considered sources of occurrence of the theory of management; research of essence of strategic management is carried out and concepts of strategic management, mission and strategy are certain; kinds of functional strategy are reasonable and allocated; the system of the principles supplying formation of functional strategy is developed. The second chapter "development Diagnostics pivobezalkogolnoj the industries" contains results of the analysis of a state of the art pivobezalkogolnoj the industries. Research of features of the market of beer is carried out it and tendencies of development of branch and their influence on strategic management are revealed. The third chapter "Methodical and practical bases of process of working out of functional strategy pnvobezalkogolnyh The enterprises "it is devoted working out of scientifically-methodical aspects of development of functional strategy at the enterprises pivobezalkogolnoj to the industry. In this chapter the model of formation of functional strategy on which basis are developed is presented Functional strategy for the concrete enterprise, including the strategic analysis of external and internal variables; definition of factor of conformity of functional strategy to the allocated local purposes; a choice of the indicated strategy, proceeding from size of an integrated strategic priority. The author formulates elements of marketing, innovative, industrial, investment, personnel strategy and matrix С1ратегических of alternatives is developed. Also in the given chapter account of productivity and efforts of the enterprise is carried out at realisation of each of alternatives of functional strategy on which basis obosnovanno set of functional strategy with reference to the investigated enterprise is allocated. Offers on realisations of functional strategy and the approach to realisation of the strategic control over their fulfilment are formulated.
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A source: Averin Oksana Vitalevna. Scientific and methodological aspects of the formation of functional strategies of the enterprises of the beer and soft drinks industry / Thesis / Moscow. 2003

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