Conclusions on the third chapter

In the third chapter we had been analysed stylistic features, tactics and functions in the first inaugural speech of Barrack Obamy, are considered socially-focused kontsepty and konstitutivnye signs in inaugural speeches of the head of the USA.

As a result we had been drew following conclusions:

The theme of the power, racial inequality, medicine and formation problem, family theme, the world outside of the USA, a religious theme was the basic themes of inaugural performances of the American president. During references to listeners, Obama resulted examples from own autobiography that testifies to such innovative line of its discourse as nature.

References of the president had accurate classical structure: the introduction, the basic part, the conclusion.

For inaugural speeches of Barrack Obamy following lexical units are characteristic: nation, spirit, remaking, greatness, great, prosperous, prosperity, powerful, freedom, risk, struggle, sacrifice, God.

The main functions in performances of the politician are focusing, manipuljativnaja and function solidarizatsii.

Allocated kontsepty have been grouped by us as follows: vitalnye, social, political, patriotic, morally-ethical, aesthetic, economic, religious.


Patriotic kontsept in speeches Obamy it is possible to consider as ultra-patriotism.

The inaugural discourse is realised by following basic tactics: tactics of designing of the superpurpose; eulogy tactics; unification tactics; manipuljativnaja tactics; tactics of positive positioning with a support on previous positive experience.

The genre the inaugural reference is realised in a number of specific functions: integrativnoj, inspirativnoj, declarative, performativnoj, promoting nation association, declaration of principles of new board. Performativnaja function is expressed in the introduction of the president into a post.

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A source: AKININA Polina Sergeevna. LINGVOPRAGMATICHESKY FEATURES of the AMERICAN POLITICAL DISCOURSE (on a material of performances of the US president of Barrack Obamy). The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Vladimir - 2019. 2019

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