Conclusions under chapter 3

The main task of the given part of research consisted in consideration of factors vnejazykovoj the validity, influencing formation and replenishment of bank language. As
Development of all fields of activity of the person has linguistic reflexion in language, it is quite natural to search for an explanation of linguistic processes terminosistem in sphere of the social validity.

In the beginning of the third chapter various directions in studying of terminological systems from a sociolinguistics position are described. The social approach allows to reveal some laws in formation and development of system of special words: 1) the society can develop, on the one hand, language, with another - to become a source of its falling; 2) the society promotes functional expansion of language; 3) the society can change internal structure of language in this or that party; 4) spontaneous changes in language are caused by conscious influence of a society.

Further, in the third chapter world financial crisis as a source of replenishment and change bank terminosistem English and Russian of languages is described. The Sotsiolingvistichesky aspect of research English and Russian bank terminosistem has allowed to track the process which has arisen in the beginning of XXI century On the basis of system structurization of the investigated material English elements in their correlation with corresponding terminological designations in Russian are studied. Fields terminosistem are mobile, opened; constantly there is an expansion of their borders. Logiko-conceptual comparability of bank terms, their interaction and interdependence allow to consider English and Russian bank terminosistemy, having allocated in them a kernel terminological fields: various types of bank service, a measure on prevention of crisis, the form of interbank interaction, acts etc.

In the same chapter the linguistic toolkit which provides a reliable support at the description of the special lexical units introduced by world financial crisis of 2008 is used
Investigating features of value of the term, we see, that: 1) value of the term correlates it, first of all, to a concrete thing, a subject, property, process etc.; 2) value of the term is a professional concept and consequently demands certain knowledge in sphere of this trade; 3) value of the term corresponds with its requirement definirovanija; 4) value of the term supposes formation individual, characteristic for separate scientific concepts.

The lexicon of a crisis situation aspires to internationalisation - to natural process in the conditions of integration of the national financial markets. The majority internatsionalizmov have an English origin owing to distribution of English language to many spheres of a human life. On the one hand, occurrence internatsionalizmov conducts to mutual understanding and formation of uniform terminological system, with another - abundance of the borrowed lexicon complicates its understanding. At studying of features of lexico-semantic filling and semantic development of terms it is necessary to mean, that their present condition is only small part of an overall picture of development of language.

As a whole it is necessary to underline, that the revealed distinctions in judgement and a nomination of words-terms in bank sphere specify in their difference from common lexicon. The significant amount of English words - of terms passes in Russian bank terminosistemu as a result of tracing. The carried out analysis allows to establish, first, extralinguistic determinancy of linguistic processes of the investigated lexicon; secondly, in each sublanguage is individual and group terminotvorchestvo; thirdly, the phenomenon sinonimii is characteristic for financially-bank branch with global consolidation of financial institutions and transnationalization of bank activity. The modern functioning in branch sphere
Bank terms partially correspond to a principle of "the ideal term» as are observed: 1) the tendency to a polysemy within the limits of one terminosistemy; 2) contextual dependence; 3) periodic absence of brevity of concepts; 4) otsenochno-emotional character.

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A source: Fedorova Anna Valerevna. ENGLISH And RUSSIAN TERMINOLOGICAL SYSTEMS of BANK SPHERE. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Moscow - 2015. 2015

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