Bredikhin, Oleg Nikolaevich. Cyprus conflict: the genesis and the main stages of development / thesis / Moscow. 2006

Already half a century Cyprian 1 remains the centre of intensity and point of the appendix of international-political activity in East Mediterranean. Having found in the course of time difficultly surmountable inertia neuregulirovannosti, the Cyprian question accumulated variety of the versatile disputed plots proving in process of its evolution those more, less brightly. The difficult structure of contradictions on Cyprus combines till now elements and consequences of anticolonial national-liberation movement, the interethnic conflict, interstate - bilateral and multilateral - oppositions, and also lines of a complex international problem with participation vneregionalnyh, including multilateral, actors. Essential influence on history of the Cyprian question has rendered blokovaja the logician of "cold war, and also the internal political features defining from within a vector of behaviour of each of the basic subjects of the conflict. After demolition bipoljarnosti expansion of the European union and reception in it of Cyprus, along with the beginning of negotiations about the introduction into EU of Turkey, has introduced new elements in a situation.

the Chapter I. Genesis of the Cyprian problem and its feature
the chapter II. The Cyprian problem in 1960-1974: dynamics of internal and external factors
the chapter III. The Cyprian question after 1974: new elements.

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