announcements in business periodicals

The quantity of subscribers at business periodicals in the middle of XIX century was insufficient even to pay expenses on them izdayonie. With the beginning of 1863 limiting on printing various komyomercheskih announcements in a press are removed.

Therefore editors often resorted in kacheyostve the additional income to publication of announcements, which imeyolis in each newspaper and magazine.

In «Magazine for shareholders» in department «Announcements from edition» in 1857 it was informed on sale of actions of the various companies, for example, in № 4 - about actions of the Russian-American company, a shipping company and trade society; in № 7 - bumagoprjadilnoj manufactories, etc.

With № 11 for 1857 in «the Economic index» department "Announcement" also is entered. In it various notes, for example, about again uchreyo were located
zhdennoj to factory of wire networks and A.Fridriha's fabrics and to °. Was in zhurnayole and department "Notice". In № 213 for 1861 in it the information on sale of a steam flour-grinding mill (the Economic index, 1861, № 213: 60) was informed. Also here convergence on the private persons searching for work were printed. In one of numbers there was a news that the employee of magazine can prepare young men for receipt in university, besides gives lessons on French and German to languages, can work in various konyotorah as the lawyer, the secretary and the treasurer. Or somebody Z, offering work and services in management of joint-stock company, the trading house, factories, factories and the occupied manors (the Economic index, 1861, № 256: 433). It was informed, that the information can be specified in edition of "the Ekonomicheyosky index» (the Economic index, 1859, № 142: 870).

For announcements of new periodicals in «Economic ukazayotele» in 1858 the department «New time edition», and already in № 70 anonyosirovalsja an exit of magazine of drawings "Draughtsman" is entered. Its subscription price (5 roubles by silver with transfer), periodicity of an exit (four times a year) and some other convergence was informed. In № 80 «the Economic index» welcomed a magazine exit «National reading» under A.Obolonskogo and G.ShCherbache-'s edition va, and in № 107 for 1859 - «the Architectural bulletin», architecture magazine, obrayozovatelnyh arts and building technics A.Zhukovskogo. With special pleasure marked magazine the edition beginning in Germany political-economical magazine Cermania known politekonoma Max Virta and magazine "well-known" MoliYOnari La Bourse du Travail («the Working purse». - I.S.) in Bruxelles.

Besides it, in magazine announcements of books which can be got in A.I.Davidov's bookshop on Neva prospekyote were printed also. For the first time similar news it is found in № 20 for 1857 (the Economic index, 1857, № 20: 472). Naturally, it is books on economic themes, for example, «About care of kitchen gardens and vegetables at peasants northern guberyony» V.Vladimirskogo, «About beekeeping, as hristianski national proyomysle, in Russia in general and in Novorossisk краe, and in Bessarabia in osobenyo
nosti »by A.Nomarnitskogo, etc. it was sometimes informed and on the books far from poyolitiko-economic themes, for example, about« the Management to studying and treatment of syphilitic illnesses »to P.Zablotskogo, about« the Management to studying nervyonyh illnesses »M.G.Romberga.

It was always spoken about volume of books, about, whether there were in them drawings/drawings and, certainly, cost.

Also by Vernadsky's sharp-sighted eyes did not pass and protected disyosertatsii, representing special interest. So, in № 43 for 1857 it was informed on successful protection of the dissertation on degree of master N.I.Maksimova «IzloYOzhenie various methods of an establishment of the trade tax in the states of the Western Europe» at the Kharkov university (the Economic index, 1857, № 43: 1006-1007). Dissertation substantive provisions are resulted.

There was department "Announcement" and in "Intermediary". It, as well as all soderzhayonie newspapers, has been devoted the announcement of goods sale. As well as in a case with other periodicals, it was printed by other font and even with addition of drawings, as, for example, in № 303 for 1863.

In «the industry Bulletin» also were published various objavleyonija. For example, in № 3 for 1859 the message on an exit of the first knizhyoki «Magazine of manufactories and trade» with cost instructions for a subscription is printed, also is declared an exit of rather useful reference book under the motto «mementro mori» in industry shop on Arbate. The similar information neobhoyodimo to regard as advertising. On magazine pages the place and obyojavlenijam from various experts was taken away. For example, Englishman Dzh. Arnold offered the services to manufacturers at construction of railways.

As to "Shareholder", in it announcements lichyonogo character, for example, about utere documents by titular counsellor V.I.Morinym (the shareholder, 1862, № 13: 104) were published even. Also there were announcements of gathering of money resources, of attraction of shareholders in various predpriyojatija: «Wishing to take up construction of bulls, foundations and coastal ukyorepleny for the bridge through the river Moscow under Kolomnoju are invited» (AkYOtsioner, 1861, № 20: 80).

There were also the announcement of search the works similar to the such: «the Process engineer who was engaged more of 10 years by works on the device of railways, wishes to receive similar employment, or by a building and economic part» (the Shareholder, 1863, № 7-8: 35), was given the address on which it can be found.

Or, for example, the announcement from machine factory connected gamburg - the skoj-Magdebourg steamship company about a booking «for the device of factories: distilling, brewing, svekolnosaharnyh, flour-grinding, maslobojnyh, lesopilnyh and proch » (the Shareholder, 1863, № 50: 205).

In № 21 for 1862 it has been informed, that "Shareholder" has received razresheyonie «to print at itself personals why edition has honour uveyodomit, that personals are accepted daily in office redakyotsii...» (The Shareholder, 1862, № 21: 159). The price for announcements has made: once - 8 copecks silver for a line, two times - 12, three times - 16. However after tayokogo resolutions of personals in the newspaper has not increased.

"Shareholder" had to correct and incorrect announcements, pomeyoshchennye in other periodicals. For example, in № 49 from December, 9th, 1860 the refutation about printed in «Sankt - the Petersburg sheets» the announcement is published, that «Magazine for shareholders» and «the industry Bulletin» will incorporate next year in one torgovoyopolitichesky body «Exchange sheets» (the Shareholder, 1860, № 49: 193).

Tchizhov gave also explanations apropos ostavlenija to them of a post of one of members of board Moscow-Ryazan (former Saratov) iron doroyogi. In № 65 of "exchange sheets» (Exchange sheets, 1863, № 65: 260) and in № 69 of "the Moscow sheets» (the Moscow sheets, 1863, № 69: 4) opubyolikovano this news, but with some discrepancies. Tchizhov in order to avoid occurrence of various misunderstanding has written about the reasons which have induced it to make given step: disagreement on some question, an event between pravyoleniem and observant committee (the Shareholder, 1863, № 14-15: 60).

In «National riches» announcements were often printed in a cellar poyoslednej bands, occupied all last page of the newspaper less often. Many
Announcements were accompanied by drawings. The majority of announcements reklamiyorovali a printed matter: books, newspapers. Sometimes they were published on inserts and in the sizes even exceeded an edition format. As, for example, in a case with the price-list R.Chidsona published as a single sheet to № 49 for 1863.

Convergence on activity were published in «the Industrial newspaper» in department "Announcement" of "Industrial help office», which otyokryta daily, except for Sundays and organic days from 9 mornings till 4 evenings only. In it industrialists could get and sell tools, cars, unmanufactured materials, products and even factories, factories and any craft institutions. Places of work were specified also to journeymen to pupils and workers (the Industrial newspaper, 1865, № 1: 8). Also other announcements, for example, the following were printed also: «112 000 quadras sazh meadows wish to sell the inheritances bringing true 10 % for section is pure the income 5 500 rub in a year. Structures new and stock full stand on Vyborg behind the Arsenal» (the Industrial newspaper, 1865, № 1: 8). Another inyoformatsii in department it was not given throughout all 1865.

Announcements of an insufficient subscription served as fine means of attraction of the additional finance. Therefore it is not surprising, that in ekoyonomicheskih newspapers and magazines they appeared rather often, printed by different fonts and even were accompanied by drawings.


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A source: SURNINA IRINA ALEKSANDROVNA. PRIVATE BUSINESS NEWSPAPERS And MAGAZINES In CAPITALISM FORMATION In Russia (1857-1865). The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the Doctor of Philology. Moscow - 2018. 2018

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