Outputs on chapter 1

1. The research of a discourse based on understanding basic dialogichnosti of all statements, gives the basis for question statement about dialogichnosti a discourse in sphere of the international ratios and search intertext communications in materials of the mass-media devoted to the international ratios.

2. In media space speech interaction of the countries is realised as arisen at the analysis of semantic extrema collision of semantic positions which in the media text are structured by means of categories dialogichnosti, referetsialnosti and illokutivnosti. Semantic positions are caused, programmed"diskursivnymi by installations -
presuppozitsijami, "prekonstruktami", also find out certain level stereotipizirovannosti and resistance.

3. Intertext interaction is found out on presence in a media discourse adresovannosti or otvetnosti - remarks-stimulus and remarks - of reactions about what statements with illokutsiej charges can signal, consent, objection, a praise, a sneer, an appeal, the offer and so forth

4. The Tekstotsentrichesky approach to consideration of journalistic speech genres allows the media texts which are carrying out the international informing, to consider language implementers of categories dialogichnosti, referetsialnosti and illokutivnosti from the point of view poliintentsionalnogo an author's plan.

5. Speech interaction can have co-operative or disputed character - depending on the purposes kommunikantov and their semantic positions. Disputed dialogue is more various cooperation (standard) owing to variability of deflection from norm vzaimovezhlivogo than dialogue.

6. Disputed intertext dialogue is realised through occurrences

adresovannosti having provocative character: charge,

Threat/requirement, the message on measures, the message on position change/strengthening, provocation. Remarks-reactions in disputed intertext interaction otsenochny: negation of justice of charge, negation of justice of the requirement/threat, the message on reciprocal measures, the message on reaction to position change/strengthening, ridicule.

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A source: IVANOVA Lubov JUREVNA. SPEECH REPREZENTATSIJA INTERTEXT DIALOGICHNOSTI In the MEDIA DISCOURSE of the INTERNATIONAL RATIOS. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. St.-Petersburg - 2018. 2018

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