the Tver printing mass-media in active development of TV-programs and Internet resources

In the beginning of 2000th the competition the main printing sports mass-media of region was made by the newspaper «Veche of Tver» though on volume of the sports information the edition essentially conceded to "the Tver Life».

In the newspaper all kinds of sports, and only the most popular in Tver, such as football and hockey have been presented not. The heading "Sports" occupied 14th band: news were prepared by small collective of correspondents, and the basic part
Materials in various genres belonged Andrey Krylov's to feather which has already proved as the competent sports journalist in newspapers «Tver sport prestige», «the Tver sports» and «Sprint 69». Long time it independently did a sports band of the newspaper, using a pseudonym Andrey Borisov. We will underline, that Krylov as the skilled reporter, competently wrote about football, hockey, skiing, etc.: («the Soviet sports» and "Sport express train") journalists specialise in the central sports mass-media on one-two kinds of sports. The spectrum that, mentioned by Krylov, was extensive:

- Children's sports, its problems and prospect (for example, materials about the domestic children's championships, about sports schools);

- Sports life of areas and area;

- The international tournaments and comments to them of the Tver experts;

- Physical culture;

- The person in sports, its destiny.

The theme of the person in sports has been open by Boris Spassky. To it the person in sports materials of Tver remained on the second place, on the foreground there was a statistics. Andrey Krylov has successfully adopted this experience at the first sports journalist of Tver. As examples of its articles it is possible to name «the Gold boy of the Russian hockey» (sports destiny Ili Kovalchuka) (Krylov, 2002: 10) and «the Ice Elegy» (about the Olympic champion on skating sports Jurii Mihajlove) (Krylov, 2002: 10).

Articles, interview, and also Krylov's reportings differed an emotionality, the vivacity interesting and unexpected finds. It is possible to name it the master of a question and conversation guiding. Krylov did a heading informative, but after its leaving of the newspaper in 2002, sports in «Veche of Tver» were shined all less often: the band left not regularly. Here were published Nikolay Fedulov, Olga Pavljuchenko, Nina Melnikova and
Other journalists. For the newspaper «Veche of Tver» of that period turnover of staff was characteristic, and nobody was engaged in seriously heading. At various times a band prepared the mentioned Nina Melnikova (wrote reportings, articles about hockey, football and basketball), then Igor Bogatyryov became the sports editor. Its feather posesses a number of the analytical materials baring lacks of the Tver sports. For example, problem interview of the chairman of regional federation of the Greek-Roman struggle: «Arutjun Tunjan: To me for Tver it is insulting!» (Bogatyryov, 2002: 10). Despite some successful materials, the sports heading in «Veche of Tver» has lost former appeal, and as consequence, a stable audience. Author's problem articles and interview, reportings on events in the Tver sports appeared all less often. The majority of materials undertook from Internet resources or was copied from other sources of the information, more often, from the central mass-media. Articles about the international sports events were published in the middle of 2000th in the newspaper, mainly.

At present in of Tver the stable sports heading has remained only in three printing editions: in newspapers «Tver Life» (where in 2002 Andrey Krylov) and «the Caravan +Я» has come to work (where quality of a sports band has considerably grown for last years after occurrence of new professional sports correspondents), and also in a tabloid «Local Time».

The newspaper «Local time», being the first tabloid of a city, since 2000 weekly on last band publishes sports materials. Their quantity is insignificant a little and, as a rule, it is notes and news, is more rare - the reporting and interview. Some game kinds of sports are in full shined only: hockey, basketball and football. Edition is focused on visual component of materials, instead of on their quality. Nevertheless, the headings which are the major textual part tabloidnyh of materials, it is enough blekly, are not bright («the Schoolgirl has won adults», «And on a board of one zero»). Throughout many years the band was done by one
The correspondent - Alexander Kolupansky. After his death in 2013 edition long could not find to it replacement.

From the beginning of 2000th sports materials are published in a weekly journal «Караван+Я» regularly on 13 or 15 bands. Basically, journalists of the edition write about game kinds of sports - hockey, football, volleyball, is more rare - about boxing, figure skating. Sports correspondents «the Caravan + I» publish short notes, analytical articles, interview and reportings is the extremely rare.

Thus, despite the increased competition from TV and the Internet in 2000-2013, correspondents of the Tver printing mass-media in the majority did not aspire to improvement of quality of the information product of sports subjects. The publication of Internet articles in view of deficiency of professional frames (till now in Tver no more ten skilled sports correspondents works) and indifference of local mass-media by a sports life of a city became the tendency. Underestimation of a role of heading and illustrations and absence of a genre variety - the factors reducing quality of texts from the point of view of the invoice. Materials about sports in the Tver printing editions represent only addition to a news picture of week. Besides, in regions interaction between the press and sports structures insufficiently professionally is constructed.

Special value the collection of articles let out in 2004 «Olympians Verhnevolzhja» - about seven greatest sportsmen-Olympians thereupon gets, natives of the Tver edge: Jurii Mihajlove (skating sports), Feodor Bogdanovskom (weightlifting), Victor Kapitonove (bicycle race), Antonina Seredinoj (rowing), Dmitry Bekhterev (rowing), Victor Denisov (rowing) and Ile Kovalchuke (hockey). (Olympians Verhnevolzhja; under the editorship of Krylov, 2004: 98). Authors of texts about the sports, entered into this book (Boris Spassky, Andrey Krylov, Jury Harchenko, Alexander Bojko, Vladimir Samokhin, Michael Ignatov),

Offer audiences an integral picture of development of sports in region about 1950th «Olympians Verhnevolzhja» it is published by the publishing centre «Tver life» in circulation of 1500 copies. Andrey Krylov who has collected the best materials about sportsmen from different printing mass-media, not only Tver, but also all-Russian became the composer of the book: «the Kalininsky truth» (03.08.1976), «the Soviet sports» (16.09.1994), «the Tver sport prestige» (15.10. 1999), «the Tver life» (25.10.2003), etc. Materials

Are arranged chronologically: since 1956 - year of triumph of skater Jury Mihajlova on Olympic games in Kortina d'ampetstso, - till 2002 marked by success of the young sportsman from Tver Ili Kovalchuka on the white Olympic Games in the American Salt Lake City. «Olympians Verhnevolzhja» - documentary acknowledgement of achievements of the Tver sportsmen and the convincing proof of development of the sports press in region.

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