The scientific concept of reviewed research is based on the proved thesis that in the Russian society for last three decades there were global changes in sphere of information technologies. It is possible to assert, that the modern person is a part of media space which develops and unites on the basis of the general technological platforms files of media texts of various typology.

Processes of technological convergence (integration), characteristic for creation and distribution of media texts, define now not only methods reprezentatsii media events, but also methods of its perception.

Picture of the world of modern society, «the image of the world refracted in consciousness of the person, i.e. The outlook of the person created as a result of its physical experience and spiritual activity», by definition Of this year Rubbed - Minasovoj »(Rubbed-minasova, 2008:26), develops now first of all under the influence of media space as« the special reality which are a part of social space and organizujushchej social experts and representations of agents, included in system of production and consumption of the mass information »(Yudin, 2005:3).

It is accepted to assert, that the picture of the world of the modern person contains in itself not so much objective convergence the facts and events, how many representation about the world as it understand media. M.Makljuena's media theory contains one of the first and classical statements in a modern science that new media «have hypnotic effect»; modern communication media are capable «to create new forms of a public life and individual consciousness»; «ability to set certain degree of" immersing »in verbal or figurative numbers which the given communication medium broadcasts» (Makljuen, 2003:9) is inherent in each media. R.Bart in "Mythologies" asserted, that new media,
Characteristic for this or that society, take hold of consciousness of consumers, entering them in the «semiologicheskuju system» in which it is possible to find out various cultural schemes, the values making a basis of any society (Bart, 2008:271-272). Modern media - «it is not simple means for an information transfer, it is the whole environment in which are made, estetizirujutsja and different cultural codes» (Kirillov, 2008:19-21) are broadcast. This environment is nominated in our research as media space.

The business media discourse as a making part of media space starts to draw attention of a wide audience during the periods of economic crises as it appears not only the factor of formation of certain notions and moods of recipients, but also the essential factor of development of a sociopolitical and economic situation in the country and the world as a whole. Possessing huge possibilities of influence on moods and attitude of people, business media actively join in processes of formation "crisis" / an "anti-recessionary" picture of the world, offering recipients pragmatical knowledge and forming perception of economically astable situation.

The research urgency is caused, thus, by increase of interest of a wide audience to a business media discourse, in particular to information-analytical media texts which actively participate in processes of formation of models of behaviour of an audience in a crisis situation. Revealing of communicative strategy within the limits of a business media discourse, effects of influence of media texts on an audience probably to consider as the actual research problem which decision will allow to reveal influence degree informatsionnoyoanaliticheskih media texts on moods of an audience, its ratio to the sociopolitical processes, caused by an economic crisis.

reprezentirovannogo in discourse-analysis work on a problem we consider as an actual problem revealing of degree of journalistic impartiality,
Objectivity in methods of giving economic and sotsialnoyopoliticheskogo the fact, ability of participants of a media discourse to interpretation of the political media event economic and connected with it.

Object of research are diskursivnye characteristics of the information-analytical media text, reprezentirovannogo in online versions of business Russian media.

Research material are online publications in headings "Economy", "Finance", "Business" of following business papers: "RBC"; "Kommersant"; "Expert", «Forbes», «Economy and a life», «the Russian business newspaper», "Sheets", "News", the Internet edition «Slon». As the cores for our work we considered those editions which are included in classification of Agency of media researches Ex Libris, are considered business and enter in renking Title Popularity Ranking (TPR). Renking considers auditornyj coverage, tsitiruemost editions in other mass-media, and in social media (http://www.exlibris.ru/rejting-izdanij/). High position of the listed editions in the designated rating also gives us the basis to consider their online version as object of research.

The following hypothesis is put in a basis of dissertational research: studying of media Tex with a concrete semantic and genre dominant productively only from positions of the discourse-analysis which gives possibility of volume judgement of the media text involved in a certain media discourse.

The purpose of dissertational work - to allocate and analyse diskursivnye characteristics of the information-analytical media text.

According to a research objective the serial decision of some following problems is necessary:

- To investigate features of the analytical genres which central component is economic media event and the sociopolitical effects caused by it;

- To present the complex analysis of the media technologies claimed at creation and distribution of the economic media text as one of components of a business media discourse;

- To build the discourse-analysis of media texts considering both their linguistic, and extralinguistic parametres, system of their communications, an inclusiveness in various diskursivnye ratios, hypertext and intertekstovye characteristics; to analyse strategy of visualisation of the economic media text;

- To investigate features of a genre of the forecast as most vostrebovanyonogo in system of information-analytical genres during the periods ekonomiyocheskoj instability and social intensity;

- To reveal and analyse diskursivnye characteristics makroyokontsepta the "money", being a nucleus kontseptosfery, reprezentirovannoj in set of senses;

- To reveal and characterise strategy of use numerical danyonyh in analytical media texts of various genre versions; to analyse functions of numerals in media texts of the economic maintenance;

- To characterise categories of the author and the reader in a context of kommuniyokativno-pragmatical strategy of the online edition, style characteristics of the media text.

Scientific novelty of research consists in the following:

1) the analysis model reprezentatsii senses in mediatekyostah, included in a business media discourse Is presented. Are analysed diskursivyonye the ratios answering to the following model: the author - informatsionnoyoanalitichesky the media text - the business online edition - the reader.

2) On the basis of the analysis of media texts research of semantic aspects of a business media discourse through kontseptosferu makrokontsepta "money" is carried out.

3) the detailed analysis of genres of the forecast and a rating Is presented.

Theoretical and methodological base of research. The dissertation is based on base positions of the theory of journalism, concepts masso - howl communications, a discourse. The dissertation methodology is based on issle - dovanijah in the field of E.Bjuissana's discourse-analysis, T.A. van Dejka, M.Jor-gansen, G.Kressa, M.Pesho, L.Filips, N.Ferklo, in the field of the text and mediayoteksta, presented to R.Bart, M.M.BahYotina, M.Makljuena, JU.M.Lotman's classical researches, and also V.I.Karasika, S.I.SmetaniYonoj, M.J.Kazak, B.J.Misonzhnikova, etc. Work is based on results of researches in the field of the intercultural communications, presented to I.M.Dzjaloshinsky, V.G.Kostomarov, V.V. Krasnyh, G.J.Solga-'s works nika, Of this year Rubbed-minasovoj, etc.

Language features of the media text were analyzed on a basis bazoyovyh positions of researches of T.G.Dobrosklonsky, M.J.Kazak, A.P.Coreau chenskogo, V.G.Kostomarov, I.P.Lysakovoj, S.I.Smetaninoj, G.J.Solga-nika, etc.

Theoretical basis of the dissertation L have made also fundamentalyonye works of theorists of journalism, kommunikativistov, experts in area pablik rilejshnz and sociology of journalism of I.M.Dzjaloshinsky, JA.N.Zasursky, Of this year Korkonosenko, G.S.Melnik, G.G.Pocheptsova. G.Svitich, E. P.Prokhorov, I.D.Fomichevoj, E.N.Judinoj, etc., scientific rayoboty in the field of the nature and specificity of perception of the mass media text of T.Z.Adamjants, N.N.Bogomolovoj, Z.Bodrijjara, N.Lumana, and others issledovayotelej, scientific works on problems of journalistic ethics of G.V.Lazutinoj, L.G.Svitich, A.A.Jurkova, etc.

Methodological basis of research are general scientific methods of research: chronological, synchronic, it is system-analiyo
tichesky, rather-comparative, interpretatsionnyj, funktsioyonalnyj.

The discourse-analysis, allowing to build and track diskursivnye communications between media texts, vkljuyochyonnymi in a business media discourse became the basic method of research; between the genre nature of media texts and their maintenance; text and visual component; between razlichyonymi on the typological accessory online editions, avtoyorami and recipients; between declared and reprezentirovannymi smysyolami etc. for the purpose of detection of laws of translation of objective analytical senses.

On protection the following positions reflecting the basic results of dissertational research are taken out:

1. Actualisation of interest of an audience to business media and ekonomicheyoskomu to the media text is caused by requirements of recipients for judgement ekoyonomicheskoj to a situation and development of strategy of behaviour in conditions ekonomiyocheskoj instability.

2. The forecast is a key genre modern Russian deyolovogo a media discourse. Its actualisation is connected with a number of the reasons: interest of an audience to pragmatical qualities of a genre; multimedia vozmozhyonostjami the media resources, allowing to realise genre installation on reliability, possibilities of acknowledgement or a refutation of the forecast, comparison of forecasts. The forecast carries out function of gain or removal of the pressure connected with economic media event that promotes formation of sociopolitical moods of a wide audience.

3. The visual component of media texts not only strengthens its reliability, expands media text borders, but also gives rise to symbolically - metaphorical senses which are beyond business mediadiskusa.

4. One of essentially significant smysloobrazujushchih kontseptov the media texts included in a business media discourse, is kontsept "money" in its quantitative and qualitative measurements.

5. Numerical data carry out in the economic media text razlichyonye functions: are a method of the indisputable argument, promote adequate perception of the media text, join in system reprezentatsy makrokontsepta "money".

6. Numerals in a media discourse possess as faktologicheskoj znayochimostju, and symbolical nagruzhennostju. Names numerals function not only in system of the message of statistical data, but also at level of creation of symbolical senses. Numerals actively vovleyokajutsja in formation of metaphorical, ironical senses, intertekyostualnyh strategy of authors, in realisation hypertextual vozmozhnoyostej the media text.

7. The maintenance of a business media discourse, genre characteristics meyodiatekstov, included in it, their conceptual component opredeyoljajut characteristics and communicative strategy of the author and the reader.

The theoretical significance of work consists in the following: it pozvoyoljaet to prove the theoretical thesis that mass media technologies of creation of the information-analytical media text define it soyoderzhanie, appeal methods to an audience, effects of perception, predopreyodeljajut the tendency to use of handling receptions of suppression of is rational-pragmatical component.

The practical significance of the dissertation is based that the new empirical and theoretical material received during research, it is possible to use in practice of teaching of special courses on problems deyolovoj journalism, journalism sociology, and also on purpose uglublenyonogo studying of the theory and practice of mass media and kommuniyokatsii in high schools. The outputs formulated as a result of research, can promote perfection of an information policy of regional mass media.

Results of scientific researches have found the application in proveyodenii theoretical and a practical training and special courses on journalism
«The modern media text», «Modern mass media», «Modern oteyochestvennaja journalism» for students 3 - 4 courses of a bachelor degree, obuchajuyoshchihsja at philological faculty FGBOU IN «Tver gosudarstven - nyj university» on a speciality - "Journalism" and for magistrantov 1 course of a direction - "Journalism" within 2014-2015

Work approbation. Substantive provisions and results of research have been discussed on faculty meeting of journalism, advertising and public relations FGBOU IN «the Tver state university». On dissertation materials reports at the international conferences have been read:

- II International scientifically-practical conference «mass-media in ontoyologicheskom and cultural space of the slavic world». - Tver, Tveryosky the state university. On May, 19-20th 2013.

- III International scientific conference «Advertising and the modern world». - Tver, the Tver state university. On April, 25-26th 2014.

- III International scientific conference «mass-media in ontologic and cultural space of the slavic world» - Tver, Tver gosudarstyovennyj university. On May, 19-20th 2015.

- Regional scientifically-practical conference «the Role of the journalist in upholding of interests of mankind in XXI century» (Vladimir, 2014).

Dissertation structure: the dissertation consists of the Introduction, three heads, the Conclusion and the List of the used literature including 222 naimeyonovanija.

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A source: Shevelevsky Ivan Mihajlovich. information-ANALYTICAL TEXTS In the BUSINESS MEDIA DISCOURSE (ON the MATERIAL of ONLINE VERSIONS of the RUSSIAN mass-media). The dissertation AUTHOR'S ABSTRACT on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Tver - 2015. 2015


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