3. Visualisation receptions as obligatory characteristics iformatsionno-analitichekih media texts

The media text assumes active use of receptions of visual support (photos, diagrammes, schemes, tables - various type infografiki, graphic means of expressiveness etc.) which fill with its new senses, give it qualities of plastic.

Building characteristics of the media text, JA.N.Zasursky considers it as the factor of integration and a product of communication culture, giving special importance to the extralinguistic moments, namely - abilities of verbal sounding, the visual and multilayered media text which energy sharply increases in convergence conditions; possibilities to create the new isolated communication structure possessing thanks to konvergentsionnoj of integrated approach profitability and special expressiveness: «There is a new concept of the media text: it and a drawing which use to make the text more versatile and more exact, this and its sound embodiment, and its coherence with object of consideration about which there is a speech. The media text gets the known
Universal lines. Feature of the media text that it can be included in different media structures »(Zasurskij J.N., 2005:6).

According to V.E.Shevchenko, «visualisation deepens process of mastering of the broadcast images and a content, explains difficult data quickly and visually. Correctly executed visualisation shines the information there where it is problematic to state traditional journalistic forms. Any graphic symbol is an element of visual language. In this sense and any letter of the alphabet - a graphic symbol, therefore visual accent the font character becomes only in that case when it is accordingly issued, has special drawing, colour, a composition, the size. Visualisation has expanded journalism possibilities, has made its more flexible in possibilities of processing and representation of considerable volumes of data and events. Infografika became the integral tool of journalism, has pull together printing mass-media with TV and the Internet - editions» (Shevchenko, 2014).

The genre nature of the forecast assumes realisation intentsii reliability. It is necessary to recognise reliability as the most demanded quality of the forecast from an audience which as it was already spoken, waits from the forecast of a certain management to practical action. Reliability of the economic media text in a context of a business media discourse can be ensured with following methods: hyperlinks, infografikoj, photographic materials, audio and video data.

The information drawing in business media carries out function of an additional component of the basic text. However for the economic media text in a genre of the forecast the appeal to infografike is hardly probable not an obligatory component because it is sated by statistical data which demand ordering. Infografika reflects essence of the forecast, minimising different interpretations in its maintenance.

V.V. Laptev considers, that the modern information drawing allows not only to supplement that or other text convergence, but also to create «the information environment which has the independent basis which is not dependent directly from the text» (Laptev, 2012:42).

By V.V. Tulupova's definition, «infografika - product of graphic art. It not only additional means for the graphic decision of a band, but also an independent substantial material» (Sheepskin coats, 2008:123). A number of researchers comes out with the assumption that infografika can be considered as an independent genre of journalism (Smirnova, 2012:79).

Not putting the problem to confirm or challenge these theoretical statements, we formulate following definition for the information drawing: infografika it is the static or dynamic images which are visual component of the media text, allowing visually to present the processes occurring in different areas of human society, to systematise various expert opinions and estimations, to build in uniform system statistical data etc.

In a context of our research we analyze first of all the static drawing: tables, schemes, diagrammes of various types (circular, linear, tape, stylar, figured etc.), since. On a site of the analyzed edition we had been fixed insignificant quantity of examples dynamic infografiki (5 % from the general number of materials).

Infografika can accompany the forecast text, can carry out the leading part, can be presented absolutely independently: in the concrete project, a heading and so forth It is reversible to the special project of RBC «Russia in a corkscrew: as forecasts of a national economy for 2015» vary. After the short text preamble which maintenance is reduced to instructions on a depression of economy of Russia, the schedule is presented
Under heading: «As electronic field production of Russia in 2015 will change». On it by different colours it is drawn 6 lines corresponding to the concrete forecast. At cursor prompting the reference to the expert is highlighted: the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the World bank, the European bank of reconstruction and development, Minekonom developments of Russia, the International currency fund, the Organization of economic cooperation and development.

Percent are specified in axes of co-ordinates X, Y - months 2014-2015 the Schedule is extremely simple for visual perception and allows to define quickly who from experts offers the most pessimistic forecast and on the contrary. It is important, that on the schedule dynamics of development of predicted event is read. Only 2 experts from 6 predict stabilisation of an economic situation, the others as follows from the schedule, expect falling of electronic field production of Russia by January 2015.

The analyzed schedule of forecasts receives ekspertno-visual acknowledgement in the following schedule: «the Russian economic crisis: antirecords in schedules. A photo gallery». It, in turn, contains sendings to 9 schedules, each of which reprezentuet the separate aspect of the general problem and allows vyvit opinion of set of experts. Their number at serial viewing of the given version infografiki, by our calculations, increases to 20.

Thus the role of the journalistic text is reduced to a pragmatical minimum of navigating support. The presented schedules concern type infografiki which has received in a science definition "concentrated", i.e. Sated with a digital data, the colour designations, possessing high degree informativnosti. The audience in this case should be prepared for decoding of the put in pawn senses, but should not be overloaded by data.

For example, E.Metelitsy's article «Naperegonki with inflation» in online - of the version of the newspaper of RBC is devoted from 17.07.2015 the analysis of actions of the Ministry of Finance and
Minekonomrazvitija within the limits of pension reform. Article of small volume, as a matter of fact, is the analytical comment to the schedule of high degree informativnosti, acquaintance with which can cause certain difficulties in an audience. Thus the edition understands, that the analytical component of the economic forecast cannot be reprezentirovana only by means of infografiki. Therefore the visualised forecast is accompanied by sendings to analytical interview («A.Uljukaev: Growth of electronic field production of Russia is possible without liberal revolution»), analytical article («Experts of committee of Kudrin have predicted falling of electronic field production of Russia on 4, 1 % in 2015»), i.e. To such genres of a media discourse which allow an audience to develop the intelligent ratio to the forecast presented through various schemes, tables and diagrammes.

Smaller degree informativnosti in infografike declares itself when the media text gives audiences possibility to get acquainted at once with several variants of statistical data, reprezentovannyh in various variants infografiki.

This practice is characteristic for the on-line version of magazine "Expert", which offers readers (especially after perusal of analytical article) to get acquainted at once with several variants infografiki. For example, after article «In a vice venchura and nanoindustrii» (authors V.Saraev, O.Vandysheva, P.Skorobogatyj) (http://expert.ru/expert/2015/29/v-tiskah-venchura-i-nanoindustrii/) the reference to the schedule «Dynamics of output nanoindustrii in the Russian Federation in 2011-2014» »tables is given: № 1« Performance of the indexes mounted by the Program of development nanoindustrii »and № 2« Output nanoindustrii on categories in 2014 in wholesale prices of manufacturers ».

Besides, not concentrated infografika it is widely presented to online of the version of magazine of RBC. In this case we can say that the magazine audience is thought as wider so, requiring in

Accessible variants of visualisation of media texts. A typical example unsaturated infografiki, clear any audience, can become diagrammes to K.Shamakinoj's article of "a growth rule»

(http://rbcdaily.ru/magazine/business/562949995337287) devoted to the Russian market of wine:

"Kommersant" has headings "Visually" and "Infografika". In the first of them news materials are illustrated first of all, a special place subheadings «the Photo of day» and «occupy Partner projects. The information-analytical media texts sated with a photoillustrative material are published in the second subheading. On one of examples probably to stop. The project is called« the Zone of free business. Holidays and everyday life of the largest in the country industrial klastera in the joint project «» and OEZ "Alabuga"

(http://www.kommersant.ru/projects/alabuga). It is an indicative example sated multimedia information-analytical

The media text in which equal value have the journalistic text, a photo, infografika, a video illustration. In a preamble to article

Semantic vectors of development of a theme are designated: «Ten years ago in steppes under Elabugoj there was nothing, except building dust. Now here place factories the international corporations, and even after introduction 50

Sanctions a zone were left by any foreign resident. Correspondents «» found out, that has made maloprimechatelnyj area of Tatarstan industrial Mecca and why here are not afraid of crisis »(http://www.kommersant.ru/projects/alabuga).

Each position of the text receives acknowledgement in qualitatively executed photos: the landscapes which have embodied the nature of region, panoramas of modern industrial region in which historical realities are kept, press photos on which the scenes connected with production are embodied. Navigation on a multimedia material is built according to logic of the journalistic text. Photographic materials alternate or organically join in a video series. Infografika to high concentration gives possibility to the recipient to fix attention to separate figures, to draw analogies, to draw own outputs. It is necessary to tell, that similar multimedia projects have, undoubtedly, the PR-purposes which assume more active influence on the recipient, than it is required from the media text of an analytical genre.

It is necessary to recognise as interesting reception of visualisation of the economic forecast photo galleries. RBC widely understands the term "Photo gallery" as the independent heading containing photoillustrative materials of different type: actually photographic materials (portraits, reportings, sketches), infografiku, accompanied by text materials in a forecast genre. It is possible to consider as a vivid example of such heading materials under heading «As business prepares for crisis in economy».

The selection of forecasts on behalf of representatives of business is accompanied by illustrations in a photograph genre: «the Photograph - the image (image) of any person or group of the people existing or existing actually. Similarity of a portrait to model (original) is reached not only transmission of external shape portretiruemogo, but also disclosing of its private world, display of unity of individual and typical fig.
The last reflect a certain historical epoch, the social environment, a nationality »(Berezin, 2009:114).

All six experts in the given media test are embodied so that specific qualities of the professional person were reflected in a photo: originality of thinking, force of character, independence, vigour etc. At the same time the photograph assumes fixing of individual qualities of the person that answers idea of a selection of versatile forecasts.

The publication of photographs has the obvious purpose gain of degree of trust to the forecast. This effect is ensured with that the forecast proceeds not from the abstract media person or media institute, and from the concrete person, with a set of individual characteristics.

Acting in a role of the expert from business community, authors of forecasts declare the point of view on prospects of development of the Russian economy. The individuality embodied on a photograph, undoubtedly, is caught by the reader, allowing it to estimate not only to the logician and argumentirovannost the forecast, but also to be defined with personal preferences at emotional level of perception of the statement of the expert.

Besides, the photo gallery presented by variety of photographs, allows to expand media text borders. Each of the presented photos (to which it is possible to pass under the corresponding reference) signals that the decisions accepted in financial and economic sphere, belong to concrete persons.

So, in the edition online version "Forbs" practically each media text of a heading of "Opinion" assumes possibility to follow the link to the photos connected with activity of those persons which associate in consciousness of an audience about business by elite and political elite of the Russian
The states. The photoillustrative material, in turn, sends the reader to texts of the corresponding maintenance.

Similar configuration of a material in the on-line version of the edition declares idea of pragmatical use of a photo which becomes an input point in media texts relatives, but not equivalent on subjects. Thus there is an audience involving in difficult diskursivnye ratios of volume filling.

In A.E.Sabunina's dissertational research «metaphorical display of the validity in a press photo of the Russian business magazines of the beginning of the XXI-st century», in particular, is noticed, that a photoillustration role, as a rule, assumes demonstration of metaphorical senses. However the author especially underlines the basic significance of a photo as one of effective methods of reflexion of the validity and the appeal to perceiving consciousness: «it is exclusive

Metaphorical translation of images of the validity cannot ensure a full objective estimation of surrounding processes. Therefore the extremely important is the combination of various methods of visualisation of messages, including photo applications, as the element giving to the reader of possibility independently to analyze the message »(Sabunin, 2013:45).

The photograph is an integral part of formation of a media image of political leaders, is the key moment both in the course of creation of positive image, and in the course of destruction of this image. And in this context it is necessary to pay attention to that circumstance, that the media texts entering into system diskursivnyh of ratios on a problem, unlike the journalistic texts published in the edition of a certain typological version, show the general strategy of the appeal to a photoillustrative material.

Communicative properties of media texts in a business media discourse are defined by strategy of a combination of the verbal and visual beginning. It is necessary to recognise as the main strategy of online versions of business papers installation on a combination within the limits of a discourse of the metaphorical and objective beginning in a photo: «the Metaphor serves in business journalism as the important element of disclosing of sense of the message, giving of new lines to the occurred event, opening of new, unexpected sense, through irony, sarcasm, satire that promotes updating and a direction of thought of the consumer of the given information.

The metaphor gets special value when the edition and journalist purpose is ironic ridicule something, for the sake of defined, in business journalism - the pragmatic purpose, underlining not the most partial elements of object, that initially forms opinion and the ratio of an audience to an opened theme »(Sabunin, 2013:67).

The metaphoricalness of the senses which have been put in pawn in a photo, gives to the media text exit possibility for frameworks of a certain discourse. So, texts of a business media discourse start to be perceived by an audience as having sociopolitical implied sense.

It is necessary to notice, that in a modern science about journalism opinions of were repeatedly expressed that actualisation of receptions metaforizatsii the text and an illustration testifies to «social stress» (P.Fritsshe's term). In particular, M.V.Gavrilova in article «Prospects kognitivnogo the metaphor analysis in development of humanitarian technologies» refers to such researchers as A.N.ram, D.O.Dobrovolsky, V.Z.Demjankov, etc. which asserted, that «metaphors is basic mental operation, a thinking method, the tool of knowledge of the validity...» (Gavrilova, 2009:179).

M.V.Gavrilova is consolidated with A.N.Baranovym and other researchers in the statement that «increase of quantity of metaphors in
Political discourse - a sign of a crisis political and economic situation »(Gavrilova, 2009:181).

Similar situation of increase of concentration of metaphorical senses it is observable in a business media discourse. For example, P.Netreby, D.Koptjubenko and J.Miljukovoj's article «the Authorities have decided to reduce number of addressees of grants» (http://www.rbcdaily.ru/economy/562949996121966) devoted «optimisation of separate social privileges taking into account application of criteria of needs», cannot be carried to actually economic media text, despite conformity to formal signs: it is located in a heading "Economy", contains the named lexicon, considers an economic problem. Process

metaforizatsii senses opens the name which is constructed on game of senses: reduction of quantity of addressees of grants can assume increase in death rate among this category of the population. Metaphor development is supported by a photo on which striking pensioners with the poster «are represented Return our privileges! Free journey to transport!» (http://www.rbcdaily.ru/economy/562949996121966). Thus, within the limits of the economic media text social consequences directly are not considered, but they inevitably start to be comprehended by an audience in a context of comprehension of metaphorical sense of a photoillustrative material.

The similar approach to the photoillustrative material which is a part of media texts of directory character, reprezentovan in online - magazine "Forbes" versions. Article About Pavlovoj «Command offset: than workers of the largest Russian corporations» are carried away (http://www.forbes.ru/forbeslife/dosug/294391-komandnyi-zachet) is devoted the analysis «unearned records in« to Rosneft "," Gazprom »and the Savings Bank». An input point in the text is the photo on which the moment is embodied
Games in football in which players of clubs "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" take part.

Reflexions of the author about the incomes received by the companies from corporate sports, are issued by a text column. To the left of it the column of photoillustrations of "Photo gallery" in which photos with following names are placed is given: «Декларации-2015: 20 richest families of the Kremlin and the White house»; «Without brakes: known businessmen got to what failures»; «heads of the oil and gas companies How many earn». Thus, the reader is involved and in a business media discourse, both in political, and in the social. Besides, probably to assert, that the media texts of information-analytical character involved in a business media discourse, promote formation of a certain method of the reader's perception, actually analytical beginning differing by "suppression" and actualisation of entertaining-household perception of challenges from economic and political component.

In this context our supervision have coincided with the outputs made in article of O.V.Shirjaevoj «Aksiologija nonverbal levers in a business information-analytical media discourse":"More

The mobile, open, bright interface (in comparison with "conservative" linearity of the journalese text) allows to seize, on the one hand, in great volume of the information, on the other hand, reduces is intellectual-analytical operations of consciousness of the reader. As a result, the analytical press in the online version becomes less "analytical", borrowing diskursivnye (multimedia) means at entertaining mass-media and the social networks which have embodied type of synchronous game communications »(Shiryaev, 2014:680).

Summing up the given part of work, it is necessary to formulate a number of outputs. The information-analytical media texts functioning in a business media discourse, have obligatory characteristics
multimedijnosti. For the given version of media texts use infografiki is obligatory.

Depending on edition typology (the newspaper or magazine) are allocated by us two versions static infografiki: it is information sated and unsaturated. It is information sated infografika, presented in the form of schemes, tables, diagrammes with plural symbolical designations, demands the developed text comment and is located, as a rule, in the media text, reprezentovanogo in the online version of the business newspaper.

It is information unsaturated infografika it is simple for decoding, can be presented in the form of tables, schemes, diagrammes with insignificant quantity of symbolical designations and a digital data. She does not demand text decoding. Therefore online versions of magazines use reception of the publication of a selection of graphic representations which can replace the text, but thus keep its analytical beginning.

The photoillustrative material giving to the media text of quality of plastic and reliability, is presented in a business media discourse by genres of a photograph, a press portrait, the "Photo gallery" heading. All designated genres correlate among themselves and the media publication text that gives to the recipient exit possibility for limits of a concrete media discourse. In particular, the metaphorical senses which have been put in pawn in a photo, strengthen or create sociopolitical sounding of the economic media text.

Multimedia possibilities of the economic media text are as much as possible used in a context of creation of PR-projects. In this case probably to speak about functioning in a business media discourse of the multimedia information-analytical media text in which equal value have the journalistic text, a photo, infografika, a video illustration.

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