Conclusions under Chapter 1

During understanding consideration as base category of process smysloobrazovanija in the art text definitions of investigated concepts have been specified and conclusions are drawn:

1. The art text deals with the meaning experience which subject is the sense.

Texts are necessary for research smysloobrazovatelnogo paradox potential with the made active parametre of artistry which are capable to stimulate a reflexion.

2. Art texts differ with degree of the depth and study of images and senses. The problem decision on understanding and text interpretation depends on character of a problem situation, that is from how personal plans of the author are expressed.

3. In the course of interpretation construction of senses of the art text Interpretation is supposed cannot be boundless, but often depends from kognitivnyh the purposes and interpreter problems.

4. High-grade interpretation of the art text is possible only in the presence of certain background knowledge and at the analysis leksikoyofrazeologicheskogo structure and receptions of the syntactic organisation of the text.

5. At interpretation use of two main principles is necessary: 1) the principle of the local interpretation assuming the account of a direct linguistic environment and the given communicative situation and 2) of principle of analogy, allowing to correlate the received information with already available knowledge and last experience.

6. Plurality of interpretations of the art text depends on parametres of the art text.

7. At development of the maintenance of the paradoxical art text for formation of the realised understanding of product ability to involve as much as possible necessary number the technician of understanding (germenevticheskih the technician) is necessary for the reader. This ability depends from reflektivnoj readiness of the recipient and the general ability of understanding of art texts. Germenevtichesky technicians are defined as a set of methods sistemomysledejatelnosti, promoting effective deducing of the subject in a reflective position and to construction of senses at development of pithiness of works of art.

8. The paradox as a linguistic phenomenon influences thinking of the person, stimulates search of "new" true and is means of designing of senses.

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A source: PIGARKINA Evgenie Anatolevna. PARADOX AS MEANS SMYSLOOBRAZOVANIJA In the ART TEXT (on a material of products of O.Uajlda). The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Tver - 2017. 2017

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