graphic heterogeneity

Except noted above ideogrammatizatsii punctuation marks, pozvoyoljajushchej in the mediated communications to inform the interlocutor about emoyotsii, connected with a published phrase, at the disposal of users nahoyoditsja historically developed complex of means of a designation prosodicheskih and other intonational nuances.

Display can be carried to them gromkoyosti voices, which is reached or a variation of the size used in soyoobshchenii (more often for whisper transfer), or use of capital letters, soyozdajushchih effect of shout. As underlines O.V.Dedova, main for loudness transfer the size (size) of a font, and contrast, which porozhyodaetsja as its variation - graphic heterogeneity [Dedova, 2002 acts not, with. 93]. In some cases graphic heterogeneity is reached by a variation viyoda fonts (for example, transition with Times New Roman on Arial), change of colour of the typed phrase or a separate word in it. The Island of Century Dedova fairly notices, that vydelennost this or that fragment of the connected text never happens neutral in relation to sense formation in limits danyonogo the text (in the same place). We will add to already specified means allocation of the important
For the sender of the information and attention attraction to it semiboldface shrifyotom, italics, underlining, a discharge, and also their various combinations.

The listed receptions participate, according to N.G.Asmus, in creation doyopolnitelnoj stylistic nagruzhennosti the text and specify on "live", jaryokuju in a choice of language means the person kommunikanta [Asmus, 2007, with. 254]. We believe, that important (if not paramount) a role here work of the author with sense (which important components are allocated graficheyoski) also plays, creation of the additional signs facilitating understanding of its text in - ternet-community.


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A source: Michurin Dmitry Sergeevich. the CASE POLYCODE TEXT In VERBALLY-GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS of INTERNET COMMUNITIES (on a material of Russian-speaking images-forums). The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Phil.Sci. Tver - 2014. 2014

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