subjects POV in a position "patriot" - "proponent" and "opponent" - "analyst"

As aksiologicheskaja category POV has the subject and object of opinion. Thus it is necessary to distinguish the subject of a discourse and subject POV. The position of the subject of a discourse and subject POV are interconnected: one correlates with another and forms positioning process.

A variety of subjects of opinion, or carriers POV, depends on discourse type. In a PR-discourse it is possible to allocate three basic groups of carriers POV which opinion can be eksplitsirovano in a discourse: (1) corporation - the subject of a discourse, (2) other organisation which includes partners and competitors, (3) analysts into which problem the objective sight at company position enters.

In a PR-discourse diskursoobrazujushchuju the role plays POV corporations which acts kreatorom a discourse. The point of view kreatora defines a referential foreshortening which limits mirovidenie the subject to "some semantic horizon (V.Tjupa) and serves as display of the main position of a discourse - positions of "patriot". For a PR-discourse the rigid regulation and selection of existing opinions and positions, therefore a PR-discourse is characteristic differs uniform unified POV which underlies diskursoobrazujushchej the strategy directed on formation of positive image of corporation. POV corporations is the basic point of view kreatora a PR-discourse, defining a referential foreshortening which allows to use only positive nominations of corporation for formation of its positive image.

In structure POV as aksiologicheskoj the category can allocate the subject and object. Subject POV is any manufacturer of speech action, eksplitsirujushchy this or that point of view in a discourse. As object POV any object of the validity which receives an estimation of the subject - carrier POV can act. Carriers of others POV are partners
And competitors. Them ekplitsirovanie it is caused by order of a discourse which imposes bans for the right of this or that subject to use speech [Foucault 1996].

Let's consider in detail semantic mechanisms of display POV in each position: "patriot", "proponent" and "opponent", "analyst".

Position "patriot" - the main position of a PR-discourse which implitsitno or eksplitsitno expresses kreator a discourse. It is a corporation position (members of corporation) and corporate mass-media. Basis POV is the corporate point of view, and that corresponds corporate POV gets to a semantic field of a PR-discourse only. For it acceptance of all actions of corporation, aversion of all of that contradicts the corporate point of view is characteristic. For example, in Alexey Miller's report on Annual General meeting of shareholders PAO "Gazprom" — 2017 semantic mechanism of formation POV of a position "patriot" is use in quality propozitsionalnyh predicates konstativov: have strengthened, have created, have increased, have renewed growth, have entered, have established. Those facts which form the positive relation to the company are selected only. The text is under construction on a concrete definition of two POV - have strengthened the status of the leader and have created conditions for a new stage of growth.

In 2016 "Gazprom" has strengthened the status of the leader on key branch indicators and has created conditions for a new stage of growth:

We have increased our stocks, have renewed growth of a gas production and have extracted record volumes of oil;

In accounting year we have put into operation the major industrial objects opening prospects for development for many decades forward;

In European market "Gazprom" has established new, the highest, a lath of reliability of deliveries, having shown that in the conditions of accruing demand our company delivers gas in necessary volumes for competitive prices (the Base of the further growth Alexey Miller's Report on Annual General meeting of shareholders PAO "Gazprom" — 2017//


The Aksiologichesky status of object (A.A.Ivina's term) is created by use of adjectives in a superlative degree (the major, the highest), adjectives of a standard estimation (record, necessary),
That creates an image of the company which not only answers all norms, but also is the leader in the branch.

The position "patriot" can be presented several carriers POV. We will interview as an example which gives Andrey Kruglov, the vice-president of Board, the chief of Financial and economic department of Open Society "Gazprom", to the journalist of corporate magazine SergejuPravosudovu [Kruglov: 2014]. In the given interview two subjects of speech: interviewee and the journalist who take of one position "patriot". Thus the position of the journalist is not expressed eksplitsitno, it only is meant in connection with its accessory to corporate magazine. The correspondent uses basically open questions with words as? And what?, which assume the developed answers:

Andrey Vjacheslavovich, with what financial results Group "Gazprom" plans to finish 2014?

How you estimate a current condition and prospects of debt loading of Group "Gazprom"?

What influence the Antirussian sanctions on a financial condition of Group "Gazprom" can render?

What sum of a type of tax will be paid by "Gazprom" in 2014 and 2015?

What plans in the field of use of design financing?

What plans on cooperation with the Chinese banks?

What prospects of stock quotes of "Gazprom"?

Whether "Gazprom" will enter the Asian share markets?

What plans on reduction of costs of Group "Gazprom"?

Profitability of "Gazprom" will grow or decrease?

Questions does not contain any POV, they are neutral, and actualisation of a position "patriot" occurs in the answer interjuiruemogo.

A.Kruglov: 2013 became record for "Gazprom" on a number of key financial indicators, such as a gain and EBITDA. Thanks to strong financial results throughout last three years "Gazprom" entered into a three of the largest world companies on the size of net profit.

In A.Kruglov's answer on the basis of a standard and rationalistic estimation (record, key, strong, the largest) is formed POV on
Gazprom activity in 2013: 2013 became successful year for Gazprom.

"proponent" and "opponent" the organisations acting in relation to corporation as the partner or the competitor can occupy a position. And the position at carriers POV can alternate depending on vnediskursivnogo relations to corporation: it is possible to state approval or disapproval to a considered state of affairs, to qualify its realisation as physically impossible, to assert, that it takes place, etc. [Hintikka 1980, 38].

In one text can be presented two positions: proponenta and the opponent. For example, in journalistic interview POV of the correspondent and the interviewee can differ. For example, interview from 03.08.2015 Jury Vitrenko, the director for development of business Naftogaza, the correspondent of the edition "Mirror of week" of A.Eremenko:

A.Eremenko: In what such "compromise" and who, on what conditions has agreed on it - election as shareholders as the head "Ukrnafty" the British consists? Obviously even for detached onlookers, that to it the fate of the predecessor, too not the Ukrainian, - is prepared at such mutual relations of shareholders. Thus our fellow citizens participated in competition on it "an armchair under a high voltage" - and with a corresponding educational level and experience also, but... Open competition as a result has been shown actually to the formal compromise of the basic shareholders - "Naftogaza" and Igor Kolomojskogo. In your opinion, whether it is possible to resolve a situation? In what way?

J.Vitrenko: I cannot agree, that to Mark Rollinzu the role of its predecessor is prepared. Thus I do not have bases to disagree with the decision of the competitive commission at "Naftogaze" which recognised as its as one of two best candidates and consequently recommended it for consideration on nominatsionnom committee at KMU; also I do not have bases to disagree with the decision nominatsionnogo committee at KMU where it have chosen (http://www.naftogaz.com/www/3/nakwebru.nsf/).

In the given interview by carriers POV correspondent and representative Naftogaza who have the different points of view on object - appointment to the post of head Naftogaza Mark Rollinza are. Use by the correspondent of a word the compromise so-called, the formal compromise, the British, "an armchair under a high voltage" testifies about it
The ironical relation to Mark Rollinza's appointment to a post of head Naftogaza. The director for development of business of Naftogaza J. Vitrenko differently estimates the given event, the basis of its estimation is the corporate position concerning a this appointment: Mark Rollinz - one of two best candidates. Thus, the different bases of an estimation in which basis the different points of view lay, create a certain pressure, give interview dynamics, opposition.

The third position, position of an analyst, assumes the neutral relation to corporation, and POV, formed on the basis of this position, should be the most objective.

We believe, that "Gazprom" can become the main things benefitsiarom to history with the OPEC-Russia transaction. Extraction reduction in any way does not mention gas while growth of the price for oil will positively affect incomes of "Gazprom" contracts in Europe. Moreover, the government with new force has started to demand from the company to pay half of profit on MSFO as dividends. Throughout last years the gas monopoly successfully beat off from attacks of the Ministry of Finance, however, if this time the company loses fight investors can receive record-breaking high dividends following the results of 2016 - with profitableness of 12-13 % (https://www.aton.ru/about/news/energetika_i_neftyanka_investitsionnye_idei_predvybornogo_goda/? sphrase_id=10791)

As an analyst experts of the foreign organisations, therefore the subject in a role of an analyst act occupies independent position in relation to corporation that is shown in a subjective modality of the statement and use modusov doubts, disagreement with a position of the subject of a discourse. For example, Ilkin Karimli (Credit Suisse):

But I doubt, that in second half of this year this volume of a free monetary stream will remain because of predicted growth kapzatrat and decrease in an operational monetary stream against decrease in deliveries of gas both in Europe, and in the Russian market, and also the terminations of deliveries of gas to Ukraine (http://www.gazprom.ru/press/comments/2014-10-15/)

eksplitsiruja the given position in a PR-discourse, kreator always leaves the comments, noticing thereby, that it POV there can be other: Opinions,
Expressed in materials of the given section, can not coincide with official position PAO "Gazprom".


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A source: SELEZNEVA LARISA VASILEVNA. PARAMETRIC MODEL OF PR-DISCOURSE: PRAGMATICS, SEMANTICS, AXIOLOGY. DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of philological sciences. Tver - 2018. 2018

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