The appendix 1.

Rating of the largest companies of Russia-2014 on volume

Production realisations

1 "Gazprom"

2 Oil company "LUKOIL"

3 Oil company "Rosneft"


5 Savings Bank of Russia

6 AFK "System"

7 "Surgutneftegaz"

8 «the Russian networks»

9 Group VTB

10 AK "Transneft"

11Группа «Inter the Russian Open Society»

12 "Magnet"

13 X5 Retail Group

14 "Evraz"

15 "Tatneft"

16 "Severstal"

17 GMK «Norilsk nickel»

18 OPK "Oboronprom"

19 "Vympelcom"

20 Novolipetsky metallurgical combine (NLMK)

21 "Rostelecom"

22 "RusGidro"

23 Incorporated company "Русал"

24 "NovaTEK"

25 Group of companies "Megaphones"

26 «Aeroflot — the Russian airlines»

27 "Mechel"

28 KES Xолдинг

29 "Sibur"

30 "Ashan"

The appendix 2.

The research base is represented by following sources PAO «G azprom»


1. Magazines (all numbers for 2014):

1. «G azovaja the industry» - the monthly scientific and technical and industrial magazine, since 1999 the founder of magazine is "Gazprom",

2. A media whale 2014 «the Gas industry».

3. "Gazprom" - corporate magazine "Gazprom".

4. «Time factor» - magazine of the inter-regional trade-union organisation of Open Society "Gazprom".

2. Press conferences for 2014 including the shorthand report, a video series, presentations:

Total press conference with participation of the Chairman of Council direktorovoao "Gazprom" and the Chairman of Board of Open Society "Gazprom" on June, 27th, 2014; press conference on a theme «the Financial and economic policy of Open Society" Gazprom "on June, 26th, 2014; press conference on a theme« Gazprom »in the east of Russia, an exit on the markets of the countries ATR» on June, 18th, 2014; the Press - conference of the Minister of power of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak and Alexey Miller of 16.06.14; press conference on a theme «Export and increase of reliability of deliveries of gas to Europe» on June, 3rd, 2014; press conference on a theme «Deliveries of gas to home market. Realisation of the program of gasification of the Russian regions» on May, 20th, 2014; Press conference on a theme Gazprom "Strategy" »in electric power industry» on May, 15th, 2014; the Press - conference on a theme «mineralno-raw-material base Development. A gas production. Development GTS» on May, 13th, 2014.

3. Documents on Open Society "Gazprom" activity:

3.1. Standard base: the Code of a corporate governance (behaviour) of Open Society "Gazprom" from June, 28th, 2002; Position about Open Society "Gazprom" Board of directors; Position about Open Society "Gazprom" Board; Position about the Chairman of Board of Open Society "Gazprom"; Position about disclosing of the information of Open Society "Gazprom"; the Order of registration of offers and requirements of the shareholders connected with convocation of General meeting of shareholders of Open Society "Gazprom"; the Order of acquaintance of shareholders with the information on Open Society "Gazprom"; Position about the control over observance of requirements of the legislation in counteraction sphere to wrongful use of the insider information and a manipulation the market in Open Society "Gazprom"; the Code of corporate ethics; Position about Committee of Board of directors of Open Society "Gazprom" on audit;; Position about Open Society "Gazprom" Revision committee in a new wording; Dividendnaja a policy of Open joint-stock company "Gazprom"; the Order of payment of dividends of Open Society "Gazprom"; Open Society "Gazprom" Charter; Position about system of the internal control of Open Society "Gazprom"; Position about General meeting of shareholders of Open Society «Gazprom.

3.2. The information (materials) given to shareholders by preparation for carrying out of annual general meeting of shareholders of Open Society "Gazprom" in 2014, include: 1. The Report of information about carrying out of annual General meeting of shareholders of Open Society "Gazprom". 2. Open Society "Gazprom" Annual report for 2013 and the annual accounting reporting of Open Society "Gazprom" for 2013, including the conclusion of the auditor.

3. The conclusion of the Revision committee of Open Society "Gazprom" about reliability of the data containing in the Annual report of the Society for 2013 and the annual accounting reporting of Open Society "Gazprom" for 2013. 4. A conclusion estimation
The auditor of Open Society "Gazprom" Committee of Board of directors of Open Society "Gazprom" on audit. 5. Recommendations of Board of directors of Open Society "Gazprom" about profit distribution, including to the size of dividends under actions of the Society by results of a fiscal year, and by date on which the persons having the right to reception of dividends are defined. 6. Data on a nominee of the auditor of Open Society "Gazprom". 7. Offers on a rate of commission to members of Board of directors of Open Society "Gazprom". 8. Offers on a rate of commission to members of the Revision committee of Open Society "Gazprom". 9. The project of changes in Open Society "Gazprom" Charter. 10. The project of changes in Position about Open Society "Gazprom" Board of directors. 11. The information on Open Society "Gazprom" guarantee before company South Stream Transport B.V. Under Open Company obligations «Gazprom export». 12. The information on transactions in which fulfilment there is an interest which Open Societies "Gazproms" in the future in the course of realisation of usual economic activities can be made. 13. Data on candidates for Open Society "Gazprom" Board of directors, including about presence of their consent to election. 14. Data on candidates for Open Society "Gazprom" Revision committee, including about presence of their consent to election. 15. Open Society "Gazprom" annual report on preservation of the environment. 16. Projects of decisions of annual General meeting of shareholders of Open Society "Gazprom". 17. The information on joint-stock agreements.

3.3. Other documents: Messages on the existing fact for December 2014, the Report of general meeting of shareholders from 27июня 2014 the Ecological report 2013 in, the Politician of Open Society "Gazprom" in the field of a labour safety and industrial safety from July, 23rd, 2014

4. Picture stories: Expanding borders of "the Blue corridor» (26.11.14), We - for «Green Russia» (15.10.2014), Our flag at top of Europe (13.10.2014), Readiness №1 (16.09.2014), On the highest point (27.08.2014), Summer at Olympic heights (19.08.2014), 72 hours (18.07.2014), Millions new lives (4.07.2014), Belarus - territory of the world (1.07.2014), Olympic lines - change skis for wheels (9.06.2014), Spring on Bovanenkovo (7.04.2014), Energy - our work (5.03.2014), we Support ours (5.02.2014), «Sakhalin - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok» - is tested by elements (21.01.2014)

5. Bekgraundery:

5.1. "About" Gazprom ”», «“ Gazprom "today", «company History», «Annals 2014», the Inquiry to press conference «DEVELOPMENT MINERALNOYOSYREVOJ of BASE. The GAS PRODUCTION. DEVELOPMENT GTS» (on May, 13th, 2014), the Inquiry to press conference GAZPROM "STRATEGY" »In ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY» (on May, 15th, 2014), 10 largest power objects constructed by "Gazprom", 10 largest sports objects opened in 2013 within the limits of the program «Gazprom - to children»,

5.2. Manufacture: «gas and oil Stocks», «the Gas production and oil», "Zakupkigaza", "Transportation", «gas and oil Processing», "Power", "Gasification", «Gazomotornoe fuel»,

5.3. Projects: Algeria, Achimovsky deposits, Bovanenkovsky, Bolivia,

Venezuela, Vietnam, Polar, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kamchatka, the Continental shelf of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Prirazlomnoeneftjanoe, "Sakhalin-3", Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Chajandinsky, the Shtokmanovsky project, South Russian, gas pipelines: "Altai",

Bovanenkovo — Ukhta and Ukhta — Torzhok, «the Blue stream», Grjazovets-Vyborg, Dzhubga — Lazarevsky — Sochi, Dzuarikau — TShinval, KasimovskoePHG — KS "Voskresensk", Minsk — Vilnius — Kaunas — Kaliningrad, Murmansk — Volkhov, Repairings — Grjazovets, Sakhalin — Khabarovsk-Vladivostok, «Northern stream» (Nord Stream), «Force of Siberia», SrednjajaAzija — the Center, SRTO — Torzhok, «the Southern corridor», «the Southern stream», Yamal — Europe, Yamal — Europe-2: a megaproject "Yamal", East gas program, SPG-PROJECTS: "Vladivostok-SPG", Baltic SPG

Regazifikatsionnyj terminal SPG in the Kaliningrad area

5.4. Marketing: Marketing strategy to Russia, Marketing strategy in the CIS and Baltics, Marketing strategy in Europe, Marketing strategy in America and ATR.

5.5. Strategy: Investigation and a gas production and oil, Transportation

And gas storage, gas and oil Processing, gas Realization, Electric power industry, Innovative activity, the Regional policy

5.6. Preservation of the environment: the Biodiversity and ekosistemy, Energosberezhenie, ecologically pure fuel, Recycling PNG, the Ecological policy, Concepts and programs energosberezhenija, the Information of ecological services, the Kiotsky report, mezhdunarodnajadejatelnost.

5.7. Career: Personnel selection. The general principles, company Collective

"Gazprom" — its basic value, Formation. The main thing — professionalism, Competition of young experts, the Labour safety, Professional standards, the Course of works on working out of professional standards, Educational institutions: the Russian state university of oil and gas it. And. M.Gubkin, Tomsk polytechnical university, Uhtinsky state technical university, Tjumenskijgosudarstvennyj oil and gas university, Ufa gosudarstvennyjneftjanoj technical university, Novourengojsky technical school gazovojpromyshlennosti, the Kazan national research

Technological university, MGTU of D.C. Bauman, the Moscow State University of M.V.Lomonosova, the economy Higher school, National mineralnoyosyrevoj university "Mountain", St.-Petersburg gosudarstvennyjekonomichesky university, the Volgograd college of gas and oil.

6. Press releases:

6.1. IR-releases: the New gas pipeline to Turkey (02.12.2014), Sergey Prozorov is selected by a member of Board of Open Society "Gazprom" (02.12.2014), "Gazprom" — the best Russian power company in climatic rating CDP (03.12.2014), System of ecological management of "Gazprom" successfully 338

Has passed international resertifikatsiju (03.12.2014), "Gazprom" and "JUnikredit" have signed the agreement on 390 million euro (05.12.2014), "Gazprom" realised the first project on building of complex SPG within the limits of the program of gasification (09.12.2014), 17 mlrd roubles —

Economic benefit of introduction of results of the works, awarded awards in the field of a science and technicians (11.12.2014), the Control system of a labour safety and industrial safety «G azproma» has successfully passed the international certification (11.12.2014), "Gazprom" actively develops gas branch in the east of Russia (12.12.2014), gas contracts on delivery to Belarus and transit on its territory in 2015-2017 Are signed

(12.12.2014), Michael Lesin has asked to dismiss Board of directors "Gazprom-media" its Chairman of Board of media holding

(19.12.2014), Dmitry Chernyshenko's Nominee is brought in Board of directors "Gazprom-media" on a post of the Chairman of Board of holding

(19.12.2014), "Gazprom" and the Government of St.-Petersburg have signed the Contract on cooperation in 2015 (19.12.2014), Alexey Miller: «Yamal — the future of the Russian gas branch» (22.12.2014), "Gazprom" and JANAO develop cooperation (22.12.2014), Rates of growth of debts of the Russian consumers have decreased, but the problem of non-payments remains actual (23.12.2014), Board of directors "Gazprom" has confirmed the Investment program, the budget and the program of reduction of expenses on 2015 (23.12.2014), "Gazprom" raises reliability of power supply of Moscow (24.12.2014), Dmitry Chernyshenko is appointed to the post the Chairman of Board of Open Society «Gazproms-media Holding» (25.12.2014), "Gazprom" gets 50 % of actions South Stream Transport B.V. (29.12.2014), Reconstruction KS "Bubnovsky" raises reliability of "the Southern corridor»


6.2. Releases for December: "Gazprom" and CNPC have held session of Joint co-ordinating committee (2.12.2014), "Gazprom" develops the General scheme of gas supply of Kirghizia (2.12.2014), "Gazprom" continues to raise reliability of gas supply of Tatarstan (4.12.2014), In Berlin XXXI session of Presidium of the European business congress (5.12.2014), "Gazprom" has taken place and Comita have discussed prospects of development of interaction (5.12.2014), "Gazprom" and Siemens was discussed by pressing questions of partnership (5.12.2014), "Gazprom" and E.ON have discussed questions of bilaterial cooperation (5.12.2014), "Gazprom" and Serbia have underlined strategic character of partnership (11.12.2014), "Gazprom" and "LUKOIL" have discussed processing of passing gas on Sosnogorsky GPZ (11.12.2014), "Gazprom" plans to construct in the Rostov area 16 mezhposelkovyh gas pipelines (12.12.2014), Companion "Yamal-401" is put into orbit

(15.12.2014), "Gazprom" and Eesti Gaas was discussed by questions of bilateral cooperation (18.12.2014), Rates of growth of debts rossijskihpotrebitelej have decreased, but the problem of non-payments remains actual (on December, 23rd), «G azprom» and leading Russian manufacturers of pipes have signed programs of scientific and technical cooperation (25.12.2014), Alexey
Miller: «Importozameshchenie — a priority for„ Gazprom “» (25.12.2014), Alexey Miller: «St.-Petersburg becomes the large international centre of trade in natural gas» (26.12.2014), Reconstruction KS "Bubnovsky" raises reliability of "the Southern corridor» (29.12.2014), the Russian-Chinese power partnership grows

(29.12.2014), the Congratulation happy New Year and Christmas (29.12.2014), "Gazprom" has provided deliveries of gas to the south of Kirghizia (30.12.2014).

6.3. Reports of information: the Report of information

About carrying out of annual General meeting of shareholders of Open Society "Gazprom", the Reference to shareholders

7. Biographies:

7.1. Members of Board of directors: Victor Zubkov, Alexey Miller, AndrejAkimov, Farit Gazizullin, Timur Kulibaev, Vitaly Markelov, ViktorMartynov, Vladimir Mau, Valery Musin, Andrey Sapelin, Michael Sereda.

7.2. Members of board: Elena Vasileva, Valery Golubev, Alexander

Goats, Andrey Kruglov, Vitaly Markelov, Alexander Medvedev, SergejHomjakov, Oleg Aksjutin, Nikolay Dubik, Dmitry Ljugaj, Vladimir Markov, Elena Mihajlova, Sergey Prozorov, Cyril Seleznev, Igor Fedorov, Vsevolod Tcherepanov.

7.3. Heads of departments: Alexander Bespalov, Peter Volkov, Yaroslav Golko, Elena Karpel, Elena Kasjan, Vladimir Markov, JUrijNosov, Karen Oganjan, Paul Oderov, Boris Posjagin, Michael Sirotkin, Andrey Skrepnjuk, Nikolay Stoljar, Alexander Filatov, Leonid Chugunov.

7.4. Judges of the Arbitration court: Bakshinskas Vitautas, Balajan Leonid, BaranovDmitry, Bardin Marina, Barmin Sergey, Bezbah Vitaly, Bolshova Alla, Vilkova Nina, Vildanova Marina, Vinogradova Elena, Gubin Evgenie, Davidov Alexander, Devjatkin Konstantin, Deniss Sergey, DobrjanskajaNatalja, Dubik Nikolay, Egorov Irina, Zimenkova Olga, Zykin Ivan, Ivanov Alexander, Ivanov Efim, Kabatova Elena, Kamyshev Michael, Karelin Svetlana, Kolmozev Jury, Komarova Irina, Kostin Alexey, Kropachev Nikolay, Larin Ilja, Lahno Peter, Lisitsyn-Svetlanov Andrey, Mihajlov Nikolay, Molchanov Valery, Musin Valery, Nosyreva Elena, Perminov Oleg, Popondopulo Vladimir, Rasskazova Natalia, RylskajaNatalja, Savransky Michael, Sgibneva Olga, Sokolsky Oleg, SuhanovEvgeny, Thaw Julias, Fakeeva Olga, Fomina Olga, Chubarov Vadim, CHujchenkoKonstantin, Shatihina Natalia, Shevelev Natalia, Sherstobitov Andrey, Shestakov Marina.

7.5. A personnel: N.K.Bajbakov (1911 - 2008), R.I.Vyahirev (1934 - 1913), the obituary «R.I.Vyahirev's Memory», V.A.Dinkov (1924 - 2001), A.K.Kortunov (1907 - 1973), S.A.Orudzhev (1912 - 1981), M.V.Sidorenko (1914-1987), V.V. Strizhov (1930 - 1992), B.G.Feodor (1958 - 2008), V.G.Tchernomyrdin (1938 - 2010).

8. Interview:

8.1. Interview of the first persons of corporation: Alexey Miller's Interview to television channel «Russia 24» (on April, 5th 2014), Alexander Medvedev's Interview to newspaper Handelsblatt (Germany) (on April, 7th 2014), Alexey Miller's Interview to television channel «Russia 24» (on May, 17th 2014), Alexey Miller's Interview to television channel «Russia 24» (on May, 27th 2014), Alexey Miller's Interview to television channel «Russia 24» (on May, 31st 2014), East vector. The state approach. Interview of the head of department of coordination of east projects of Open Society "Gazprom" of Victor Timoshilova (on September, 25th 2014) (the corporate newspaper "Gazprom" ł10 2014), Steady corporation. Andrey Kruglov's interview (on December, 26th 2014), Alexey Miller's Interview to television channel «Russia 24» (on December, 7th 2014).

8.2. Interview of directors: Sergey Mazanov: «It is necessary to work tolkovmeste...» («Gas Urengoja», December 2014), Konstantin Stepovoj. Gas

Under the exclusive recipe ("Expert-ural", October 2014), KonstantinStepovoj. Social projects gazovikov Noyabrsk («the Cosy sky», October 2014), Konstantin Stepovoj: "to Develop and create" («the Russian Reporter», October 2014), Michael Lihachyov: «the Course is corrected. Strategijaprezhnjaja» (corporate magazine "Gazprom", September 2014), AnatolijSorokin: «Accent to sea of Okhotsk» (corporate magazine "Gazprom", April 2014), George Fokin: «Safe gas» («the Expert the Northwest», April 2014).

8.3. Other interviews: «the Southern stream» is necessary To us. Interview Extreme

And the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Republic Bulgaria in Russia Smartly Kotseva (on June, 16th 2014) (the corporate newspaper "Gazprom" ł6 2014), Oksana Kovbasjuk:

«In work of the bookkeeper I like all» (August 2014) (the corporate newspaper «to Conduct Gazpromtransa» № 8), Alexander Slepenko: «the Way dlinoju in 40 years» (October 2014) (the corporate newspaper "Flame" № 15), Stephanie Lok: «the Breakfast on"Molikpake", a dinner on the MOON, a tea cup on OBTK» (November 2014) (the corporate newspaper «Sakhalin Enerdzhi» № 11), Alexander Dulov: «All main thing — ahead» (September 2014) (the corporate newspaper «Siberian gazovik» № 34), Sergey Pavlov: «the Main dispatcher„ Gazprom ^ »(July 2014) (« gas Transport »№ 13), Natalia Borovitskaja:« Strong character »(July 2014) (the corporate newspaper« Pulse JAmburga »№ 26), Sergey Andronov:"Anniversary"(June 2014) (the corporate newspaper« Energy of the Northwest »№ 6), Natalia Bystrova:« the Past should flow beautifully in the future »(June 2014) (the corporate newspaper« Energy of the Northwest »№ 6), Sergey Varga:« You remember, how all began... » (June 2014) (the corporate newspaper «Pulse JAmburga» № 21), Valery Peters: «the Point needs to be put without blots!» (May 2014) (the corporate newspaper «Pulse JAmburga» № 49).

8.3. Video interview of veterans: Butenko N.J., Gorelik Z.H., Guljaev G. S, Kashirov S.S., Kozhevatova V.V., Queens A.D., Kurchenkov V. G, Mihajlova Z.N., Selihov B.V.

9. The brochure «Gazprom in questions and answers» and site section «Gazprom in questions and answers» (http://www.gazpromquestions.ru/foreign-markets/)

10. Presentations for investors for 2014 год:Отчетность on MSFO for shestmesjatsev, ended on June, 30th, 2014, the Reporting on MSFO for trimesjatsa, ended on March, 31st, 2014, Financially-ekonomicheskajapolitika Open Society "Gazprom", "Gazprom" in the east of Russia, an exit on rynkistran ATR, Export and increase of reliability of deliveries of gas to Europe, Deliveries of gas to home market. Program realisation gazifikatsiirossijskih regions, "Gazprom" Strategy in electric power industry, the Razvitiemineralno-raw-material base. A gas production. Development GTS, the Reporting on MSFOza the year which has ended on December, 31st, 2013, Day of the investor, Otchetnostpo MSFO for nine months, ended on September, 30th, 2013.

The appendix 3.


1. About the company. The public joint-stock company «Federal network company of the Uniform power system» (PAO «FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY») is created according to the program of reforming of electric power industry of the Russian Federation as the organisation on management of the Uniform national (all-Russian) electric network (ENES) for the purpose of its preservation and development.

The governmental order of the Russian Federation from 11.07.2001 № 526 «About

Reforming of electric power industry of the Russian Federation »the Uniform power system of Russia is recognised« by national property and a guarantee of power safety »the states. Its basic part« is the uniform national power network including system of the main transmission lines, regions of the country uniting the majority and representing one of elements of a guarantee of integrity of the state ». For it« preservations and strengthenings, maintenance of unity of technological management and state policy realisation in electric power industry »creation FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY has been provided. In the governmental order of the Russian Federation from 21.12.2001 № 881 criteria of reference to ENES the main transmission lines and objects of an electronetwork economy have been confirmed.

Ustavnyj capital PAO «FSK the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY» makes 633 570 508 roubles of 00 copecks and is divided into 1 274 665 323 063 pieces of ordinary actions by a face-value of 50 copecks everyone.

In Open Society "Россети" property are 80,13%размещенных actions PAO «FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY», in the property minoritarnyh shareholders - 19,28 % of actions of the Federal network company, Rosimushchestvo - 0,59 %.

(http://www.fsk-ees.ru/about / (date of the reference 11.07.2015))

Bekgraunder companies Royal-event

About us: you would like a magnificent and unique holiday? You on a true way! Company Royal-event will incur all cares of carrying out of any celebration, and you should not worry about one, even most 342

Small detail.

Our company was formed in 2007, and since then every day we grow and we develop. Each new client helps us to expand borders of our possibilities and abilities, and each next order is a new test and new game for all members of our command. We work only with professionals. If confectioners — that at what most tasty pies in a city if photographers — that for what pictures to us by all means tell thanks if musicians — that the present stars.

We can really invite to your celebration of stars of any size — and then your holiday will turn to the present Event — such which still for a long time your friends and acquaintances then will recollect. And if your passion — not music, and, for example, cinema, we organise for you game in the present filmings, and to shoot an own film to you the best professionals will help with this area.

But it is final, Royal-event is not only cinema and music. We organise weddings in any country of the world and in the most different traditions. We incur all — from a bouquet of the bride to a wedding orchestra, from registration of air tickets for your visitors to design of guest cards by which the wedding table will be decorated. We know, that you are people occupied, therefore we do so that you have spent a minimum of time and efforts for preparation of action, and never we disturb you on trifles. We attentively listen to your wishes and with pleasure we execute your whims and in case you meanwhile not so well imagine that you would like, with pleasure we give advice — that-that, and weddings and other holidays are our fad, and in this business we know literally all!

We organise both private, and corporate actions, and each holiday arranged with us, is unique and unique. You can think up for the anniversary, korporativa, departure on team-building or children's birthday any theme, and we will help you to carry out the brightest dreams. If the accurate plan at you is not present — do not worry, we will make him!

And at last the small request: in our company professionals of the most different areas — from artists to experts in marketing work. Therefore we would like to ask all who will want to offer us the services in site advancement, not to distract us from favourite business: our site perfectly moves ahead itself — simply because in it professionals too are engaged.

We wait for you at office which is to the address: Moscow, street Tver d. 24/2

Call by phones +8(495) 545-16-91, +8(916) 620-00-26, +8 (916) 919-59­09 or write to us on corporate mail: info@r-event.ruКоллектив companies "Royal-event".

(http://r-event.ru/o-nas (date of the reference 29.06.2015)).

The appendix 4.

On February, 11th 2013, 21:30

The obituary

The board of Open joint-stock company "Gazprom" with a deep regret informs, that on February, 11th, 2013 on 79 year of a life suddenly skonchalsjarem Ivanovich Vyahirev. Working career Rem Ivanovich of the beginnings in 1956 after the termination of Kuibyshev industrial institute in association "Kujbyshevneft" Minnefteproma the USSR where worked as the operator, the assistant to the master, the master on an oil recovery, the chief of a site, since 1963 — the director of under construction installations on the Kuleshovsky deposit, since 1965 — the director of petrostabilization factory, since 1969 — the deputy chief of oil and gas extraction management "Bogatovskneft".

In January, 1970 it is directed to All-Union industrial association "Orenburggazprom" and from now on R.I.Vyahirev's all subsequent labour activity is connected exclusively with the gas industry.

In 1983 it is appointed by the deputy minister of the gas industry of the USSR, since 1985 simultaneously — the chief of All-Union industrial association "Tjumengazprom".

Since 1986 — the first deputy minister of the gas industry. With formation in 1989 of State gas concern "Gazprom" — the vice-president of Board. After transformation of concern to 1993 to joint-stock company it is selected the chairman of Board of directors — the Chairman of Board of Russian Open Society "Gazprom". Simultaneously in March of the same year becomes a member of Board of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russia. In 1996 it is selected by the vice-president of Board of directors and for five years' term — the Chairman of Board of the Russian Open Society «G azprom» (since 1998 — Open Society "Gazprom").

From January, 2001 till December, 2002 — the chairman of Board of directors of Open Society "Gazprom".

The head of the international scale, the talented organizer, the high quality expert, the visible scientist who has brought the huge all-round contribution to formation and development gas and a petroleum industry of Russia, and also variety of foreign countries.

Rem Ivanovich — the doctor economic sciences, the professor, the author of 20 inventions, more than 50 proceedings. The winner of the State Award of the USSR and the State award of the Russian Federation in the field of a science and technics.

On all sites he worked with full return of forces, with feeling of high personal responsibility for the charged business. It was distinguished by a high professional knowledge, deep internal culture in a combination to the benevolent and sensitive relation to people.

Labour activity Rema Ivanovicha has been noted by the state

And departmental awards.

The Society board presents deep condolences to the family of the dead.

We grieve over loss, storing kind, light memory. (http://www.gazprom.ru/press/news/2013/february/article155960/(date

References 15.08.2015))

The appendix 5.

Press conference on a theme «mineralno-raw-material base Development. A gas production. Development GTS»

On May, 13th, 2014

The LEADER: Hello, colleagues. We begin a series of meetings of a management of "Gazprom" with journalists and representatives of the investitsionno-financial companies. You know, these meetings at us traditional and are spent before meeting of shareholders. As usually, the first press conference is devoted work of the industrial block. We will talk today about mineralnoyosyrevoj base, extraction and development of gas-transport system.

In press conference participate:

— The vice-president of Board Vitaly Anatolevich Markelov;

— A member of Board, the chief of Department on transportation, underground storage and use of gas Oleg Evgenevich Aksjutin;

— A member of Board, the chief of Department of perspective development Dmitry Vladimirovich


— The first deputy chief of Department of investments and building Sergey Frolovich Prozorov;

— The deputy chief of Department on a gas production, a gas condensate, oil Sergey Kasnulovich Ahmedsafin.

We are ready to answer your questions at once.

QUESTION: Dmitry Sokurenko, agency «Russia today». Vitaly Anatolevich, I has looked presentation, here on last pages indicators of work PHG are specified. But in the light of last events very much it would be desirable to learn, what volume of gas in PHG should be reserved Ukraine to provide uninterrupted transit? What is the time it is required to gas-transport system to create this stock? That is, whether there is such «a non-return point», having passed which Ukraine cannot create a necessary stock any more? Thanks.

V.A.MARKELOV: Thanks for a question. We deliver gas to the Western Europe through Ukraine. It passes through gas-transport system of Ukraine, including underground storehouses of gas. We look and we observe of underground storage. For today zakachano an order 9 mlrd cubic m of gas, according to our Ukrainian colleagues. We estimate requirement for normal passage of the osenne-winter period by Ukraine, I once again underline — Ukraine, an order 18,5 mlrd cubic m of gas. And that consumers of Ukraine could 345

To feel confident enough, they need to pass zakachku still an order 9 mlrd cubic m of gas.

I once again wish to tell: we deliver to Ukraine gas according to the contract, and this gas is intended for internal consumption by Ukraine. D. SOKURENKO: Any gas maintenance of transit is necessary in PHG or...? V.A.MARKELOV: It for internal consumption.

QUESTION: Maria Tatevosova, ITAR-TASS agency. And what should be volumes of technological gas in PHG Ukraine, time now they say, what at them an order 9 mlrd cubic m?

V.A.MARKELOV: Total amount — 18,5 mlrd cubic m of gas. We so estimate.

M. TATEVOSOVA: It taking into account technological gas?


M. TATEVOSOVA: How many it should make: 10 %, 5 %? What point minimum?

V.A.MARKELOV: We estimate total amount. And level of technological gas is already feature which, I think, depends on colds, from throughput. Therefore to tell that you speak — about active or passive volume of gas — here it is difficult. The total amount zakachki is important.

QUESTION: Dyne Hrennikova, agency Platts. On the seventh page of presentation the plan of extraction for 2014 is specified — 496,4 mlrd cubic m. This figure already appeared earlier. It would be desirable to learn: under the pessimistic scenario if any sanctions are entered or because of friction with Ukraine the transit volume to Europe, what minimum volume of extraction for a year you will decrease predict?

B. A.MARKELOV: At us the voted budget on the basis of figure on extraction — 496 mlrd cubic m of gas, and we the forecasts did not change. While the bases for this purpose at us are not present. We see volumes of consumption of gas for today and accordingly we arrange under this volume extraction. We of the bases for revision of the forecast of extraction do not see.

QUESTION: Olga Dedjaeva, agency "Interfax". Me interests, whether the oil recovery on the Chajandinsky deposit how it is provided by licence conditions will begin this year? Whether there is a general understanding on structure of stocks on the South Kirinsky deposit? Whether oil is isolated from gas? And you plan to drill what quantity of chinks within the limits of prospecting works?

C. To. AHMEDSAFIN: we will begin with the Chajandinsky deposit. Plans do not vary: the first estimated chink will be drilled, and oil selection will begin.

As to South Kirinsky: this year stocks have been presented to the state commission. The gain on category С1 has made 115,2 mlrd cubic m of the gas, a taken condensate — 15,9 million tons and an order of 3,1 million tons of taken oil. In a total sum stocks of categories С1+С2 on South Kirinsky make for today 636,6 mlrd cubic m of gas, 97,3 million tons of a condensate (taken) and, accordingly, 6 million tons of oil (taken).

On South Kirinsky plans the following: in 2014-2016 we are going to drill five more prospecting chinks. For today the model is that, that verhnedaginskie adjournment, the top layer — gazokondensatnyj, the bottom layer — kondensatnyj with oil otorochkoj. Stocks on Southern - Kirinsky it is planned to protect definitively in 2017 in absolute conformity with the licence agreement.

D.HRENNIKOVA: And gas — in 2019?

V.A.MARKELOV: We plan to begin a gas production on the South Kirinsky deposit in 2019. You know, that we in initial plans had 2018. But because by results of prospecting works there were respective alterations, we needed time to reconsider the design document on working out.

QUESTION: Anastas Goreva, agency Argus Media. At me a specifying question on CHajande. Whether correctly I understand, what this year there will be only a test chink? And when the industrial oil recovery is planned on CHajande? And how many you plan to extract oil on CHajande and how long? Whether will build the separate pipeline to VSTO or to any deposit be connected?

And on the maximum daily gas production. For 2014-2015 what at you the gain plan on a daily maximum gas production? What is planned a daily maximum gas production on Bovanenkovo? And whether there will be revised plans on development of the Bovanenkovsky deposit if it is necessary to accelerate development of the Chajandinsky deposit?

V.A.MARKELOV: As to the Chajandinsky deposit — it at us is built in the scheme with a gas pipeline «Force of Siberia», therefore we consider it in a complex. The plan of measures on deposit working out is prepared. All depends on signing of the corresponding contract that we could begin work.

On volume of daily extraction: we did not change the plans, and we plan daily extraction in volume 1,680-1,690 mlrd cubic m of gas.

A. GOREVA: And maximum daily on Bovanenkovo?

B. A.MARKELOV: We do not consider the maximum. We consider volume which at us in balance costs. This year at us in balance of 218 million cubic m of gas a day on Bovanenkovo.

A. GOREVA: Tell, please, the industrial oil recovery on CHajande will begin together with gas, it turns out?

B. A.MARKELOV: deposit Working out — it complex.

A. GOREVA: That is it is 2019, accordingly, yes?

B. A.MARKELOV: We still to you cannot tell.

A. GOREVA: And whether it is necessary to change investment plans on development of deposits of Western Siberia, including Bovanenkovo if it is necessary uskorenno to develop the Eastern Siberia?

B. A.MARKELOV: At us branch very capital-intensive. Uskorenno, in general, it is very difficult to build such big infrastructural objects, therefore we work in a planned order, proceeding from the possibilities and
The confirmed balances on extraction and gas realisation. You know our projects on the East: this South Kirinsky deposit which is resource base for gasification of the Far East and for factory "Vladivostok-SPG", and is a gas pipeline «Force of Siberia». Here our two large projects which we should make on the East.

As to Western Siberia: we consider the whole complex of questions on their development. Nadym-PUR-basin — we perfectly understand, that it is gas province of our country developed enough for today. And the questions connected with reconstruction, dorazvedkoj and completion of our objects, is for today is a priority. And plans on increase in volumes of a gas production — the Bovanenkovsky deposit here is considered. Here all projects which we for today have. I think, as you perfectly know about them.

QUESTION: Tatyana Jakovleva-Ustinova, Oil&Gas Journal Russia. It is possible to tell more in detail about the spent prospecting works (GRR) on the Sakhalin shelf where and on what sites were spent? And plans for this year? You have told, what in 2014-2016 five prospecting chinks — on the Kirinsky block so I understand, yes there will be drilled? How many it is planned this year?

S.K. AHMEDSAFIN: this year two chinks if we speak about the South Kirinsky deposit are planned. On Adoptinsky and Ajashsky sites too are planned GRR, while geophysics. In what volumes — an order of 10 thousand sq. km of seismic prospecting 3D. This year if I am not mistaken, 5 thousand sq. km.

T. JAKOVLEVA-USTINOVA: There burilis chinks this year?

S.K. AHMEDSAFIN: On Ajashsky and Adoptinsky sites yet burilis.

The LEADER: Thanks big, press conference is finished. (https://www.gazpromvideo.ru/fileadmin/press/2014/1305/development-resources-stenogram-2014-05-13-ru.pdf)

The appendix 6.

Press conference on a theme «Export and increase of reliability of deliveries of gas to Europe»

On June, 9th, 2015

The LEADER: Colleagues, good afternoon! We continue our traditional meetings before meeting of shareholders of "Gazprom". Today it will be a question of export and about increase of reliability of deliveries of gas to Europe.

In press conference participate:

— The vice-president of Board Alexander Ivanovich Medvedev (supervises

The external economic block);

— The chief of Department Paul Valerevich Oderov (external economic


— The general director of Open Company «Gazprom export» Elena Viktorovna Burmistrova.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Good morning, dear ladies and gentlemen! Something at us numbers have thinned. Probably, already questions became less. Or all already on a summer residence. The LEADER: Through the Internet many look.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Certainly, mobile office. As I understand, at you on hands our presentation which this time has some features. I wish to pay attention to them. First, you, probably, for the first time see the figures of an export gain expressed not only in a foreign currency, but also in the Russian roubles. It is made not casually. Our financial reporting is conducted in the Russian currency. And, as you well should know, the lion's share of expenses at us — rouble, therefore to estimate results of foreign trade activities and company activity as a whole it is expedient through a prism rouble, especially during the period when we had certain course changes of currencies, every which way, by the way. I will not do presentation completely, I will simply pay attention to some things taking into account the second factor, that at us data for 10 years are presented. You wonder, when you hear an estimation of tragical reduction of the Russian export to this or that country or in this or that region. Comparisons thus undertake short term. Therefore I ask to pay attention to long tendencies. Because our business has long-term character. Though, of course, the sum of a gain road to an Easter day, as easter jaichko. Speaking about 2014 which politicians were very uneasy from the point of view and economy, and, of course, group "Gazprom" realised (I underline a word "realisation" because the word "realisation" includes also export "gazpromovskogo" gas the company «Gazprom export», and realisation in which our branches are engaged) 159,4 mlrd cubic m, almost 160 billion Thus volume of export of Group through «Gazprom export» in the European countries and Turkey has made 146,6 mlrd cubic m. That is from the point of view of volumes, despite heavy year, at us results rather and rather decent. Thus Group deliveries in the countries of the former Soviet Union in 2014 have made more than 48 billion

And if we speak about the prices, besides I wish them to express in roubles the average price of export to the far abroad has made last year 11 299 rbl. for 1000 cubic m against

9680 rbl. last year. And so in the near abroad the average price of export on this group of the countries has made 8678 rbl. Volumes were reduced, first of all, in connection with sharp decrease in volumes of purchase of gas by Ukraine, it is clear for what reasons.

On a gain. If we look at dynamics of a rouble gain, after the first

Epicritic 2009 at us the volume of a rouble gain from export stably increased. And in general is at record level. In 2014 the gain volume has made more than 1,8 trln rbl. Thus volume of a gain of gas at
Realisations in the countries of the former Soviet Union after peak 2011 has decreased to level 417 mlrd rbl.

It is besides connected with Ukraine.

Certainly, one of parametres which excites all, is a share in the market. Because fluctuations of this share too cause at once questions: and why the share has increased or has decreased? And so our share has increased and makes 30 %, almost third. About consumption we speak it. And if to speak about import it makes almost two thirds.

Speaking about the dollar prices which too you for certain interest, taking into account dynamics of the prices for oil — good it is quickly forgotten, bad it is long remembered. I wish to remind you as I have come in 2002 in «Gazprom export» to work, with what prices I and my colleagues had to work in the market. By the way, these figures can be found. How you think, the price of barrel of oil in 2002 how many made? 25 US dollars. It has started to grow more or less seriously only in 2005 when it has reached 54 US dollars and then went-went-went. And in 2008, record year from all points of view, the average price has made 97,7 US dollars. Then we remember falling to 61,9 US dollars in 2009. Then again the next jump: in 2012 it has reached record level — 121,4 US dollars. And last year, despite all falling, it has made 98,9 US dollars. You remember, what price at us today? Hardly more than 60 dollars

The USA for barrel.

I in what result these figures? "Gazprom" worked at different levels of the price for oil. Many our investment projects began, realised in the low prices for oil and, accordingly, on gas. Therefore fluctuations of the prices do not frighten us. Mymozhem it is effective, is competitive to work at practically any price levels naneft. If ist oricheski, it is not necessary to forget, that the dollar of 2002 differs from dollar 2015 or 2016.

On a dollar gain. Rouble I have shown to you, how it moved. Taking into account that our expenses — rouble, these indicators are key for the economic analysis. But, from the point of view of a currency gain, we had record 2008 — 65,2 mlrd US dollar of a gain from export «export Gazprom», then was

Two years of falling (in 2009 and 2010) to level 41-42 mlrd, and in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Years we do not fall more low 50 mlrd US dollar. A year before last taking into account the high

The prices too there was a high gain — 61,8 mlrd US dollar. And last year we more than

On 50 mlrd dollars proeksportirovali — 50,6 mlrd US dollar. That is, on - the former

Export both with rouble, and from the currency point of view brings very important contribution to dynamics

Our gain taking into account the prices in home market also creates a basis for our investment program.

I will not repeat that you can see about ours stranovuju breakdown. As

Volumes between the countries are distributed, you see. But, I wish to pay attention to the key fundamental fact, on which Alexey Borisovich Miller has paid attention in Belgrad. Not everything, can, have heard. That occurs to gas in Europe. Here

To one actress who in "Cinderella" acted in film, very successful, have told: «And you want

The monster to play? »She speaks:« What? "-" Gazprom-monster ». Here she thinks, to play

To it of the monster "Gazprom" or not all the same? Speaks: «it is not enough material to play the monster». And so attempts to present gas, at all "Gazprom", and gas of any origin as monster leads to that demand for gas does not grow as could

To be in «the gas Golden Age». But, nevertheless, the objective fact, from which anywhere

You will leave, — the advancing accelerated extraction of natural gas in Europe falls, including on the largest deposit "Groningen" in Holland. On a number of factors, in that

Number of the earthquakes connected with risk which have already occurred and can occur, this extraction will be reduced. And, as consequence, "Gazprom" already now plays a role of the company which compensates falling extraction in Europe. Taking into account this tendency even if to be the pessimist that demand for gas will not grow in general or even it will be reduced (and we saw demand reduction in Europe on gas which is measured

Already in tens mlrd cubic m a year), and so, even in the most pessimistic scenario

To Europe already in 2025, and if not in 2025 in 2030 it is required in addition import

Minimum 80 mlrd cubic m, and this gas not zakontraktovan. Under it is not present transport

Capacities, terminals on gas reception even if to be «the Washington dreamer»

And to think, that the USA will export 50 and more mlrd cubic m a year. Herbert Wells, on -

To mine, has written «the Kremlin dreamer», such product [the name of the head from the book

G.Wells «Russia in a haze» — red.]. And so, if to be «the Washington dreamer» and

To consider, that 50 mlrd will be proeksportirovano and a part from this — SPG — in a case

Competitiveness will come to Europe. Let's estimate, even if there will be a quarter

Or third, that, all the same, nearby 50 mlrd cubic m — deficiency of import under which is not present

Transport, the contract. Europe will face it already 2025 or 2030. About it

To think it is necessary now.

Therefore we recognise that judiciousness in Europe will prevail, and we will be

To speak not only about distribution of the gas delivered under the project «Turkish stream».

Europeans will think of it, and then to us to talk, as this gas will be distributed. Will soon come it is time to speak about additional volume. Russia has enough

Stocks to provide not only operating contracts, but also additional contracts. We, of course, impose the gas to nobody. We have now alternative directions of deliveries are the countries JugoYoVostochnoj of Asia — and in trumpet

Gas, and in the long term — SPG. By the way, I wish to warn at once, that the East will be a theme

Separate press conference, therefore you the questions about the East, about China, about

Japan, about other countries reserve before this press conference.

And today at us a theme — Europe. Therefore I hope, that we will not see «a gas decline» Europe, "decline" of Europe the economic. It will depend in many respects on how there will be a power policy of Europe. We optimists also consider, that at us ahead very good prospect of work with our European partners. We feel it from our business partners which, despite all political complexities, come to us with the new ideas interesting by projects, including on the new markets, including gazomotornoe fuel. We with Elena Viktorovnoj (Burmistrova) were in Paris, run which have struck not only on «to sloppiness and impassability», but also on cheap politics and sanctions there came to an end. Representatives of the French public with pride have told, that 80 % musorosborochnyh lorries in Paris (and there it is a lot of them, tens if not hundreds already) work on gas. Therefore it is created 352

The new

The market gazomotornogo fuel and bunkerovki which in Europe can reach very quickly already level — if to be the optimist — 50 mlrd cubic m. I is assured, that Russia,

"Gazprom", will occupy an essential share in this new market. If to consider third is 17-20 mlrd cubic m of the new market. And now we are ready to answer your questions.

QUESTION: Elena Mazneva, agency Bloomberg. What your forecast on export for 2015, on volumes and under the average price? Whether correctly we understand, what the bottom of the Central European price is the third quarter, and in the fourth there can be an increase? To

What level?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: On export we go with an advancing of the schedule of "Gazprom". Beginning already from the second quarter, every month at us above and above the schedule. Even, if to be cautious in the estimations, that, I think, that the export volume will make 153-155 mlrd cubic metre in the far abroad. As to the price it goes there-here, there-here. It was slightly more low, now it became slightly above. From today's forecasts — in a range of 240-245 dollars. There will pass still a para-three of months, it will be possible to predict precisely. I think, not below 240 dollars.

E. MAZNEVA: the Question on «the Turkish stream». "Gazprom" has told recently, that in May

Will begin packing of the first line. How much "Gazprom" risks taking into account that till now

There is no agreement with Turkey? When the agreement with Turkey is planned? How much all

It is tightened taking into account recent elections in Turkey? When agreements will be signed

At the price with Botas and with private importers? Because it was much said, that there are arrangements, but agreements and are not present. Thanks.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: I Will begin with risks. No risk on the first thread of "the Turkish stream» is present and cannot be. Because the first thread is devoted gas deliveries to Turkey. I once again wish to pay attention of all writing audience, that after the termination of the transit contract with Ukraine prolongations, the conclusions of the new transit contract will not be. Under no circumstances. Thereupon «the Turkish stream» will be the most simple way of maintenance of Turkey in new conditions. We with Elena Viktorovnoj (Burmistrova) more recently met in Turkey the head of a Department of Energy, and no doubts at Turkish colleagues are present. We also met representatives of a parliamentary society who are responsible for all legislative questions, including for delivery of permissions to prospecting works. Anybody at all does not call it into question. You understand, logic of pre-election process in each country the though is much in common. That party Erdogana has not got the driver's licence individually to generate the government, is a new situation for the first time for 12 years.
Nevertheless, the party has the right to form a coalition. If it does not generate it for 45 days, a new election will be held.

Therefore we begin packing, we have a mobilisation process, building

Will begin. These pipes will be filled by the gas, no doubt is present. For all corresponding actions — signings of intergovernmental agreements, registrations of contracts — at us are time with Botas till the end of June. All is co-ordinated. All commercial conditions both with Botas, and with private buyers are co-ordinated. With private buyers all is signed and operates.

E. MAZNEVA: When signed agreements?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: With the private? Has already forgotten, when signed, already blackened all have dried up.

QUESTION: Denis Pinchuk, agency Reuters. With Botas when signed?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: All conditions are co-ordinated during last our visit. It is necessary to put only signatures, that we will solemnly make. Perhaps in the presence of the new Minister of power or the minister new the Prime minister-. It is impossible to deprive of new heads of pleasure to begin the activity from the good contract.

E. MAZNEVA: you have not answered a question.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: I have answered a question. Signing is planned till the end of June.

JU. BADGERS: you have agreed with Botas about it?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: That is settled.

JU. BADGERS: the Second question to Elena Viktorovne, in development of questions of colleagues about change of system of pricing under long-term contracts. How «Gazprom export» looks at a question of flexibility which now is under your long-term contracts with an oil binding? If to look, that they do Statoil, this flexibility

Reduce under contracts with an oil binding and give flexibility only on habovym

To the prices. That is they enter absolute take-or-pay there, generally contracts.

Whether "Gazprom" thinks to go on any same way or on the contrary, «G azprom» sees

Flexibility as the concrete advantage.

E. Century BURMISTROVA: Well, when you mean take-or-pay under short-term contracts, here a little bit concepts, in my opinion, are substituted. Because actually Statoil realises the volumes under the prices spotovyh platforms. It is short-term, instead of long-term transactions. We have absolutely different systems of flexibility. Flexibility is a key concept which existed in the gas industry

At export of gaz which, certainly, costs money. Those buyers who wish to have

The guaranteed volumes during any peak periods, naturally, pay for
This flexibility. For today «Gazprom export» considers the most different variants

Depending on the countries. If it is countries of Western Europe where exist developed spotovye sales, of course, there there can be various updatings. There, where it is a question

About any our nearest neighbours, frequently they are not ready to discuss such change of flexibility because in this case it works mutually.

JU. BADGERS: Yes, thanks. Sutevoj a question to Alexander Ivanovichu on «Turkish

To stream "." Gazprom »yet does not conduct, but is going to carry on negotiations with the European buyers for carrying over of point of delivery on new point on border of Turkey with Greece.

Why from the point of view of "Gazprom" this point of delivery is better, than carrying over of point of delivery on border of Russia and Ukraine?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Because is closer to the market. The delivered gas on border of Greece is closer to the market, than the gas delivered to border with Ukraine. Compasses take and count (to Baumgartena, at least).

E. Century BURMISTROVA: "Gazprom" always was the responsible supplier. As a rule, we would like to bear completely obligations on those deliveries, which we

Have taken up. The situation with gas-transport system of Ukraine for today, from the point of view of our technical experts, can cause the various

Doubtful, we will tell so, guarantees of these deliveries in the future. Because on an extent

Last 20 years we did not see essential investments into this infrastructure. Therefore

If we speak first of all about reliability of deliveries, that, certainly, as Alexander

Ivanovich has fairly noticed, we understand, that the border of Greece for us is closer. From a point

Sight of the market first of all.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Moreover, colleagues, I will not hide: the analysis is spent. That the Ukrainian system could function even in a current mode, it is necessary the next three years proinvestirovat 12 mlrd US dollar. Who will give this money? Who? And where they undertake? It to support transit at present level.

QUESTION: agencies "Interfaxes". "Gazprom" has created a reserve under

The guarantee under the credit for Ostchem if I correctly name. You could not explain, why you have created this reserve, whether you expect what it is necessary to answer under this credit? And still questions. The transaction on share sale in Gasum till now has not taken place. Whether you have decided not to conclude this bargain, and if is not present why it has not taken place till now? Also why the transaction on share sale in VNG is tightened?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: I all the same thought, that you are a positivist, and you — negativistka. It is necessary

To speak: «Why so quickly there is a closing of the transaction with company VNG? It goes on

To the schedule. The same in all other transactions. As to Gasum there have simply arisen

Certain questions with owners of the company from the Finnish party which to settle yet it was not possible.

And as to Ostchem the company «Gazprom export» operates according to

Rules of the financial account which operate in the Russian Federation. Under this transaction which has been connected with zakachkoj gas in PHG, Ukraine had a situation, when

The credit is not extinguished. And as to prospects, we hope, that time will come during lifetime

Present generation of the Ukrainian people when it is all it will be settled. Because

Upon gas zakachan was in PHG Ukraine and has rescued reputation of Ukraine in the previous

Winter. Therefore we know, that at all personal and other problems... With this gas

All is clear, that has occurred, by whom it has been consumed, for what purpose it has been consumed,

Therefore. Though there were cases when gas vanished from PHG Ukraine. I wish to remind, when 8 mlrd gas cubic metre, zakachannyh "Gazprom", have completely disappeared.

QUESTION: Michael Serov, "Sheets". I wished to continue a theme of "the Turkish stream».

You on the one hand say, that here «G azprom» — the responsible, reliable supplier. On the other hand you say, that the decision to refuse the Ukrainian transit already firmly is accepted, but negotiations about carrying over of a point of delivery are not conducted, and a route further, since Greece, is not clear. Accordingly, as a result there can be a situation, that the pipe will reach border with Greece and further will not proceed anywhere, and contracts should be executed. And in this case, if, accordingly, there will be no interested persons these pipes to build further, and how you have told, "Gazprom" will not be engaged in it, and gas as a result will not reach consumers whose it will be responsibility? Whether it will mean, what "Gazprom" breaks the contract?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: there will be no such situation.

M. SEROV: And why you so are assured?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: there will be no such situation. At us as early as 4 years remains before. For this time all will be solved.

M. SEROV: you are firmly assured of it?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: I am assured. If only the absurdity theatre is not developed.

M. SEROV: It is developed, therefore.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: No, it is not developed while.

M. SEROV: And whether there is no sense, maybe, to co-ordinate somehow negotiations about point carrying over

Delivery and only after that to make the decision on refusal of the Ukrainian transit?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: I repeat once again: in view of economic, commercial, technological, investment and political risks of transit through Ukraine, the Ukrainian transit it will not be used more. Even if the sun will exchange places with the moon.

QUESTION: Platts, Hope Rodova. At me actually the colleague has broken a question from language,

But nevertheless I would like to specify still if it is possible, you have told, that arrangements

On the first branch of "the Turkish stream» practically are completely reached, it is possible all the same

To ask to specify, what cost of the first branch? And if, maybe, there any

Changes the volumes, what volumes assume last arrangements? Thanks.

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Definitive exact cost will be defined after

Branch to Turkey will be worked. Because we now have a cost of a sea site to Bulgaria, it has been declared and time and again — 13,2 mlrd euro. If to consider, that threads equally stand, it is possible to divide on 4 and to learn the rough

Cost, proceeding from the precondition that costs to Bulgaria and will be comparable on

Turkey. If you estimated cost, it such interests. And definitive will be

After the termination of design works it is made.

N. RODOVA: 14 mlrd euro?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Why 14, I have told 13,2. To approximate it is necessary to 13, instead of to

14. You in

In school as studied, well?

N. RODOVA: Approximately 3 with something cost of the first, so?

A.I.MEDVEDEV: Well, roughly (https://www.gazpromvideo.ru/fileadmin/press/2015/0906/transcript-press-conference-2015-06-09-ru.pdf)

The appendix 7.

The reference of the General director-chairman of Board of Open Society "ГМК" Norilsk nickel »V.O.Potanin

Dear colleagues!

Open Society "ГМК" Norilsk nickel »carries out the activity according to

The corporate governance world standards, and this approach sees to us absolutely necessary for the Company which aspires to take in the lead positions in mountain-metallurgical branch of the world.

We completely realise that human resources are the basic value of the Company. In Open Society "ГМК" Norilsk nickel »thousand persons work, all of us - members of a uniform command of professionals, and the success of our business depends on the contribution of each worker, from that, how much equally we divide the moral, moral and ethical values accepted in our corporate culture.

The world round us continuously varies, and consequently it is the extremely important for each of us to have firm foundations, principles, norms which will help us to understand the purposes, problems and to keep the chosen vector of movement in our daily actions and decisions. For this purpose also the Code of business ethics has been developed. It urged to give accurate rules as we should arrive in our labour activity. The code of business ethics is logical addition to Ethical code of Open Society "ГМК" already operating since 2003 Norilsk nickel », defining moral and ethical standards by which should be guided workers of the Company at execution of official duties.

The code of business ethics is the arch of clear and accurate moral and ethical reference points for all without an exception of workers of the Company - from workers before top management. It not the declaration is a directory and the guide to action.

Our enterprises are located on three continents in five countries of the world, and this circumstance has found the reflexion by working out of the Code of business ethics. Our approach - respect and attention for local traditions at unconditional observance of universal moral standards and ethical rules. The code of business ethics urged to give the universal individual and collective standards of behaviour comprehensible in various communities worldwide.

I am assured, that following to rules of the Code of business ethics will give the chance to each of us to feel pride in the end of the working day for what we could reach together.

Potanin Vladimir Olegovich, G eneralnyj the director-chairman of Board (https://www.nornickel.ru/files/ru/corporate_documents/policies/kodeks-delovoj-ehtiki.pdf)

The appendix 8.

The code of ethics and corporate behaviour of Open Society "Megaphone" the Reference of general director Ivan Tavrina:

In the Code principles which we divide and on which are fixed
Our success in business is based. The code covers mutual relations with clients, employees, partners, the state and a society, shareholders and investors. Irrespective of a post, all of us we will be guided by the same standards and principles.

Corporate values of our company and the principles of behaviour described in the Code, form our special relation to each other and to an external world. I speak about aspiration to the highest quality of our services, honesty and a transparency in mutual relations, keenness and attentiveness to problems and claims, conscientiousness, cooperation, respect of the law and other not less important principles of our work. I believe, that thanks to it we become even closer, easier and more clear to our clients and partners.

We understand, that that the principles put in pawn in the Code became a part of our life, time is required. We will explain these principles and to embody them during a life, including through carrying out of training actions. I ask all to give without an exception to it the close attention. In case of presence of questions or the information on infringements you can address to the direct or higher head, including to me personally. It is assured, that our efforts in this important direction will allow to make our company of even more successful! (http://corp.megafon.ru/download / ~ Moscow time / ~ moscow/CORP/about/Delovaya_etika/kodeks_etiki_ i _korporativnogo_ povedeniya_1_.pdf)

The appendix 9.

Financial results of "Gazprom" in the second quarter were close to the expected

On October, 15th 2014 (http://www.gazprom.ru/press/comments/2014-10-15/)

Ilkin Karimli, Credit Suisse

We were positively surprised with a free monetary stream «G azproma» in the second quarter which has appeared at level of $2,1 mlrd, that is for the first half of the year the free monetary stream has made almost $10,5 billion

But I doubt, that in second half of this year this volume of a free monetary stream will remain because of predicted growth kapzatrat and decrease in an operational monetary stream against decrease in deliveries of gas both in Europe, and in the Russian market, and also the terminations of deliveries of gas to Ukraine. All these factors allow to think, that in the second half of the year the free monetary stream will appear more low, than in the first half of the year.

If to speak as a whole financial results «G azproma» in the second quarter were close to that we expected. The difference was only that the reserve under a debt of Ukraine has appeared above, than we expected. But this difference has been levelled by higher profit on course differences in comparison with our forecasts.

Ivan Hromushin, G azprombank

In "Gazprom" reporting for 2 quarter we have seen as a whole expected decrease in financial results under the influence of seasonal prevalence, growth of some operational expenses and reserve creation under debts of Ukraine. EBITDA it has appeared more low both our expectations, and the consensus-forecast of analysts. At the same time the net profit as a whole has coincided with our forecasts and a consensus.

On this background that to "Gazprom" was possible to keep a positive free monetary stream in the accounting period is positive and to provide presence of a serious pillow of money resources on the balance, made about $27 billion

Participants of the market already actively look at results of the second half of the year. The third quarter can appear more difficult because of time decrease in sales of gas in the markets of Europe and the CIS, and also because of strong nedenezhnogo from revaluation of a currency debt. Improvement of indicators should begin in the fourth quarter — with growth of sales of gas, the possible beginning of repayment of debts "Naftogaza" and restoration before the added reserve under depreciation debitorskoj debts of the Ukrainian company against "Gazprom" in case of agreement achievement between the parties.

Ekaterina Rodina, VTB the Capital

The positive monetary stream which has been generated thanks to decrease «G azpromom» capital investments became the positive factor in the second quarter. However we carry that inflation of some costs has appeared above our expectations to the negative tendency.

We hope, that in second half of year «G azprom» will restore a reserve on "bad" debts that positive impact on dividends will make.

The opinions expressed in materials of given section, can not coincide with official position PAO "Gazprom"

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A source: SELEZNEVA LARISA VASILEVNA. PARAMETRIC MODEL OF PR-DISCOURSE: PRAGMATICS, SEMANTICS, AXIOLOGY. DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of philological sciences. Tver - 2018. 2018

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