The present research is executed in a channel diskursivnogo the analysis, teoyorii communications and theories of speech genres.

Object of research is the speech genre of a business discourse «the Design demand».

As an object of research have acted persua - zivnye the communicative strategy realised within the limits of the given genre.

The work urgency is caused by following factors: 1) vozrasyotajushchim interest of linguists to research of a phenomenon of a discourse primeniyotelno to business sphere that is caused by the outlined tendency to orientation of the national business organisations on the international standards at osushchestyovlenii not only oral, but also, that is more actual, pismennorechevoj kommuyonikatsii as all communicative processes in professional dejayotelnosti even more often proceed in conditions distantsirovanija kommunikantov; 2) an insufficient level of scrutiny of a speech genre «the Design demand» (Project proposal), received a wide circulation in international business - space, namely strategy and tactics of the belief realised within the limits of the given genre and providing efficiency of business dialogue.

The following hypothesis is put in a basis of the performed work: the speech genre «the Design demand» is one of key genres business disyokursa; its basic strategy diskursivnoj realisations are persua - zivnye strategy; tactics persuazivnyh strategy of the Design demand aktualiyozirujutsja a certain set of language means.

The purpose of the present work consists in revealing and the description kommuniyokativnyh strategy of belief and language means of their realisation in frameworks reyochevogo a genre of a business discourse «the Design demand».

Object in view achievement assumes the decision of the following zayodach:

1) to specify characteristics of a business discourse;

2) to consider system of speech genres of a business discourse;

3) to specify structural and stylistic features of a speech genre «the Design demand»;

4) to reveal and describe base communicative strategy of belief and tactics used for their realisation in a speech genre «Design demand», to develop their classification;

5) to reveal a set of the language means staticizing tactics ubezhdeyonija within the limits of a speech genre «the Design demand».

The theoretical basis of research was made by the scientific concepts developed within the limits of following scientific directions: discourse theories (N.D.Arutyunov, T.A. van Dejk, V.Z.Demjankov, V.I.Karasik, A.A.Kibrik, M.L.Makarov, A.V.Oljanich, V.E.Chernjavskaja, E.I.Shejgal, etc.), a business discourse (T.V.Anisimov, J.V.Danjushina, Z.I.Gurjev, E.N.Maljuga, S.V.Mkrtychjan, T.B.Nazarov, L.P.Tarnaeva, D.S.Hramchenko, V.D.Shevchenko, T.A.Shiryaev, etc.); theories of speech genres (M.M.Bakhtin, A.Vezhbitskaja, Century E.

Goldin, V.V. Dementyev, K.A.Dolinin, M.N.Kozhin, K.F.Sedov, M.J.FeYodosjuk, T.V.Shmelev, etc.); communications theories (So-called Astafurova, I.N.BoYorisova, O.S.Issers, O.N.Parshin, E.V.ponomarenko, G.G.Pocheptsov, I.A.Sternin, S.A.dr, etc.).

In work following methods of research were used: the conceptual analysis, the interpretive analysis, the quantitative analysis, interrogation of informants.

As research material have served English-and Russian-speaking texts of Design demands (Project proposal), Substantiations of investments, Commercial and Business offers, Business plans, Tehniko-offers, ZaYOdanijna work performance (Statement of work), Inquiries about offer representation (Request for proposal), Inquiries of qualifications (Request for qualifications), Inquiries about giving of application forms for participation (Call for applications), PiYosem-odobreny the Design demand (Project proposal acceptance letter), Letters - of refusals (Project proposal rejection letter), and also answers of informants, namely technical officers of the companies of Open Society "Стройтрансгаз" and Joint-Stock Company "Оргрегионпроект".

Total amount of the analysed material - 1676 pages.

Scientific novelty of research consists in specification of structural and stylistic features of a speech genre «the Design demand», in vyjavleyonii, classification and the description of base communicative strategy ubezhdeyonija, used in a speech genre «the Design demand», in revealing jazykoyovyh the means staticizing tactics allocated persuazivnyh of strategy.

The personal contribution of the competitor also consists in concept specification «proyoektnaja the demand», namely: in the description of all versions of Design demands of commercial and noncommercial spheres, in working out of their typology and the detailed scheme of process of their drawing up - givings - reception - coordination with the description of the documents accompanying each of these stages; in the analysis of thematic filling, the purposes and stylistic features of various Russian-speaking business documents (the Tehniko-offer, the Business offer, the Business plan, the Substantiation of investments, the Offer) on predyomet revealings of Russian-speaking analogue of the English-speaking term «Project proposal»; in a substantiation of transfer of the term «Project proposal» / «Design zayojavka».

The theoretical importance of research consists that it brings the certain contribution to development of the theory of a discourse, theories speech zhanyorov and communications theories, specifying characteristics of a business discourse, recheyovogo a genre «the Design demand», and also opening the maintenance kommunikativyonyh belief strategy with reference to Design demands.

The practical importance of research consists that its results can be used in courses professional kommunikayotsii, theories of communications, a general linguistics, stylistics, lingvopragmati - ki, in special courses under the theory of a discourse, the theory of speech genres, and also in praktiyocheskoj to work of employees of the Russian business organisations, that considerably will raise level of their competitiveness in the conditions of international a clod - 4

munikatsii. Of the presented practical and theoretical material the separate physical persons can take advantage, wishing to prepare proektyonuju the demand for granting of the English-speaking organisation.

On protection following positions are taken out.

1. Convincing (or persuazivnoe) influence within the limits of a speech genre «the Design demand» is understood as one of kinds of speech influence for which are characteristic an one-orientation of speech behaviour, namerenyonost, splanirovannost, a relative openness of its realisation, osozyonannost by both kommunikantami, synthesis of rational and emotional arguing, and also possibility of judgement of the maintenance of the convincing statement and independent decision-making by object of influence.

2. Convincing influence within the limits of a speech genre «Design zayojavka» includes three basic elements: induktor (the author of the Design demand having convincing influence), the recipient (the person considering the Design demand and testing convincing influence) and the message (the Design demand).

3. Convincing influence within the limits of a speech genre «Design zayojavka» is realised by means of use of the communicative strategy in aggregate focused on achievement of a main objective induktora, namely: to affect change of the relation of the recipient to a problem on which decision the offered project is directed, and to induce it to approval and podyoderzhke the project. Communicative strategy verbalizujutsja with the help komyomunikativnyh tactics meaning use of speech actions, nayopravlennyh on realisation of separate intentions induktora.

4. Criteria of classification persuazivnyh communicative strayotegy and tactics are: degree globalnosti intentions according to which the revealed strategy share on the general and private, neposredstvenyonoe realisation of belief or it kosvennost according to which the revealed strategy share on the basic and minor, funktsioyonalnaja differentiation of separate intentions induktora according to which tactics within the limits of private communicative strategy are allocated.

5. Persuazivnymi communicative strategy business diskuryosa, characteristic for a speech genre «the Design demand», are: the general kontaktoformirujushchaja strategy (private strategy of an establishment, podderzhayonija, the contact terminations), self-presentation strategy, the general informatsionyonaja strategy (private strategy of statement of a theme of discussion, the offer of the decision of a problem), the general strategy of an intensification persuazivnogo vozdejyostvija (private strategy of formation of an emotional spirit and argument - tivnaja).

6. Actualisation of tactics typical for a speech genre «Design zayojavka», is carried out by means of a certain set of the language means expressing gratitude, respect, laconicism of the statement, repeated reproduction of a material, summation, requirement in something, sobiyoratelnoe value, absence something and-or necessity for something, nayo
lichie experience and achievements, a point of issue, problems, a way of performance something, process of granting of money resources, volume of spent money resources, change process, help process, the request, iterativyonost, expected result, the change caused by activity of the recipient, process of carrying out of research, a result anticipation, emotsionalnoyopsihologicheskoe a condition, communicative categories of locality and tempo - ralnosti.

Work approbation. Substantive provisions and results dissertatsiyoonnogo researches were discussed at postgraduate seminars and faculty meetings of English philology of the Astrakhan state university (2013-2015), stated in reports on «to the European conference on literatuyore, to philology and linguistics» (Austria, 2014), on international nauchnoyoprakticheskih conferences «the Science and the present - 2014» (Novosibirsk,

2014), «Tendencies and prospects of development of modern scientific knowledge» (Moscow, 2014), «Modern concepts of scientific researches» (Moscow,

2015), «Scientific discussion: innovations in the modern world» (Moscow, 2016).

Results of research are reflected in 14 publications in total amount 4,9 items of l., 3 from which are published in reviewed editions.

Structure and dissertation volume. The dissertation consists of the introduction, two heads, the conclusion, the bibliographic list (303 names) and prilozheyonija.

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A source: TORBIK Elena Mihajlovna. PERSUASOUS COMMUNICATIVE STRATEGIES IN BUSINESS DISCOURSE (based on English-language project proposals). ABSTRACT thesis for the degree of candidate of philological sciences. Tver - 2016. 2016


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