the Purposes and research problems.

the purposes of dissertational research are: studying of features of designing of structures of road and transport crimes and differentiation of responsibility for their fulfilment; revealing of laws of development of emergency conditions in the mechanism of fulfilment of road accident, including a role and value of casual circumstances, and also definition of their criminally-legal value; research of possibilities of increase of efficiency of operating criminally-rules of law, establishing participants of traffic operating criminally-rules of law responsibility for sovershe - 5 є road and transport crimes; working out on this basis and taking into account generalisation historical domestic and modern foreign t experience of struggle against road accident of theoretically proved offers and recommendations about perfection of the criminal legislation and practice of its application. For achievement of the named purposes following problems have been put: — To investigate historical experience of development of the Russian legislation and to reveal typical features before the operating rules of law establishing safety rules of traffic and regulating responsibility for their infringements by participants of traffic; — To specify definitions of concept available in jurisprudence before movement and to allocate its constructive signs; — To define an author's position about legal nature of safety of traffic, and also about a parity of this concept with law-enforcement activity on its maintenance; — To specify concept of emergency conditions, to concretise its limits and value in the mechanism of fulfilment of a road and transport crime, to reveal interrelation with casual external (objective) circumstances; ' 4 — to investigate the mechanism of fulfilment road and transport prestup - lenija and to specify its value for differentiation of responsibility for crimes of the given kind; — To develop scientific recommendations and to formulate offers on perfection criminally-rules of law, regulating otvetstven nost for road and transport crimes. Methodological basis of research constitutes, along with a traditional dialectic method of knowledge, a complex of the general scientific and special methods applied in jurisprudence: logic, historical, system-structural, systemic-functional, specially-legal, And also the theoretical positions developed in criminal, - criminally - 6 Remedial and administrative law, criminology, criminalistics, philosophy, sociology, social psychology and the general theory of law. * Standard base of research have constituted: the Constitution of Russia, dej - stvujushchee and earlier operating legislation of the Russian Federation and Federal Republic of Germany in the field of criminally-legal, criminal procedure, is administrative-legal and civil-law regulation of the public relations providing traffic safety and operation of mechanical vehicles. In work explanations of Plenums of the Supreme Court of the USSR and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (RSFSR) on affairs about road and transport crimes are considered.
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A source: Lyubimov, Leonid Vyacheslavovich. Traffic accidents: problems of legislative design of the compositions and differentiation of the responsibility of road users [Electronic resource]: Dis. ... Cand. legal Sciences 12.00.08. -M .: RSL (From the collections of the Russian State Library). 2005

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