the Urgency of a theme of research.

Against the general strategy of crime control struggle against the criminal encroachments made by officials of bodies state and the municipal authority, has a special urgency and the importance. The criminal statistics testifies to constant growth of quantity of malfeasances.

Only under the item of item 285-293 UK the Russian Federation in 1997 16 441 crime, in 1998 — 18 142, in 1999 — 20 444, in 2000 — 22 546, in 2001 — 23 208, in 2002 — 24 669, in 2003 — 25 570, in 2004 — 33 810, in 2005 — 37 621, in 2006 — 39 751, in 2007 — 39 078, in 2008 — 43 546, in 2009 — 46 220, in 2010 — 35 563, in the first half of the year 2011 — 16929 crimes has been made. And it not considering of some the crimes made by officials against constitutional laws of citizens, in economic sphere, against justice. Total growth of the listed offences for the specified period has constituted about 300 %. Certain decrease in quantity of crimes against the power and interests of service is noticed only in 2010-2011, that it is possible to explain reorganisation of law-enforcement system of Russia (creation of police, Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation), but hardly actual reduction of criminality among officials.
Discriminating line of criminality among officials is their corruption character that demands adequate reaction of the state and law enforcement bodies. And the official statistics far not always reflects realities of true disaster. According to criminologists, relative density of the considered corruption criminality in the country fluctuates only within 1–5 %, is actually made to 7 million such crimes which annually take cover from revealing and the account [1].
The national plan of counteraction of the corruption, approved by the President of the Russian Federation on July, 31st, 2008, the Federal act from December, 25th, 2008 № 273-FZ źAbout corruption counteraction╗, the changes made according to specified documents in acts for activity of law-enforcement and other state bodies assume to include active struggle against crimes of corruption character in number of the major problems of the state. Corruption according to the named Law is understood as abusing the official position, powers, bribe reception, other wrongful use by the person of the official position contrary to legitimate interests of a society and the state with a view of reception of benefit in the form of money, values, other property or services of property character, other property rights for itself or the third parties or illegal granting of such benefit to the specified person other physical persons. Thus, despite scope width the given concept of the various phenomena, of practical value corruption counteraction first of all means struggle against the crimes made by officials of the state and municipal authorities and establishments.
Mechanisms of fulfilment of official corruption crimes are constantly improved. Their development is promoted by objective and subjective factors as lacks containing in laws and the contradiction, abusing possibility imperious powers in all spheres of administrative activity, access of criminals to monetary and material resources of the state, their possibility negatively to influence participants of the criminal trial, presence of the "" people in law enforcement bodies, probability of concealment of traces of a crime by use of office powers etc. Thus, the various social, economic and legal reasons of official abusings allow to build in corruption relations system of activity of separate state and municipal bodies.
Means and the methods applied by law enforcement bodies in struggle against malfeasances, not always are effective, and frequently and maloperspektivny for exposure and punishment of the persons committing crimes on service which remain unpunished or not so not revealed. Today obviously not enough complex researches of legal and criminalistic means of struggle against an analyzed kind of crimes; there are no modern methodical workings out which would optimise activity of the inspector. All it demands additional scientific workings out with a view of search of new ways of struggle against malfeasances, perfection of a technique of their revealing, disclosing, investigation and the prevention.
The listed problems have predetermined a choice and an urgency of a theme of the present research.
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