concept of political and administrative civil servants and classification of posts of public service

In the international practice now there were two basic systems of public service - career and item.

The career system (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Japan) is characterised by that the person arrives on public service according to the speciality and begins the track record with the most lowest post.

Thus official growth of the person is defined by wages level, but all it is carried out on a legislative basis. On public service it is possible to sojourn practically before a pension age.

At item system (the Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, Sweden) the person is accepted on the state post without its speciality, but with the conformity requirement to the established qualifying requirements to employment of this post. The stay legal regime on public service is comparable with a mode in a private sector, i.e. there are no guarantees of long stay on public service as it takes place at career system.

The important features of system of public service abroad are the high prestige and the public service status.

Now the mixed models of public service considering features of national system of the government prefer to build the majority of the countries.

In the developed countries applying different models of public service, it is possible to find their binding link - all of them are constructed on principles meritokratii, i.e. on system of merits. According to it receipt and advancement of citizens on public service is carried out by objective criteria - to professional, business both personal qualities and abilities, an operational experience and formation without dependence from a nationality, a gender accessory, political and religious sights and other subjective factors. Main principles meritokratii consist in selection of shots from all social classes on the basis of abilities, knowledge and abilities of the candidates, the equal relation to all applicants, equal payment for equal work, a duty serving to support high quality of the work etc.

The new model of public service of Republic Kazakhstan will remain the career with elements career and item models of public service. For differentiation of process of acceptance of political decisions from process of their realisation of a post of public service are divided on political and administrative.

In new model of public service according to the Strategic plan for development of Republic Kazakhstan till 2020 it will be accurately traced beliefs - tikal: political civil servants, administrative case "And" and executive case "" of administrative public service.

The concept of the political civil servant should be specified taking into account a concrete definition of such sign, as politiko-defining character of functions carried out by it as which it is possible to understand level and degree of its participation in definition of the maintenance of the basic directions internal and state foreign policy. Definition of the political civil servant as the civil servant appointed or selected on a post is offered, dismissed in the order established by the legislation which participates in formation and (or) carrying out of a state policy and bears responsibility for realisation of political ends and state problems.

The employees forming a state policy will be included in the case of political civil servants, presiding branch (sphere) of the government, defining strategic directions of the state development in corresponding sphere, and also the employees which appointment has politiko-defining character.

The first heads of the central state bodies will be included in structure of political state posts; the bodies directly subordinated and accountable President; their assistants, akimy areas, capital and a city of republican value and their assistants, and also a number of the state posts, which list will be defined by the President of Republic Kazakhstan.

From among political posts should be excluded a chairmanship and members of the Constitutional Council of Republic Kazakhstan, considering their special, constitutional status, and also posts of the director of Archive of the President of Republic Kazakhstan, the director of the Museum of the First President of Republic Kazakhstan, the chief of Medical control centre of affairs of the President of Republic Kazakhstan, their assistants because activity of the civil servants occupying these posts, does not carry politiko-defining character.

Definition administrative serving as the civil servant which activity does not carry the political character which is carrying out official powers on a constant professional basis in the state body, displacing the state post mainly by the competition, passing public service and bearing responsibility in a special order and on the bases established by legislation RK requires specification.

In structure of administrative public service the administrative case "And" providing realisation politicians, formed by political civil servants, and interrelation between acceptance of strategic decisions and their execution will be generated.

Appointments to executive positions of administrative case "And" are supposed to be carried out from among the persons consisting in a personnel reserve of case "And" owing to what necessary amendments will be made to the legislation.

Formation of a political personnel reserve and personnel reserve of administrative case "And" of administrative public service will be assigned to the National commission on personnel selection at the President of Republic Kazakhstan on the basis of offers of the state bodies and akimov areas, capital, a city of republican value.

In new model of public service the number of political state posts will be limited, the role and degree of responsibility of the person appointed to the post responsible secretary are accurately defined; the mechanism of its appointment based on merits is developed opened, transparentnyj.

The post of the responsible secretary will be carried to administrative case "And", therefore its powers and the status will be defined within the limits of the standard legal acts regulating activity of the given case. With a view of continuity preservation in work of the state body there will be a target date to which the responsible secretaries are appointed, not dependent on term of continuance in office of the first heads of the state bodies.

Selection will be spent to administrative case "And" of administrative public service on a basis rekrutirovanija from among the civil servants of executive case "" who have proved as professionally competent and effectively working employees.

Expansion of available personnel potential and openness of system of public service will be provided at the expense of the so-called mechanism of "the social lift╗. It will allow experts who are not civil servants, but occupy supervising posts in the organisations state or a private sector to participate in competitive selection for inclusion in a personnel reserve of case "And".

Criteria for transfer in a political personnel reserve and a personnel reserve of administrative case "And" will be defined by the separate standard legal act on authorised body representation on public service affairs. Among such criteria it is necessary to consider level and a formation profile; the experience and an operational experience; an estimation of the professional competence; observance of office ethics; presence of the written recommendation of the political civil servant or administrative serving administrative case "And" with a long-term operational experience on supervising posts.

Carrying out of testing on the basis of professional and personal kompetentsy, and also professionally focused interview and examinations becomes the mechanism of competitive selection in a personnel reserve of administrative case "And" of administrative public service.

For maintenance of stability of work of administrative civil servants and interdepartmental continuity at change of the head of the state body, holding a political post, term of stay of the civil servant as case "And" should be established.

Appointment to the post and clearing of a post of serving administrative case "And" is supposed to be adjusted with the authorised body on affairs of public service on the basis of the decision of the National commission on personnel selection at the President of Republic Kazakhstan.

For maintenance of high level of professional and administrative skills carrying out of rotation of civil servants is provided. Rotation of civil servants will be spent on a system basis under following schemes: mezhurovnevaja (źthe centre - region╗, źregion - the centre╗), inter-regional (źregion - region╗), intersectoral (źthe centre - the centre╗), that will allow to provide inflow of professional shots as in central state, and local executive powers. Conditions and an order of carrying out of rotation of civil servants will be defined on authorised body representation on affairs of public service by the certificate of the President of Republic Kazakhstan.

The social security mechanism, including establishment of extra charges (regional factors) will be developed for successful carrying out mezhurovnevoj and inter-regional rotation of public service to the official rate of pay, and available housing presence in regions for the civil servants appointed as rotation is provided.

Division of administrative civil servants into the administrative case and the executive case will be carried out by official criterion (according to a post which is occupied at the moment with the civil servant).

The civil servants occupying executive posts will be included in executive case "" of the state administrative service (the posts which have been not carried to case "And"). State policy realisation (performing activity) according to installations of civil servants of administrative case "And" becomes the Primary goal of civil servants of case "".

C the account of the developed practice for posts of administrative case "And" and executive case "" of administrative public service will establish categories. Thus operating Register of posts of administrative civil servants is supposed to be optimised.


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A source: Turisbek Ajnur Zautbekkyzy. Public service in Republic Kazakhstan (a theory and practice problem). The dissertation On competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of juridical science. Moscow - 2011. 2011

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