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Appendix A

Education system structure in the Russian Federation



- źUniform tsedenapravlennyj the education and training process, being socially significant blessing and carried out in interests of the person, a family, a society and the state, and also set of got knowledge, abilities, skills, valuable installations, experience of activity and the competence of the defined volume and complexity with a view of intellectual, spiritually-moral, creative, physical and (or) professional development of the person, satisfaction of its educational requirements and interests╗

- źA kind of formation, which - źA kind of formation,
It is directed on acquisition Which is directed on
Trained in process Acquisition
Development of the cores Trained knowledge,
The professional Abilities, skills and
Educational pr ogramm knowledge, Formation
Abilities, skills and formation The competence, necessary
The competence of the defined level For performance
And the volume, allowing to lead Certain labour,
Professional work in Office functions
Defined sferei (or) (Certain kinds
To perform work on the concrete Labour, office
Trades or specialities ╗ Activity, trades) ╗

Vocational training levels



- źThe kind of formation which is directed on all-round satisfaction of educational requirements chelovekav intellectual, spiritually-moral, physical and (or) profession aln an ohm perfection and is not accompanied by educational level increase╗


- źA kind of formation which is directed on development of the person and acquisition in the course of development of the basic obshcheobrazovat elnyh programs of knowledge, abilities, skills and formation of the competence, necessary for human life in a society, the realised choice of a trade and reception profession aln ogo formations╗

General education levels

Subspecies dop olnitelvn ogo formations

Average In addition e
pr about fes sianalnoe Formation of children
Formation And adults
(The decision of problems is directed on ź (It is directed on
Intellectual, cultural źFormation and development
And professional development Creative abilities
The person also has for an object Children and adults,
Preparation of the qualified Their satisfaction
Workers or employees and The individual
Experts of an average link on Requirements in
To all basic directions Intellectual,
Socially useful nravstvennomi the physical
Activity in conformity C Perfection,
Requirements of a society and Culture formation
The states, and also Healthy and safe
Satisfaction of requirements Way of life, strengthening
Persons in deepening and Health, on organizatsijuih
Formation expansion ╗) Free vr emeni ╗)
Higher education In addition e
(Has for an object źmaintenance pr of the EC siona lno e
Preparations Formation
Highly skilled (It is directed on
Shots on all cores źud ov letv Op żni e
To directions socially Educational and
Useful activity in profession alnyh
Conformity with requirements Requirements,
Societies and the states, pr ofes si it aln oe development
Satisfaction of requirements The person, maintenance
Persons in intellectual, Its conformity
Cultural and moral Qualifications the varying
Development, deepening and To conditions of the professional
Expansion of formation, Activity and social
n auchn o-p meal go sh ch eskoj sr meal ╗)
Qualifications ╗):
- Bachelor degree,
- spetsialitet and a magistracy,
- A professional training of the higher

Fig. А.1 - Levels, kinds and formation subspecies in the Russian Federation [576]

9 In 1933 the uniform labour school has been transformed in polytechnical, at schools the workshops called in practice to acquaint pupils with the basic branches of manufacture were created.

In 1934 types of comprehensive schools have been unified, now they consisted of classes, instead of age groups: initial (1-4 classes), incomplete average (1-7 classes) and average (1-10 classes). See: About the statement of the Charter of the Soviet polytechnical school: decision CHK RSFSR from 19 sent. 1933//the SOU of RSFSR. 1933. № 50, item 210;

3 Comparing the Constitution of the Russian Federation with organic laws of other states, it is possible to notice, that only some countries fix the right to average vocational training in the constitutional certificates. Thus in constitutions of Belarus, Moldova, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan the right to average vocational training is formulated the same as and in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In the Constitution of the Arabian Republic Egypt the right to a technical education, vocational training and all its kinds follows from article 20 positions where to the state the duty is made to encourage and develop these kinds of formation according to the standard quality standards and taking into account requirements of a labour market. And only in the Constitution of Georgia the right to average vocational training is fixed by means of the formulation źhave the right on...╗. See: SZ the Russian Federation. 2014. № 31, item 4398; the Constitution of Byelorussia 1994 (red. 2004) //URL: http://www.pravo.by/pravovaya - informatsiya/normativnye-dokumenty/konstituts iy a-resp ub Iik і-b el am s/(reference date: 01.03.2017); the Constitution of Republic Moldova of 1994//URL: http://lex.justice.md/ru/311496/(reference date: 01.03.2017); the Constitution

6 Similar position occupy V.V. Nevinsky and V.A.Chetvernin. See: Nevinsky V.V. Pravovoe and the constitutional position of the person and the citizen//the Constitutional law of Russia / Otv. red. A.I.Kokotov,

7 See: Vitruk N.V.classification of the personal rights on their social appointment//the Personal rights in a socialist society. M., 1981. With. 97; Grachev T.В. The decree. soch. With. 9; Ilyin O.M.Ukaz. soch. With. 23; Kokotov A.N.constitutional law of Russia. A course of lectures. With. 82; System of protection of human rights in the Russian Federation. With. 14;

7 See: On regulation of separate relations in an education sphere in territory of the Voronezh area: the law of the Voronezh area from June, 03rd, 2013 № 84-03 (red. From 02.06.2017)//the Young Communard. 2013. On June, 08th; the Portal of the Voronezh area in a network the Internet. URL: http://www.gowm.ru (reference date: 06.06.2017); On regulation of relations in an education sphere in Novosibirsk area: the law of Novosibirsk area from July, 05th, 2013 № 361-30 (from amendment and dop.)//the Soviet Siberia. 2013. On July, 16th; On regulation of relations in an education sphere on

5 References of citizens in authorities, establishments and other organisations (including references to their officials) which carry out publicly significant functions, represent the extrajudicial form of protection of the rights

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A source: Zadorina Maria Andreevna. CONSTITUTIONAL ¤PABO ON AVERAGE VOCATIONAL TRAINING In the RUSSIAN FEDERATION: THEORY And PRACTICE QUESTIONS. Dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of the master of laws. Ekaterinburg Ś 2018. 2018

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