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S bodies silezskoj justices. In 1768 there was nriklechen the Minister of Justice of Silesia Henry Kazimirom background Karmerom (1721-1801) to carrying out of reforms in the field of justice. In 1769 was engaged in gathering silezskih provincial laws. C 1775 worked over the project new Prussian “judicial порядка4 S.
Ernest Ferdinand Klein (1744-1810), the assessor of city court in Breslau, then the lawyer, the senior adviser of justice, later - the professor of criminal law in Gashts. Long time was to relatives, by the employee Is welded, especially in the field of the criminal and marriage right.

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A source: RJABCHENKO Hope Gennadevna. PROBLEMS OF NATURAL LAW IN THE DOCTRINES OF GERMAN LAWYERS. DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of legal sciences St.-Petersburg - 2002. 2002

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