Legal proceedings

  • Khalatov, Sergey Aleksandrovich. Problems of representation in civil Legal proceedings / thesis. 2002
    Research of problems of remedial representation in civil legal proceedings is not a new theme in a science of the civil law of procedure. Many works of outstanding scientists-protsessualistov have been devoted it. Despite this, civil remedial representation from the point of view of its basic concepts, places and roles in civil procedure, parities with other legal phenomena inherent in this legal science, remains substantially źterra incognita╗ the civil law of procedure. Seeming evidence of answers to many questions of judicial representation quite often can play with the researcher a malicious joke, pushing it on the way of the least resistance consisting or in superficial commenting of the chapter of V Civil code of practice, or in the mechanical description of those actions which followed make to the representative for protection represented in court. Neither in that, nor in other case the researcher not in a condition to understand the valid sense of existence of remedial representation.