2.4. Metaphorical use of names of receptions of game on musical instruments and musical strokes

It is necessary to notice, that all found out by us in the given group of a metaphor are neleksikografirovannymi. They are not fixed by dictionaries that testifies to potential metaphorical processes in semantic structure of units of analyzed lexical group of semantic sphere "music".

Let's address to examples.

Arpedzhio is a consecutive extraction of sounds of a chord (usually from bottom to top) [BTS, 2000:47].

It is important to notice, that it is a way of execution of chords at which sounds making them are taken not at once, and gradually, one behind another. In a following text fragment such way of execution assimilates to a snore published by the person in a dream.

The inn has fallen asleep also Buffooneries with Kozlevichem deduced noses arpedzhio, and Panikovsky with a new tie on a neck wandered among a supply, breaking hands in mute melancholy

(Ilja Ilf, Evgenie Petrov. The gold calf (1931)).

The similar way of extraction of a sound is characteristic and for cable wires, and for breeze whiff.

The cuff has flushed over parallels of cable strings, and metal arpedzhio has sounded over street

(S.D.Krzhizhanovsky. A lateral branch (1927-1928)).

We leave a field equal, a transparent blue; and all the same breeze takes arpedzhio fingers maiden (B.K.Zajtsev. A solitude (1921)).

semoj in both cases the sound, obrazuemyj search of any subjects », similar to strings or keys is motivating«. Metaphorical model:

«Musical concept = physical concept»


1. Easily and quickly sliding a finger (fingers) on the keyboard or musical instrument strings. 2. Such reception of extraction of a sound at execution of a piece of music [BTS, 2000:208].

The given term too develops metaphorical value.

Were heard: at first curses glissando on eleven languages, then blow door alignments about an alignment

(S.D.Krzhizhanovsky. Materials to biography Gorgisa Katafalaki (1929)).

Motivating semoj a metaphorical transfer of meaning of this lexeme there is «an easy and fast sliding».

Having pushed a hand between thick iron rods, it somehow glissando - has slipped fingers on ambarnomu to the lock, and that has broken up and with a roar has fallen upon a floor (D.Rubina, Here goes the Messiah! (2008)).

Characterising the set example, it is important to note term preservation in its core - a Latin writing (glissando), its terminological character, singularity of the use thereby is underlined.

This time, before to pull out a new feather, it has run shivering fingers on all wing glissando and only then has chosen and has pulled out elastic, downy white ostju, not too soft and not too rigid feather (S.D.Krzhizhanovsky. A goose (1937)).

The electric train has absent-mindedly whistled and, quickly speeding up, has escaped on a wide arch of a cloth, having left on itself a sweetish warm smell and rustling glissando wires

(Sergey Bolmat. In itself (1999)).

The knife small-small shinkoval a pliable flesh, gently overturned with a side sideways, made any glissando up and down a piece, — all in beat prompt dance, there was no only a music underneath (the Ruby Dyne. White the pigeon of Cordoba (2008-2009)).

It shamanil, told fortunes, conjured and volhvoval, its brushes for a second did not stop, and manufactured inconceivable glissando and tremolando (Alexander Zhurbin.

As it became in America. Autobiographical notes (1999)).

Having analysed the given text fragments, we can notice, that glissando everything on what fingers slide sounds, a wind, brushes of hands. We allocate motivating to this: «easy and fast sliding».

Metaphorical model:

«Musical concept => physical concept».

The tremolo is very fast repetition of one sound or alternation of several not the next sounds, making impression of trembling [BTS, 2000:1341].

The ring of the pneumatic taximetres, deaf vibration avto, pene alarm sirens, a clicking televoksov, musical hissing of city vacuum cleaners and monstrous fans the muffled tremolo went for a drive over streets and the areas (J.Larri. The country happy (1931)).

Her hands crossed on a breast by the imposed captivity of an invisible strait jacket, in a second should celebrate the clearing and, the brushes turned out by last effort, transferred to thin, strong fingers a powerful nervous tremolo

(Ekaterina Markova. A whim of the favourite (1990-2000)).

Analyzing the given examples, it is possible to draw a conclusion that semoj in case of metaphorical use of the given musical term «sound trembling» is motivating.

I quickly went, having compressed a teeth and understanding, that if me will stop and will ask about any trifle, I will be obliged to be silent, silent very much for it is inappropriate there will be a voice, sounding a tragical tremolo in every day street, in the middle of municipal payments and the products captivated by string-bags (Vladimir Retsepter. Knots, or the Reference to Casanova (1993)).

It on a shoulder to pull about, overturn (would fall asleep); "Sergey", having accepted the offended pose of the Berlin manager of a bar, but from "tremolo" of already glorified lawyer, has haughty put in order the tie and has hitched up eye-glasses (Andrey Belyj. The beginning of the century (1930)).

In its opinion, actors of conditional theatre should say the text coldly, with clear stamping of words, without "tremolo", the voice sound should have a support (Jury Yelagin. The dark genius (1998)).

In these examples musical instrument sounding assimilates to sounding of the human voice, motivating sema - «sound trembling».

Metaphorical model:

«Musical concept => physical concept».

Musical strokes are ways (receptions) of execution of notes, groups of the notes forming a sound. Strokes define character, a timbre, attack and other characteristics of sounding [Ivanov, 2007:128].

We carry following lexemes to musical strokes: a staccato, legato, detashe, martele, markato, a flageolet, etc.


1. Smoothly and coherently, passing from one sound to another without interruption (about execution of pieces of music). 2. Coherent, continuous execution of sounds at which one sound smoothly passes in another (protivop. A staccato) [BTS, 2000:489].

Let's consider examples metaforizatsii the given lexeme.

The city built on uplands it is intricate, as if written legato, raskroennyj the currents of air, put by a wind trap, mess of the back streets covering from produvnogo of attack hazri

(Alexander Ilichevsky. The Persian (2009)).

In the given example musical conjoint, smooth execution of a piece of music assimilates to unity and integrity of architecture of a city.

Edward Lvovich tried to beckon them, covered with a lid legato, but black tadpoles kick tails, were pulled out and again ran up, — one on hillocks, others on blanket warehouses

(M.A.Osorgin. Sivtsev Vrazhek (1928)).

Metaphorical model:

«Musical concept => abstract concept».

The black dress, the waist poured by him, long hips, the knees full of swarty dullness, thin ankles, fragile shoes, it easily goes, turning together on flight, tips of fingers concerning a handrail, completing corporal legato, all statnaja, the knot of black hair, a direct nose, the black sun of pupils burn inside

(Alexander Ilichevsky. A cloud//"October", 2008).

In this case smoothness of musical execution assimilates to smoothness of connection of objects of a female figure.

Metaphorical model:

«Musical concept => physical concept».


1. Shortly, abruptly, accurately separating one sound from another (about character of execution of musical or vocal product). 2. Abrupt execution of musical or vocal product at which sounds accurately separate one from another [BTS, 2000:1259].

Being an antonym to a word legato, the given term develops metaphorical value on the basis of motivating semy "abruptly". So, if "legato" it is possible to float, "staccato" - only to gallop or tap.

All again shaken family moved around, exactly, a staccato - Anka, senile Ritka, younger dvadtsatidvuhletnjaja a daughter Marina - Bylina both senior beauty Polina, and Timothy who has come tearing along from a city, and together with the father three grandsons Robert - Mountains, Afonja and Yemelyan

(Vasily Aksenov. Mysterious passion (2007)).

Under soft classical music and a melancholy staccato small dozhdichka visitors scurried about under garret overlappings, climbed up brick eminences of a floor, turned aside from unexpectedly arising beams... (Julia Kantor. Something with an attic. Under the Hermitage roof there were 107 fears (2001)//"News", 2001.10.12).

Still again for a minute the crowd when from below and at the left the first staccatos of firing, absolutely nearby, have cracked has become silent; but only for a minute, now again all has hooted briskly and cheerfully

(Vladimir Zhabotinsky. Five (1936)).

By soft movements it is put Alpha Flavon on the skin which has freshened up after a tonic, we do easy massage — a soft staccato by small pillows of fingers — and it is amazed surrounding with beauty and a youth (Dreams come true! (2002)//«100 % of health», 2002.12.11).

I helplessly stood before a solar disk, before a decline by which the steppe has been flooded, already groaning the cicadas, rattling birds, reknock, a staccato gone over dzhejranov, vspugnutyh me, or korsakom, or a wolf (Alexander Ilichevsky was suddenly distributed. The Persian (2009)).

Among tens pairs soles, otstukivavshih on the stone keyboard, not falling asleep hearing could allocate a sharp staccato of the person, vzbezhavshego to itself for the top floor: it was Joseph Stynsky which meeting with SHtererom has appeared as it will be visible from the subsequent, significant for both

(S.D.Krzhizhanovsky. Memoirs on the future (1929)).

Lateral branch, rail joints otstukivali a way staccato. The peak-cap, svesjas a peak from a wall hook, was shaken here and there, precisely trying to shake out from cloth temples a migraine

(S.D.Krzhizhanovsky. A lateral branch (1927-1928)).

Turning a head, it has galloped a small staccato to other end (J.N.Tynyanov. Death Vazir-Muhtara (1928)).

Has not passed also half a year as spring thaw a sonorous staccato declared opening of the second (Karina Janovsky. Heavyweights from Morocco (2003)//«the World and the House. City», 2003.02.15).

In the given examples metaphorical value of a lexeme "staccato" - «abrupt sounding» is realised. Everything, that is capable to publish an abrupt sound: the rain, shooting, the fingers doing easy massage, run dzhejranov, knock of heels, wheels on joints, a thaw during thaw - can be figuratively designated the given metaphor.

Metaphorical model:

«Musical concept => physical concept».


1) In group «names of receptions of game on musical instruments and musical strokes» 17,8 % of lexicon are subject to processes metaforizatsii.

2) Metaphorical carrying over is carried out on the basis of the following motivating this: «a sound, obrazuemyj search of any subjects», «easy and fast sliding», «sound trembling», «a smooth combination», «abrupt sounding».

3) As a result of the analysis of processes metaforizatsii the following model of metaphorical carrying over is revealed:

Musical concept => physical concept (5)

4) It is revealed 5 neleksikografirovannyh metaphors.

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