Conclusions on chapter 1

In research it is defined, that identification of crises in activity of the noncommercial organisations is difficult

dynamic processes which should consider features of the given sector of economy, their purposes.

the Condition in which there are noncommercial organisations, a financing lack, a low skill level of the personnel, absence of effective mechanisms of interaction, blanks of the current legislation, and other negative elements of development of the given sector of economy, allow to present maloperspektivnuju a picture as present and future.

the Author proves necessity of the account of factors of uncertainty and risk at a choice of directions of development of the noncommercial organisations. For counteraction to organisations third sector economy it is necessary for negative factors of external and internal character along with traditional granting of services and production to carry out search of modern ways of counteraction to the crisis phenomena of latent and obvious character. Besides, it is necessary to improve system of strategic management of the noncommercial organisation which should be constructed on principles of anti-recessionary management. For the decision of tasks in view the author makes the analysis of a modern condition of the noncommercial organisations in Russia, the role and a place of the crisis phenomena in their activity is defined and the basic problem areas in the management, considering branch features and an environment condition are revealed.

By results of the analysis of the basic problems of management the noncommercial organisations the author systematise priority directions of strategic development of the given sector which consider a condition of uncertainty and risk internal and an environment. In chapter 1 it is shown, that taking into account specificity of functioning of the noncommercial organisations management should be considered as effective process and the economic activities kind which discriminating feature is the account of the negative factors, capable to lead to crisis.


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A source: Surovneva Anna Aleksandrovna. FORMATION of ANTI-RECESSIONARY STRATEGY of the NONCOMMERCIAL ORGANIZATIONS. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. An eagle - 2018. 2018

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