Conclusions on the third chapter

During dissertational research it is defined, that in the conditions of complexity and uncertainty of social and economic system the noncommercial organisations face problems of preservation of the activity, increase of value of rendered services and increases in volumes of their realisation.

The new tools of the strategic management adequate to developed conditions, based on principles of anti-recessionary management are necessary. However this process is interfered by increasing uncertainty of the external and internal environment which is shown first of all in complexity of a choice of administrative decisions, to their effective realisation.

At a choice of anti-recessionary strategy of development of the organisation in the conditions of risk and uncertainty it is necessary to consider the systematised features of management in NKO:

- the administrative personnel works in the conditions of more rigid regulation of activity and has the limited possibilities of management of the means intended for the decision of social and humanitarian problems;

- the choice of anti-recessionary strategy of development is limited by legislative norms and installations of the state authorities;

- management of the noncommercial organisations is open system for public and state participation;

- activity NKO is in considerable dependence on inquiries and interest stejkhoderov, whose requirements often enough do not consider interests NKO;

- results of functioning NKO are difficult for estimating quantitatively, methodical approaches to quality standard have no wide approbation;

- absence in most cases the accurate purpose of development NKO and strategic vision;

- large number of parties in interest and the purposes of activity NKO;

- presence of indirect results of activity NKO.

Thus, anti-recessionary strategy of development of economic system represents a set of organizational-administrative actions for maintenance and strengthening of its competitive position in conditions of turbulence of an environment. In such understanding, the strategic approach to management is applicable in any managing subject and does not depend on a financial position, a development stage.

During too time as have shown results of research the noncommercial organisations have not realised in full degree of necessity of continuous supervision over influence of factors of an environment, working out of anti-recessionary strategy and its regular realisation. Thereupon effective mechanisms of anti-recessionary management in the noncommercial organisations are used not to the full so, the offered methodical approaches to a choice of such strategy, estimations of results of their realisation are the important stage on a way of steady functioning of the third sector to the Russian Federation.

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A source: Surovneva Anna Aleksandrovna. FORMATION of ANTI-RECESSIONARY STRATEGY of the NONCOMMERCIAL ORGANIZATIONS. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. An eagle - 2018. 2018

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