Conclusions under chapter 2

As a result of the given chapter of research we will generalise the received scientific results and conclusions.

The author of research suggests to consider orgkulturu basic university not as the monolithic valuable block, and as set of cultural subsystems of the united universities defining valuable hierarchy and mentality of its carriers (local subcultures).

As the carrier of local subcultures as sovereign complete formations collectives of the attached universities having certain cultural signs (possibilities of realisation of uniform values, elements of professional language, special channels of interpersonal and intergroup communication translation, procedural knowledge, social roles, statuses, features of behaviour of leaders, traditions and rules) act. As a paramount basis of regulation of actions of carriers of local subcultures the standard acts
The base stabilising system of mutual relations at level of interpersonal interactions and direct contacts. In research it is reasonable, that local subcultural formations of basic university not always act as a barrier to functioning of the educational organisation and can be a source for its forward improvement and development. The author of research the management model local subcultures of the basic university, promoting organizational development and focused on levelling of the disputed environment connected with reorganizatsionnymi by processes, creation of positive image and high reputation, both the university, and its graduates is offered.

The author of research generalises, reasonable and offers the methodical approaches considering specificity of management by formation of organizational culture of basic university in modern conditions. The critical analysis of existing techniques of research of management is carried out by formation of organizational culture, possibilities, advantages and defects, and also an estimation of prospects of their application in the conditions of basic university are defined. The author offers the basic requests to which there should correspond an effective technique of an estimation of objects of management of formation of organizational culture of basic high school.

The author offers a complex technique of an estimation of objects of management of organizational culture of the basic university, allowing to investigate control system elements, to define availability of local subcultures, to investigate their cultural compatibility, to establish the basic features of management of formation of organizational culture and to define the basic directions of perfection.

Offers on formation of the basic priority directions of development and perfection of management by formation of organizational culture of basic university will receive the further development in chapter 3.

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A source: FEDOROV Victor Mihajlovich. MANAGEMENT of FORMATION of ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE of BASIC UNIVERSITY. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Omsk - 2018. 2018

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