Interaction of innovations

To number of the phenomena, characteristic for wave processes, the interference of waves concerns. The essence of the phenomenon of an interference consists that under certain conditions at mutual imposing of two or several waves in the field of their overlapping total intensity in one points of space will exceed their total intensity, and in others - to decrease up to zero.

Let's consider a case of a two-beam interference. It is known, that at addition of two waves of identical frequency with intensivnostjami I1с a phase φ1и I2с a phase φ2 intensity of a total wave I will be described so:

The third composed - sign-variable in the given formula, is responsible for degree of a coordination, interference. If it is equal to zero, i.e. waves are not connected, the interference picture does not happen.

Questions of application of the phenomenon of an interference to economic processes were considered in particular in these works [103, 160].

Further we will accept such assumption, as consideration of the localised source of innovations, for example, the certain enterprise or integrated klastera the enterprises. Then to interpret intensity in case of distribution of innovations it is possible through quantity of sales or introductions. More low in item 3.1. More detailed description of the assumptions accepted in work will be given.

In our case it is possible to tell, that the third composed is responsible for degree of influence of one process on other. If such mutual influence is not present, innovative processes are independent one another. For example, if have various seller's market M? j = 0 the quantity of sales (introductions) will be equal to the sum of sales (introductions) of everyone. Otherwise we face effect of a synergy or effect kannibalizma.

The first condition - waves should be crossed in a certain point. The given condition is observed at the expense of fulfilment of a necessary condition of the theorem - crossings of potential volume of commodity market M? j = M? ∩ Mj, where set M? jне the empty. Such crossing of sales is caused by coincidence (probably partial coincidence) essence of innovative products. Without such crossing there will be no interaction point.

The second condition - observance kogerentnosti waves, that is a coordination of phases of waves, - is supplied at the expense of interaction within the limits of the uniform environment (the social and economic environment) and during the set period of time tраспространения results of a portfolio of innovative projects.


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A source: TSvetkova Hope Andreevna. MODELS And the MANAGEMENT METHOD PROCESS of DISTRIBUTION of INNOVATIONS With allowance for THEIR MUTUAL INFLUENCE In SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC SYSTEMS. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Tech.Sci. St.-Petersburg - 2018. 2018

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