Urgency of dissertational research. Rapid development inyoformatsionnyh technologies (IT) last decades has led kachestyovennym to changes in information systems of management of the organisations, in systems of a supply with information of management.

These changes treyobujut not only theoretical judgement, but also put before menedzhyomentom the organisations a number of the applied problems connected with maintenance of a management efficiency in the conditions of digital economy. Forming of new economic relations, methods interorganizational vzaimoyodejstvija, the organisation of processes of management, the form of cooperation and kooryodinatsii for the joint decision opyoredelennyh development and functioning problems - all it demands activity of the various organisations peresmotyora in process of formation of digital economy.

Today steady increase of influence of the IT Factor on results of economic activities, social processes is observed. The IT infrastructure from supplying components of the management, the technological environment executing earlier a role for an information exchange between subjects and objects of management, in process of its technical sovershenstvoyovanija and intellectualizations, is transformed to the key factor konkuyorentosposobnosti and viability of the organisations. Formation and podyoderzhanie the developed IT Infrastructure becomes key strategicheyoskim the factor of success of the organisations that demands revision of priorities of management. A consequence of it is increase of requests to effektivyonosti managements of the IT Infrastructure of the organisations, to professionalism vyyopolnjajushchih these functions of experts.

One of effective methods of increase of efficiency upravleyonija as the Russian and international practice of management shows, javyoljaetsja outsourcing use. He allows the organisation-autsorsi (zayokazchiku) to concentrate on key kompetentsijah, having transmitted spetsialiyo
zirovannym to executors (autsorseram) the separate functions demanding specific resources. The fundamental reason of development and rasproyostranenija outsourcing is display of the general economic law of a division of labour. The basic motive of transition to outsourcing of the concrete organisations is the impossibility (at the set resource and time restrictions) to execute transmitted autsorseru functions with so vyyosokim quality.

Significant distribution to Russia and the world was received by IT Outsourcing which allows to maintain and develop information infrayostrukturu managements of the organisations with achievement rational sootnosheyonija results and expenses. At the same time, methodical bases of realisation of projects of IT Outsourcing are developed for the present in insufficient degree. Thereupon, realisation special scientific issledovayonija, the indicated contradiction focused on the permission between nauyokoj and practice is actual.

Degree of a readiness of a problem. The general problematics of management of the modern organisations, approaches to perfection their business - of processes, to development of technologies of management were considered by many domestic and foreign scientists, including. Ansoffom, P.A.Arkinym, J.V.Vertakovoj, P.M. The grant, P.Drakerom, G.N.KonstanYotinovym, J. B.Kuinnom, A.E. The dwarf, J.V.Kuznetsovym, G.Mintsbergom, A.N.Petrov, A.V.poljaninym, M.Porterom, M.N.Rudenko, J.P.SiliYonym, JU.I.Treshchevsky, S.V.Shmanevym, etc.

Specificity of management orgayonizatsijami with allowance for digital transformation of economy studied L.I.BuYoshueva, B.Gates, N.P.Golubetsky, E.N.desjatirikova, S.A.woodpecker, S.P.which yes, D.M.Nazarov, N.Negroponte, K.Peres, V.A.Plotnikov, A.K.black, K.Shvab, etc.

Concept and essence of outsourcing, its key positive effekyoty and risks, the basic methods of its realisation in various spheres rasyosmotreny in works of such scientists, as B.A.Anikin, S.O.Kalendzhjan,
I.D.Kotljarov, A.H.Kurbanov, J. Cross-country, T.A.Rodkina, I.L.Rudaja, D.A.Stapran, D.Target, G.Fittsdzherald, V.Hunt, J. B.Hejvud, JU.M.tsy galov, etc. in particular, management questions information resources of the organisations with outsourcing use studied R.Aalders, P.Gott-shalk, A.G.Ivlev, D.M.Mihajlov, H.Soli-Seter, E.Sparrou, etc.

However, questions of coordination of the organisations at formation, ispolyozovanii and development of an information infrastructure of management, creation of a network infrastructure of joint business dealing, including on the basis of IT Outsourcing, creation of uniform information fields in uniform stanyodartah and tools of coordination of internal processes various orgayonizatsy without their association on a corporate basis are maloizuchenyonymi. The given questions are studied is isolated enough and without interrelation with a problematics of development of outsourcing. There are insufficiently issledovanyonymi the questions, concerning detailed elaborations of algorithm of introduction of IT outsourcing, toolkit for a choice of kinds of activity transmitted on outsourcing and-or business processes, estimation system engineering rezultayotov interactions of the organisations in IT Outsourcing processes, orientiroyovannogo on stable functioning and development information inyofrastruktury managements. The indicated circumstances have predetermined a choice of a theme of scientific research, its object, a subject, the purpose, problems and the general nayopravlennost.

Object of research are the organisations participating in realiyozatsii of projects of IT Outsourcing as customers and autsorserov.

The object of research is made by the economic and administrative relations arising in the course of realisation of projects of IT Outsourcing, directed on development of an information infrastructure of management oryoganizatsy.

The research objective consists in working out of teoretiko-methodical positions and toolkit of development of an information infrastructure of management of the organisations on the basis of realisation of projects of IT Outsourcing.

For object in view achievement the complex of the interconnected problems is decided:

- To identify problems and features of development of an information infrastructure of management of the organisations in the conditions of digital modernizayotsii economy;

- To specify essence and the basic characteristics of IT Outsourcing, with ucheyotom expansions of practice of use by management modern orgayonizatsy design and process approaches;

- To justify the methodical approach to realisation of the organizational strategic analysis with allowance for possibilities of use of IT outsourcing;

- To develop a technique of an estimation of projects of IT Outsourcing, orientiroyovannuju on perfection of an information infrastructure of management of the organisations

- To develop system of estimated indicators and to justify the technique of choice IT аутсорсера focused on maintenance of efficiency soyovmestnoj of activity of the organisation-customer and IT аутсорсера.

Research area. Dissertational work is executed in sootvetyostvii with the Passport of a scientific speciality 08.00.05 - Economy and upravleyonie a national economy (management): subitem 10.10. Information sisteyomy in management of the organisations; 10.11. Managerial process by the organisation, its separate subsystems and functions. Project control; 10.15. Strategic management, methods and forms of its realisation. Process and methods of working out and strategy realisation.

The theoretical and methodological basis of research was made by theories, models and methodology of strategic and operative management, the process and design management, special methods of a substantiation and realisation of projects of outsourcing, in particular - IT Outsourcing, izlozhenyonye in proceedings of domestic and foreign scientists. Research based also on the publications opening theoretical and priyo
kladnye aspects of development of an information infrastructure of management oryoganizatsy on the basis of outsourcing, the tendency tsifrovizatsii business and administrative processes of the modern organisations.

In the course of research methods system podyohoda, researches of operations, monographic and komparativnyj, an induction and deduction, the analysis and synthesis, comparison, scientific generalisation, modelling, methods of the economic-statistical analysis, tabular and graphic inyoterpretatsii empiriko-faktologicheskoj information have been used, etc.

Information basis of research acts and standard documents, concepts, strategy and programs gosuyodarstvennyh bodies of the Russian Federation, concerning object issleyodovanija, data of the state statistical reporting, data otrasyolevyh information and analytical agencies have made, results upravlencheyoskih the inspections conducted including of the author in the organisations, realiyozujushchih IT Outsourcing projects. During research by the author there was isyopolzovana the relevant information containing in numerous pubyolikatsijah (monographies, collections of works, articles, materials konferenyotsy, dissertations), including placed in a network the Internet, concerning problems of formation and development of an information infrastructure upravyolenija the organisations.

Scientific novelty of results of research consists in working out of teoretiko-methodical positions and development toolkit informatsiyoonnoj infrastructures of management of the organisation, differing ispolzovayoniem the design approach and such form interorganizational vzaimodejyostvija, as IT Outsourcing, and also the account of a strategic orientation autsorsingovyh projects that allows to supply effective transyoformatsiju systems of management of the organisation in conditions tsifrovizatsii economy.

Scientific novelty is confirmed with the following concrete scientific results received personally by the author and born on protection:

1. Features of development of an information infrastructure of management by the organisation in the conditions of digital modernisation of economy (growth of technical and organizational complexity, integration into a global information infrastructure, merging of information subsystems of management technological and managements-processes, continuous moyodernizatsija and perfection, personification and gadzhetizatsija, intelyolektualizatsija the automated subsystems of management), defined by its transformation in a crucial strategic resource organizayotsii, defining its competitiveness that defines tselesoobrazyonost expansions of practice of IT Outsourcing (Passport item 10.10 spetsialnoyosti 08.00.05) are revealed.

2. The author's treatment of the IT Outsourcing considered from items of design and process approaches which differs pozitsioyonirovaniem IT Outsourcing as a component of a portfolio of projects orgayonizatsii, hierarchically co-ordinated to processes of realisation design strayotegii is offered, strategy of a portfolio and the general strategy of development of the organisation, that poyozvoljaet to evaluate influence of IT Outsourcing on the general results of activity of the organisation (item 10.11 of the passport of a speciality 08.00.05).

3. The methodical approach to realisation strategic anayoliza is offered organisation activity on key business processes, otlichajuyoshchijsja by addition of a stage of decision-making on possibility and tselesoobrazyonosti IT Outsourcing uses as the strategic tool razyovitija the organisations in the conditions of digital modernisation of economy, that poyozvoljaet to supply creation of additional value for the organisation and it stejkholderov (item 10.15 of the passport of a speciality 08.00.05).

4. The technique of an estimation of the project of the IT Outsourcing, differing is developed by integration of models of key criteria of measurement of success of the project and a cycle of constant perfection of activity of the organisation, allowing to rationalise process of formation of the IT Infrastructure of the organisation (item 10.11 of the passport of a speciality 08.00.05).

5. The technique of a substantiation of the administrative decision on vyyoboru IT аутсорсера, differing by application of author's system pokazayotelej preference (service structure is developed; quality of service; the warranty; uroyoven service, etc.), allowing to supply efficiency of joint activity of the organisation-customer and IT аутсорсера at formation and use of an information infrastructure of management of the organisation (item 10.10 of the passport of a speciality 08.00.05).

The theoretical importance of research consists in development meyotodologii and toolkit of formation, management funktsionirovaniyoem and perfection of information systems of management of the organisations with allowance for modern calls tsifrovizatsii, practice expansions ispolyozovanija information-communication technologies, setevizatsii managements of the organisations on the basis of integration of their business processes with isyopolzovaniem the general information-communication infrastructure; development of system of methodical maintenance of IT Outsourcing as progresyosivnoj technologies of management of the modern organisations.

The practical importance of research is defined by applied character of some positions and conclusions of dissertational work, napravlenyonyh on a choice of rational methods of transition of the organisations on system IT Outsourcing as administrative technology of maintenance of efficiency of their information infrastructure of management. In work it is proved, that IT Outsourcing improves strategic and an operational administration the organisation and its information infrastructure of management thanks to formation of new competitive advantages, and also creates dopolniyotelnuju value for consumers. Separate positions of research can be included in programs and strategy of development of the organisations, in their sections connected with perfection and modernisation informatsionyonoj of an infrastructure of management, information and automation orgayonizatsionnyh processes. Also dissertation materials can be ispolyozovany in practical activities of science officers at realisation
The further researches directed on perfection of systems meyonedzhmenta of the organisations and their supply with information; in educational proyotsesse high schools and establishments of additional vocational training for working out of curriculums and at realisation lecture and praktiyocheskih employment on disciplines: «management Bases», «Management proyoektami», «Management of business processes», «Information infrastrukyotura the organisations», etc.

Validity and reliability of results of research obespeyocheny a correct choice of a technique of its realisation and basic data, loyogikoj statements of research problems, correlation received rezulyotatov with the results received by other authors, with application alyoternativnyh methods, approbation and the publication of the received results.

Work approbation. Substantive provisions and results dissertatsionyonogo researches were reported, discussed and have met with approval speyotsialistov on a number of the All-Russia and international scientifically-practical conferences («Strategic priorities of effective economic development», Voronezh, 2018; «Development of management in the conditions of transition to digital economy», Perm, 2017; «Economy. Management. Innovations», St.-Petersburg, 2016), and also on a series of meetings of experts «Sretensky club of a name of S.P.Kurdyumov».

Teoretiko-methodical positions and the practical recommendations reasonable in dissertational work, directed on development and soyovershenstvovanie formation and maintenance mechanisms informatsionyonoj infrastructures of the organisations, are realised in system of management of the IT company of Open Company "UNIT-OFFICE EQUIPMENT", at realisation autsorsingovyh projects with such companies as Open Company "ПС", Open Company "Firm" OfisTeh », Open Company« Sotsialit Service »,« Academies of digital economy »are used in educational process.

Publications. On a dissertation theme 10 scientific works obyoshchim by volume 20,4 items of l are published., from which the author posesses 9,0 items of l., including
Are published 1 monography and 5 articles in the reviewed scientific editions recommended VAK at Minobrnauki to Russia for the publication rezultayotov candidate and theses for a doctor's degree. 7 from 10 publications podgotovyoleny in the co-authorship, thus all results reflected in the dissertation and born by the author on public protection, reflected in the works prepared in the co-authorship, are received personally by the competitor.

Structure and work volume. The dissertation consists of the introduction, three heads, the conclusion, the list of the used sources and appendices. OsnovYOnoj the work text is stated on 170 pages, includes 21 table and 38 riyosunkov. The literature list includes 193 names.


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A source: Repin Nikita Vasilevich. DEVELOPMENT of the INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE of MANAGEMENT by the ORGANIZATION With IT OUTSOURCING USE. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Perm - 2018. 2018

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