3.1 Methodical recommendations about management IT ұӫ of the organisations with IT Outsourcing application

The given section of the dissertation has applied character, in it rasyosmatrivaetsja toolkit of management of the IT Infrastructure of the organisations not only with theoretical and methodical, but also from practical items.

It, according to the author, is important for an estimation and acknowledgement of adequacy of developed positions.

As basic data for realisation applied issledovayony and accounts we used various samples of projects, realizoyovannyh company "us" (Our Agency of Service), spetsializirujuyoshchejsja on management of projects in IT Outsourcing sphere, together with razyolichnymi the Russian organisations acting in commercial and neyokommercheskom sector of economy. Short data on company "us" are resulted in Appendix A.

Sufficiency and imposing appearance client, process, resursyonyh and others vyborok the data, concerning managements information inyofrastrukturoj and realisations of projects of IT Outsourcing, is confirmed nayolichiem in territorially distributed structure "us" (the company raboyotaet in all territory of Russia) 350 isolated divisions (servisyonyh the centres / the centres kompetentsy) in which it is taken over 7 thousand sotrudyonikov, realising projects in interaction with significant number of clients.

Company "us" is one of large participants of the digital market of Russia, both on qualitative, and on quantity indicators. Dynamics of a gain on the end of 2016 from represented services IT
Outsourcing has made in comparison with 2015 199,8 %, on the end 2017 goyoda gain level was saved. It is much better than market average indexes (tab. 3.1 see). Such sharp growth is caused, on the one hand, inveyostitsijami in development, with other - the conducted reengineering and standartiyozatsiej own business processes that forms a basis for rendering poyomoshchi to clients in these questions by updating of a configuration and razviyotija possibilities of their information infrastructure of management.

Table 3.1

Dynamics of a gain of the Russian companies, rendering services

IT outsourcing (it is made according to various sources)

Rank The company Gain from IT Outsourcing services for 2016, million rbl. Gain from services of IT outsourcing for 2015, million rbl. Dynamics


1 Cheeks 15461,4 12028,5 28,50 %
2 Maykor 10234,1 10629,4 -3,70 %
3 Infosistemy Dzhet 7224 5768,9 25,20 %
4 Krok 6359,9 5321,3 19,50 %
5 AjTeko 4909,6 4295,2 14,30 %
6 Borlas 2450 2390 2,50 %
7 Amtel-service 2114,6 1847 14,50 %
8 ICL Services 1892 1704 11 %
9 AmT-Grup 1533 1142 34,20 %
10 AjTi 1150 980 17,30 %
11 IBS 730 640 14,10 %
12 Ventra IT Solutions 456 373 22,30 %
13 Satel 204,6 196,2 4,30 %
14 Company "us" 198,8 66,3 199,80 %
15 Flint 169,5 23,6 618,20 %
16 NVBS 136,4 55,8 144,40 %
17 Profit Group 90,9 72,3 25,70 %
18 RDTEH 29,6 7,6 289,50 %
Total 55145,6 47474,8 16,20 %

As shows the analysis of theoretical workings out and practical opyyota IT Outsourcing, autsorser can offer the customer unique tsenyonostnoe the offer, competitive under the price if it is realizoyovyvat integration strategy in two directions:


Integration with service partners. Processes of realised IT projects of the company in this case penetrate its processes service partyonerov so that when they suddenly will make decision to terminate interaction they will be compelled to close the company. A basis for this integration is the general software. Thus, the company supplies stable employment in projects service partneyorov with constant IT Support, training and granting neobhodiyomyh resources for realisation of projects, and the service partner, in the ocheyored, supplies qualitative fulfilment of the works.

2. Integration with clients of the company. Proceeding from fast removability and rapid development of information technologies, the company should postoyojanno work in a direction of expansion of kinds of services and structure of services, gradually increasing quantity of problems which is necessary to decide at svoyoego the client. With the course of time, owing to such development vzaimodejstyovija, volume betrayed by the client for the decision autsorseru problems and quality of decisions increase cost of costs of switching on other IT autsorsera for the company. It supplies stable long-term soyotrudnichestvo.

In a case from "US", the indicated theoretical positions are realised to the full. Complete automation of all business processes of the company obesyopechivaet work of its experts in a uniform information field - the UNIT-INFORM, including work with e-mail and a telephony. All information which is required for company work is in one window. Thus, technology of the company on management of internal processes and processes of realised projects of IT Outsourcing minimiziyoruet costs, rendering service on the basis of reduction of intermediate links of interaction and decrease in bureaucratic load in all reyogionah the presence. As a result, on outsourcing are transmitted not otyodelnye IT Processes, but completely support (technical and organiyozatsionnoe) uses of an information infrastructure of management.

Thus, owing to variety of inquiries of clients, their specificity, activity IT аутсорсеров should be under construction mainly on proyoektnomu to a principle. The uniting beginning in this situation for the most IT autsorsera and its numerous clients is the harmonised corporate culture. In our opinion, it bases on sovokupnoyosti following principles:

1. Conscience - always listen to "a conscience voice;

2. Aiming at result - for achievement delivered tseyolej the person/collective always should work on an end result;

3. Personal responsibility is a personal responsibility peyored a higher management for collective business which is a fragment of system of the company and as individual personal otvetstvenyonost for each of the enclosed fragments which realisation rukoyovodjat the subordinated chiefs;

4. Efficiency - we should be effective in everything, proizyovoditelnosti work, the finance (profit) etc.;

5. Development - constant advance in innovations, metodoloyogii, quality etc.;

6. Collective work - teamwork of a group of persons, on dostiyozheniju a uniform accurately definite purpose;

7. - it is forbidden to say lies honesty in company collective to someone (speaking language institutsionalizma - opportunism blocking);

8. The reality - it should be in everything, words, affairs (to do only that moves to the purpose/result), terms;

9. Quality - granting only qualitative services;

10. Trust. Together with a principle Conscience is the base to all the others.

Thus, in the projects of outsourcing mentioning such chuvstyovitelnuju to risks sphere as an information infrastructure upravleyonija, the important role is played by non-material factors institutsionalnogo

Properties (conscience, trust, collective spirit and so forth). Their availability or otsutyostvie, and also completeness of expression in many respects define efficiency of interaction autsorsera and autsorsi. Besides it, the important role in vyyostraivanii such interaction is played by such factors, as:

• Cost (the services of IT Outsourcing granted in sootvetyostvie with accurate and clear all participants of the project by the quality standards - are more economic);

• Care of consumers (complex, long-term and kacheyostvennye IT Outsourcing services grant possibility to the customer chuvyostvovat themselves comfortably and easy in any conditions - both during the moments rosyota, and during the stagnation periods, that increases appeal in common reayolizuemyh projects and does cooperation by stronger);

• Reputation in business community (partners and customers see a cost-saving as a result of reception of services of IT Outsourcing and appreciate cooperation possibility);

• Range autsorsingovyh services (partners and customers appreciate the integrated interaction when their support information inyofrastrukture managements is rendered by one company-autsorser). In particular, the following can offer "US" to the clients:

1. Support of the automated jobs (the user personal computers), both program, and an equipment room;

2. Service of the press with paginal pricing (payment are made by quantity of the prints made on the system in cost kotoyoryh all expenses are included, except a paper);

3. Management of the electronic trading equipment (including fiskalnyyomi registrars);

4. Service of the special bank equipment;

5. Installation, adjustment and service of electronic turns, systems of self-service and info-booths;

6. Service of the network equipment, including designing and monyotazh the structured cable systems;

7. Installation and service of systems of video observation and access monitoring systems;

8. Management of video conferencing systems;

9. Service of management by incidents (Service Desk), allowing in ediyonom an information field to supervise and operate all demands acting from users (with granting gluboyokoj analysts for acceptance of administrative decisions);

10. Working out and introduction of business appendices;

11. Kastomizatsija and adjustment industrial program obespecheyonija (ON).

Importance of integrated approach of outsourcing in IT Sphere is confirmed danyonymi the branch companies. For example, such services of creation and podyoderzhanija IT Infrastructures give 69,96 % of a company profit "US" (in all regions of presence). Thus at the customer should be sformirovayono accurate and unequivocal understanding of on what steps it should go within the limits of interaction with ausorserom, it will be connected with what risks and costs, it will result in what advantages.

Thereupon, the important problem for IT аутсорсера is standartizayotsija rendered services, their as much as possible complete formalisation and unifikayotsija. As an example in the Appendix it is presented such detaliyozirovannoe the description of one of the services, rendered "US" to the customers.

Simultaneously with it, despite requirement for standardization and unification, the customer of IT Outsourcing expects for an individual approach and the complete account autsorserom all its features and requests. TaYOkoe interaction probably to carry out within the limits of the design approach to management which should be mortgaged in management model autsorseyora at strategic level. It allows to generate strategy, nayopravlennuju on:

• lead Achievement in the market of digital technologies and razviyotie IT аутсорсинговой activity in all accessible territory. The portfolio of projects is a portfolio of granting of services of IT outsourcing of a complete cycle, working out and introduction of final decisions, beginning from granting and service of modern office equipment, zakanyochivaja systems of monitoring and the software of managerial processes in the large companies;

• Achievement of minimisation of costs for the account vertical inyotegratsii activity;

• Essential increase of operational efficiency on osyonove modern technologies, a design management method, optimisation and activity rationalisation. Concerning an analyzed portfolio of projects, introduction of systems of constant perfection of processes komyopanii, directed on comprehensive improvement of their quality, allows not only to optimise operations, but also to increase an involvement of employees into processes of planning, the organisation, negotiating, drawing up and the conclusion of agreements with service partners etc. Moreover, it spoyosobstvuet to an establishment of more rigid control of costs at all stages of a chain of creation of cost of projects, and also to perfection of methods of the analysis, the control and management of the basic risks;

• Use of the uniform standard - the tool which priyozvan to solve a problem of construction of an effective system of IT Support;

• Creation of a highly professional command.

The account of all stated above circumstances allows IT аутсорсеру to start fast projects of any scale and in any territories, in inyoteresah any customers. The technique of fulfilment of such works consists of following stages:

1. The analysis of work of an acting IT Infrastructure of the organisation according to the list of criteria for its estimation (examples such kriyoteriev are resulted in the Appendix. In author's research, with ispolzo -

vaniem the structural, economic, technological and comparative analysis the structure of criteria is developed for the majority of the services rendered IT аутсорсерами to customers within the limits of maintenance and their development informayotsionnoj of an infrastructure of management);

2. Results of the analysis and decision-making on reorganisation business - of processes of the organisation;

3. Formation of requests to the service-provider and its estimation (these questions will be disassembled in the subsequent materials of the dissertation);

4. The IT Support transfer of function on outsourcing (according to the order, presented in drawing 3.1).

Fig. 3.1. An order of a transfer of function of IT Support on outsourcing.

As follows from drawing, an ultimate goal is granting usyolug IT Outsourcing of a complete cycle that means working out and vnedreyonie final decisions, beginning from granting and service sovre - 132

mennoj office equipments, finishing systems of monitoring and the software of managerial processes in the organisations-customers.

The further analysis of projects within the limits of the offered system pokazayotelej results of the project will allow to evaluate the projects entering into a portfolio, from the point of view of their conformity to base indicators of management (terms, kayochestva, expenses). Also in further (in the subsequent materials dissertayotsii) we will result an estimation technique on conformity criteria, predjavljaeyomymi in the service-provider, along with competitors, according to the general mehayonizmu constructions of the IT Infrastructure of the customer.

3.2 Instrumentalno-methodical maintenance of an estimation of projects of IT Outsourcing and an organisation-autsorsera choice

With standardization items which we indicated above as on neyopremennoe the condition of equation and a coordination of development of the large territorially-distributed systems of an information infrastructure of management of the organisations, use of methodology PDCA (sootyovetstvie is required to the basic groups of managerial processes by quality of the project - playonirovanie, maintenance and quality assurance, fig. 3.2) - thereby dostigayoetsja continuous perfection of a control system by processes within the limits of all organisation.

Fig. 3.2. Cycle PDCA in activity IT аутсорсера (on an example "US")

The author on the basis of a cycle of constant perfection develops and offers a technique of choice of supplier of services of IT Outsourcing. Choice of supplier directly influences a satisfaction index kliyoentov the goods and-or services of the organisations and defines the basic elemenyoty their IT Infrastructures, allowing to build management vzaimoot - 134

Carrying with clients. Level depends on choice of supplier obsluzhivayonija consumers of the customer and scale of use of possibilities of IT outsourcing for maintenance of the reached level and its further povyyoshenija (fig. 3.3).

The catalogue of a spectrum of services of the IT Companies can differ. Thus their description should be presented on the basis of criteria, observance kotoyoryh allows to supply their qualitative granting to the customer (the Appendix see for an example). According to developed universal sisteyome IT Outsourcing choice of supplier in research (fig. 3.3 see) the author in detail presents the basic stages, within the limits of rendering of such services as: press service, support of jobs and service of cash dispenses. We will consider these questions in more details.

1. Definition of an ideal end result (CALVES):

CALVES on press service - the qualitative, uninterrupted press; on podyoderzhke jobs - equipment trouble-free work, absence proyostoev in work of the user. CALVES on service of cash dispenses - absence proyostoev in work of the equipment and in bank servicing.

2. Definition of structure of services:

Press service includes:

• function on creation of uniform service of a reception, registration and monitoring of the circulations, functioning 24 hours, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year;

• function on creation of a support service of users, funkyotsionirujushchej daily, in a round-the-clock mode (24 hours, 7 days in nedeyolju, 365 days in a year);

• access to an information system of monitoring of demands which will allow the customer to carry out demand monitoring in a mode of real time to receive the information on actual park of engineering of the customer (a uniform database of the equipment) and to trace history of service of each unit of engineering, receiving the monthly reporting;

Fig. 3.3. Universal system of choice of supplier of IT Outsourcing by the customer.

• record-keeping of the engineering granted on hire basis, and it prevenyotivnoe service without pay.

• diagnostics and equipment repair (the listing price includes resource and not resource details), supply by account materials, oryoganizatsija and maintenance of 2 month spare funds account mateyorialov and spare parts in the central warehouse under each client - all it is included also into the obligatory list of structure of services of service of the press.

• the account materials, which delivery it is carried out to kazhyodoj engineering units.

• realisation of remote monitoring of a condition of the equipment in a mode of real time.

Service on support of jobs includes:

• services in uniform service of a reception, registration and monitoring obyorashcheny, functioning 24 hours, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year;

• a daily round-the-clock support service of users (24 hours, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year);

• access to system of monitoring of the demands, allowing osushchestvyoljat the control over demands in a mode of real time, to receive informayotsiju about actual park of engineering of the Customer (the uniform database oborudovayonija) to watch history of service of each unit of engineering and to receive the monthly reporting. Also the account of the engineering granted on hire basis is conducted;

• diagnostics, repair, installation and configuration change apyoparatnoj parts of the automated jobs. It allows proizvoyodit the following set of operations: completely to test and diagnose functioning of the hardware of an automated workplace, to eliminate malfunction, and also to be connected to a local network;

• consultation of users of the Customer on use of means, the standard software and work with seyo
tevymi resources in conformity with acting regulations and instrukyotsijami the Customer;

• maintenance of support with experts of the supplier of work polyozovatelej with program and hardware of the Customer on ustanovyoke, a configuration and operation program and hardware in ofiyose the Customer;

• installation, installation, a configuration or modernisation in soyootvetstvie with existing regulations and orders of the Customer in case of replacement of workstations;

• support of the software automated rayobochih places of the Customer should be the integral service of the given service also. In turn, it should include following operations: pouring of images of the software, installation and adjustment operatsiyoonnyh systems, office applications and the specialised software (it is regulated by the list typical program obespecheyonija, represented by the Customer);

• protection frames, drivers, network resources, installation and nayostrojku other client parts of the user workstations;

• service on nastraivaniju and to connection to information systems of the Customer.

In turn procedural service program obespecheyonija the automated jobs of the Customer includes sledujuyoshchy a set of operations:

• removal of the software which is not entering in komplektayotsiju of a typical set of the software of a workstation;

• cleaning of registers;

• updating of versions of the software; check on nayolichie viruses; removal of consequences of virus attack.

The service structure on support of jobs includes warranty granting.

The standard warranty for all automated systems sostavljayoet till 5 years from the moment of issue of the equipment without change of a configuration of the automated job (automated workplace). It extends on all accessories, spare parts and the remote terminal units which are a part of the automated job. However it is necessary to consider, that cases of vandalism deprive the equipment of the status guarantee obsluzhivayonija.

The following kind of service - service of cash dispenses, - as well as two previous, includes services in uniform service of a reception, registration and monitorinyoga the circulations, functioning 24 hours, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year and a daily round-the-clock support service of users (24 hours, 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year).

Access to an information system of monitoring of demands allows otyoslezhivat demands in a mode of real time, to receive the information about akyotualnom park of engineering of the Customer (a uniform database of the equipment), to have data on history of service of each device and to receive ezheyomesjachnuju the reporting.

The structure of services of service also includes preventive service. Inspection of an installation site of a cash dispense is previously carried out. Dismantle, cash dispense carriage, or its installation on a new place is if necessary made. Are without pay issued technical zayokljuchenija. Service assumes also cash dispense salvaging, and also installation antiskimmingovyh systems.

3. Definition of concept/requirement of quality:

Press service assumes absence of background "aura", gorizon - talnyh / vertical strips on images, folds on a paper and it deyoformatsii, and also distortions of the image and fonts and proyopuskov on the image are inadmissible. The press should be accurate, contrast. Data
Service also demands correct registration of a paper, absence nezakrepyolennogo the image, the uniform and pure press, i.e. absence of points on a copy. Besides it, on a print there should not be toner particles, and at peyochati - extraneous noise.

Defining service requests on support of jobs, aktsentiyoruem attention that absence of damages of a matrix of the monitor (smudges or lines on the monitor) is necessary. Should not be and beaten pikseyolej on the screen, uncharacteristic sounds, spontaneous reboots, and also without pay should not be so-called "lags" at inclusion and work.

By all means it should be granted the Customer and uninterrupted raboyota in complete funktsionale an input equipment given and peripheral ustyorojstv and correct work from USB ports.

Requests to service on support of cash dispenses are not numerous, however are important. So, should not be zamjaty monetary denominations in a track dis - pensera/kupjuropriemnika, or zamjaty a paper tape in zhurnal - nom / the check printer. In the mechanism kartridera the card should not jam. Absence of infringements of the communication scheme of connection to protsesyosingu and software trouble-free work - also enter into the list of the basic requests.

Transferred above a request often are the reason vozniknoyovenija demands. Therefore the problem of the executor consists in minimisation of their quantity.

4. Definition of concept "Warranty":

The warranty means repair of all arisen defects oborudovayonija in the cases designated by the agreement. Conditions for removal from the warranty can become both agreement cancellation, and the termination of a resource of unit of engineering.

5. Definition of level of service (SLA/SLO):

Press service:


• Time of registration of the demand;

• Time of occurrence of the expert for object of service;

• Time of complete restoration, or substitution granting.

• Delivery of account materials:

• Time of delivery of account materials;

• Quantity of spare account materials at the customer:

• a presence Point - a month stock of account materials in branch of the customer;

• Individual definition of quantity spare the cost mateyorialov at the customer (system 1+1, 1+2 etc.).

Support of jobs:

• Time of registration of the demand;

• Time of occurrence of the expert for object of service;

• Time of complete restoration or substitution granting.

Support of cash dispenses:

• Time of registration of the demand;

• Time of occurrence of the expert for object of service;

• Time of complete restoration or substitution granting;

• Time of delivery of account materials.

6. Definition of fines:

In case fines make 2,5 % from an amount of invoice, i.e. at an actual indicator of quality of service of 95 % (the declared indicator of quality of 98 %), the size of the fine will make 7,5 % from an amount of invoice (98 %-95 % = 3*2,5 % = 7,5 %).

7. The organisation of maintenance of start of the project.

Maintenance of start of the project is the sum of the lien at the rate to 3 ezheyomesjachnyh the payments transferred by the executor into account of the customer on purpose to "eliminate" at realisation of competitions of its diffident participants, and
Also to receive financial indemnification the customer at unsuccessful, neyosvoevremennom acceptance on service of object of service. Thus it is not necessary to tighten process - terms of start of the project should not prevyyoshat four weeks. The optimum period of time becomes one-two neyodeli from the moment of agreement signing.

8. A formulation of requests to the company-supplier.

The carried out research has allowed to establish what to suppose to uchayostiju in competition follows only those potential suppliers who have certain characteristics:

The annual turnover of the supplier should exceed a minimum in 4 times razyomer a planned turn-over of service;

Operation time in the market of outsourcing computer and orgyotehniki should be not less than 15 years (10 years without juridical person change);

Besides, the supplier should have an experience of successful similar projects which it applied in all territory of the Russian Federation;

It is not less important, that the supplier had the right to conclude dogovory and was not in process of liquidation or vessels insolvent, i.e. the bankrupt have not been recognised under the decision aryobitrazhnogo;

It is necessary to consider, that potential participants-suppliers have no right to be in the status of the organisations which property arrest on a court decision is put, administrative authority and (or) economic dejatelyonost which is suspended;

The supplier also should not have indebtedness under the added taxes, taxes and other obligatory payments in budgets of any level or the state off-budget funds;

Special attention it is given to that the supplier should not have nikayokih long-term obligations which would exceed ten percent of a book value of assets;

Obligatory attachment to the competitive documentation of the agreement signed by the supplier.

In the course of a formulation of requests to supplier (IT аутсорсеру) the author had been applied a method of the analysis of hierarchies to definition of their weight [108].

As the basic indicators of an estimation ten criteria, the sources of the literature received by means of the analysis for enough proyodolzhitelnyj the period (Appendix) are chosen. Their number concern:

1. Indicators KPI. The relation of quantity executed svoevreyomenno demands to total of the accepted demands for 1 month, vyrazhennoyomu in percentage ().

2. Presence in the market in years without change jur. Persons ().

3. Availability of the signed agreement ().

4. The financial offer ().

5. Term of start of the project in months ().

6. Quantity of recommendations ().

7. SLA - astronomical time of complete restoration oborudoyovanija from the moment of registration of the demand in Service of technical user support in hours ().

8. Financial indexations (a company annual turnover, t.r.) ().

9. Territory of coverage of the Russian Federation. Quantity of cities of presence ().

10. Responsibility for KPI. The size of the fine in % from an amount of invoice for default of planned targets KPI on 1 % from all accepted to obrabotyoke demands; Responsibility for project start. The size of the mortgaging sum in the roubles, which return is supplied only at 100 % executed poyokazateljah KPI in 3 months from project start (not less than 3 month playotezha under the project) ().

At the heart of a method of the analysis of hierarchies (MAI) the concept about neobhoyodimosti paired comparison of all factors on the basis of a scale of relative importance MAI (Appendix) lays. Estimations of preference of one kriteyorija over other are received as a result of exhibiting of expert estimations rukoyovoditeljami the organisations-customers of services of IT Outsourcing taken from kliyo
entskoj bases of company "us". Results of comparison of criteria are shown in table 3.2.

Table 3.2

Estimations of preference of criteria of an estimation of the supplier

TO 1 1 4 7 8 4 6 4 5 6
AND 1 1 1/3 5 5 1/5 4 5 5 1/5
D 1/4 3 1 1/3 6 1/7 3 3 1/3 1/8
P 1/7 1/5 3 1 6 1/7 3 1/4 1/2 1/5
Z 1/8 1/5 1/6 1/6 1 1/6 1/7 1/5 1/5 1/8
R 1/4 5 7 7 6 1 1 1/4 5 1
IN 1/6 M 1/3 1/3 7 1 1 1/3 1 1/5
F 1/4 1/5 1/3 4 5 4 3 1 1/3 1/5
T 1/5 1/5 3 2 5 1/5 1 3 1 1/5
ABOUT 1/6 5 8 5 8 1 5 5 5 1
Total 3,55 16,05 27,17 31,83 57,00 11,85 27,14 22,03 23,42 9,25

After a paired estimation of factors product of significances of their estimation in the lines is calculated, and then from the received significance the root deyosjatoj degrees (quantity of criteria) is extracted. Weightiness of criteria is defined by division of the significance received by extraction of a root, into the sum of these significances by all criteria (table 3.3).

For the control of correctness of comparison of factors it is evaluated them soglayosovannost. As an indicator of a measure of a coordination it is used inyodeks coordinations (IS) which settles up as the relation of a difference of the sum of own vectors (13,9) and quantities of criteria (10) to a difference of quantity of criteria and units. For an estimation of an acceptability of degree soglayosovannosti elements the relation coordinations (OS) equal to the relation of an index of a coordination (IS) (0,4) to significance casual inyodeksa (SI) (1,49) is used.

The casual index depends on quantity of factors and gets out of table 3.4. The coordination of paired comparisons of T.Saati recommends to consider comprehensible if the relation of a coordination does not exceed 0,1, odyonako on occasion for matrixes of the big dimension the given limit increase to 0,3.

Table 3.3

p/p Criteria Product Root

10 degrees


1 Indicators KPI. The quantity relation vypolyonennyh is duly demands to the general kolicheyostvu the accepted demands for 1 month, expressed in percentage () 645120 3,81 0,28
2 Presence in the market in years without change jur. liyotsa () 33,33 1,42 0,11
3 Availability of the signed agreement () 0,08 0,78 0,05
4 The financial offer () 0,006 0,59 0,04
5 Term of start of the project in months () 8,2672E-08 0,20 0,02
6 Quantity of recommendations () 459,38 1,85 0,13
7 SLA - astronomical time complete vosstayonovlenija the equipment from the moment of registration of the demand in Service of technical support polyozovatelej in hours () 0,002 0,54 0,04
8 Financial indexations (an annual turnover kompayonii, thousand rbl.) () 0,27 0,88 0,07
9 Territory of coverage of the Russian Federation. Quantity of cities priyosutstvija () 0,14 0,82 0,06
10 Responsibility for KPI. The size of the fine in % from an amount of invoice for default planned pokazayotelej KPI on 1 % from all demands accepted to processing; Responsibility for project start. RazYOmer the mortgaging sum of the roubles, which return is supplied only at 100 % the executed indicators KPI in 3 months from start proekyota (not less than 3 month payments under the project) () 33333,33 2,83 0,2
TOTAL 13,72 1

Table 3.4

Quantity of factors 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
SI 0 0 0,58 0,9 1,12 1,24 1,32 1,41 1,45 1,49

In this case the sum of own vectors is equal 13,9, and the index soyoglasovannosti makes 0,4, that allows to draw a conclusion on absence neyoobhodimosti revision of judgements of experts as the relation soglayosovannosti is equal 0,29 that the limit for bolsherazmeryonyh matrixes enters in admissible.

Thus, criteria of an estimation of the supplier were distributed on steyopeni importance (1 place - the most important, further on importance decrease) how is shown in table 3.5.

The importance of criteria of estimation IT аутсорсера

Table 3.5

Importance Criterion of estimation IT аутсорсера
1 Indicators KPI. The relation of quantity of the demands executed in time to total of the accepted demands for 1 month, expressed in percentage ()
2 Responsibility for KPI. The size of the fine in % from an amount of invoice for default of planned targets KPI on 1 % from all demands accepted to processing; OtvetYOstvennost for project start. The size of the mortgaging sum in roubles, return kotoyoroj is supplied only at 100 % the executed indicators KPI in 3 months from project start (not less than 3 month payments under the project) ()
3 Quantity of recommendations ()
4 Presence in the market in years without change jur. Persons ()
5 Financial indexations (a company annual turnover, thousand rbl.) ()
6 Territory of coverage of the Russian Federation. Quantity of cities of presence ()
7 Availability of the signed agreement ()
8 The financial offer ()
9 SLA - astronomical time of complete restoration of the equipment from moyomenta demand registration in Service of technical user support in hours ()
10 Term of start of the project in months ()

With allowance for that criteria connected with quality, the warranty of its maintenance in process prestavlenija services IT аутсросинга and experience obyosluzhivanija have high significance at the customer, the author has suggested to evaluate them separately.

As the experts knowing specificity of the market and nuances predostavyolenija of services of IT Outsourcing, for the purpose of reception of an authentic estimation, chiefs of the organisations-customers of projects of the IT Outsourcing entering into a portfolio of projects of "US" have been chosen, namely:

Х5 Ritejl Groups - Lisenkov Vyacheslav Olegovich, the chief upravleyonija regional support IT;

Open Company Alkor and To - Gerasimov Evgenie Aleksandrovich, the chief otyodela operation IT;

Open Company RusFinansBank - Kosolapov Artem Valerevich, deputy IT of the director;

KB Open Company the Renaissance the Credit - Gusev Vladimir Nikolaevich, nachalyonik user support managements;

Open Company Lukoil-inform - Taburov Denis Jurevich, the chief upravleyonija, etc.

For filling of forms with experts the author has suggested to use scale Lajkerta from 1 to 5 when the highest significance is pirated kriteyoriju, having an appreciation according to the expert, and low - to criterion having a low estimation (tab. 3.6). Total significance of each criterion settled up as idle time the arithmetic-mean.

This technique has been approved on materials of a portfolio of projects of company "us". The carried out analysis has shown, that, as a whole, large zayokazchiki have evaluated the activity of company "us" directed on upravleyonie by a portfolio of projects, as corresponding to the declared level obespeyochenija qualities of results (more excellent, than good) (PrilozheYOnie). However, according to the received expert estimations, it is necessary to pay attention to observance of limits of time for registration of demands on obsluzhiyovanie cash dispenses and service of the printing equipment, delivery neobyohodimyh account materials for the multiple copying engineering and regenerative works on debugging in work of cash dispenses.

Acknowledgement of the received result is the analysis of the data resulted in the Appendix of E.Iz of it follows, that the quantity of the received applications from the end user of services of the customer testifies about dosyotatochno a high level of quality of their granting and fast reaction to removal of any discrepancies (on an example of service of the press it is executed
Account of indicator SLA on a demands acceptance at realisation of a portfolio of projects of IT Outsourcing for 1 month).

Table 3.6

Scale of expert estimations

The criterion description


Criterion condition


Significance of an estimation
IT аутсорсер udovleyotvorjaet to the full only small part treyobovany the customer

(30 %)

The low 0 - 1,9
IT аутсрсер udovletvoyorjaet to the full poyolovinu requests zayokazchika (50 %) The unsatisfactory 2 - 2,9
IT аутсросер udovleyotvorjaet all requests of the customer not to the full and with inadequate quality (70 %) The satisfactory 3 - 3,9
IT аутсорсер udovleyotvorjaet requirements

All customers and in bolshej degrees with nadyolezhashchim quality

Service (90 %)

The good 4 - 4,9
IT аутсорсер polnoyostju satisfies poyotrebnosti all customers with nadlezhayoshchim service level (100 %) The excellent 5

According to the conducted estimation of managerial processes by the project on obyosluzhivaniju the automated jobs it has been revealed, that faktiyocheskie indicators of realisation of the project indicate the best result vyyopolnenija, than the planned indicators.

The project on service of cash dispenses has been evaluated by experts on a number of criteria more low in comparison with other projects of a portfolio. The reasons of such estimations had been defined the following: absence necessary komyoplektujushchih for duly fulfilment of demands at service partners, routeing of engineers for fast definition meyostonahozhdenija the necessary cash dispense is not organised, absence of the coordination of admissions on regime objects and the scheme of removal of the alarm system is not transmitted.

Within the limits of an analyzed portfolio of projects and received ekspertyonyh estimations the changes directed on improvements of conditions of vertical integration of company "us" with the service partners within the limits of a portfolio are necessary. This process, first of all, is connected with znachiyotelnoj software completion that will supply svoevremenyonuju registration of demands of any complexity in uniform system with instructions of necessity of realisation of all list of works, in conformity with which, all necessary accessories will be delivered in the necessary volume and in time.

In addition to criteria of choice IT аутсорсера the customer avtoyorom presents the Protocol of start of the project and terms realizayotsii the project are defined. In the Protocol co-ordinated with the customer are defined shtrafyonye sanctions for infringements of a schedule time of works. For this reason their estimation is possible in the course of realisation of the concrete project by the concrete customer in case of occurrence of a case of an infliction of penalty.

predstavlenoe methodical maintenance of choice of supplier of services of IT Outsourcing and the basic criteria included in each stage of a choice which are in detail described in a technique developed by the author issledovayonija, have high practical applicability. In criteria of a technique contain: account of cost of quality, the comparative expenses analysis and vyyogod, the basic processes and requests to quality of their results (SIPOC), also all reached indicators on a constant basis pass audit kayochestva, the analysis of control cards is carried out.

The range of the prices for services in outsourcing of functions of IT Support inyofrastruktury the customer is established on the basis of following factors: a degree of quality of granting of service; the observance warranty reglamentyonyh terms; service structure; park of engineering of the customer (a lineup, plotyonost distributions, quantity, age etc.). Thus definitive usyotanovlenie the prices are offered to be carried out on the basis of negotiations.

Weight of criteria of an estimation of suppliers

Significances of a casual index


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A source: Repin Nikita Vasilevich. DEVELOPMENT of the INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE of MANAGEMENT by the ORGANIZATION With IT OUTSOURCING USE. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Perm - 2018. 2018

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