Research of sharing of universities of the Far East in the international educational alliances

In the Far East Russia 14 high schools are possessed (not considering branches). The five of the best on group "Interfax" rating in 2016 included Far East federal university, the Vladivostok state university of economy and service, Northeast federal university of a name of M.K.Ammosov, the Amur state university and Pacific state university.

Data of a national rating of Far East high schools are resulted in table 2.1.

Integration into the international educational space of universities of the Far East has begun in the end of 80 years of the last century. It was promoted by entry of Russia in market relations and extending foreign economic relations of the Far East in connection with which there was a problem of preparation of qualified personnel in the field of management of the enterprises which could work effectively in the conditions of the international market environment. Issleovateli Harchenko E.V., Shirokova L.V. and Timohina E.V. consider, that the primary goal rossijskooj the educational organisation is search of the most effective method of finishing of results of intellectual activity to the consumer [123].

The Far East State University (DVGU) became one of the first universities of the Far East who has started to conduct work in the field of the international cooperation, for today is a Far East Federal University (DVFU). DVGU/DVFU actively works in the international educational market since 1989 and actively participates in the international educational alliances. DVGU became

The second university beyond Urals Mountains and in the beginning of 1991, the second after Irkutsk state university, together with Merilendsky university (USA), the Russian-American faculty has opened at itself and began to realise the program of the double diploma.

Table 2.1 - the National rating of Far East high schools of 2016

The high school name The subject Rating Place in the all-Russian rating
1 Far East federal university Primorye Territory 197 18
2 The Vladivostok state university of economy and service Primorye Territory 101 60
3 Northeast federal university of M.K.Ammosov Republic Sakha (Yakutia) 71 94
4 The Amur state university The Amur region 59 122
5 Pacific state university Khabarovsk territory 55 127
6 Far East state medical university Khabarovsk territory 51 137
7 Pacific state medical university Primorye Territory 38 169
8 Komsomol-on-cupid state technical university Khabarovsk territory 32 188
9 Priamursky state university of Sholom-Alejhema The Jewish autonomous region 28 196
10 The Sakhalin state university The Sakhalin area 22 218
11 The Kamchatka state university of Vitus Bering The Kamchatka edge 19 226
12 Far East state agrarian university The Amur region 16 229
13 The Yakut state agricultural academy Republic Sakha (Yakutia) 11 235
14 Northeast state university The Magadan area 11 237

Source: It is made by the author on materials: the Rating of high schools of Far East region.

URL:https://hcfe.ru/news/rejting-vuzov-dalnevostochnogo-federalnogo-okgruga / (circulation date: 15.06.2018).

Uniqueness of the program consisted that students, being trained in 5 years in DVGU, received 2 diplomas about higher education: diploma DVGU in a speciality "Economic" with qualification assignment “the economist with knowledge of English language” and the bachelor's degree on management of Merilendsky university. The first 2 years teaching was conducted 71

Teachers DVGU: the third and fourth year - teachers of Merilendsky university conducted employment in English on the American system; the fifth year DVGU supplied special courses which were read by managers from banks, tax inspection, customs house and business of structures.

At the Russian-American faculty students from Primorski Krai, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, from the Chita, Amur areas, Khabarovsk territory, Japan, Vietnam were trained. The faculty has prepared experts for such large organisations, as Far East marine shipping company, "Dalryba", "AKFES", "Vostokrybholodflot", "Dalpushnina",

"Dallesprom", East port, Nahodkinsky sudoremzavod, the Sakhalin shipping company, "Ternejles", "Zabajkalzoloto", TINRO and other enterprises of the Far East.

Today DVFU has partner relations with more than 100 partners from 19 countries of the world. Among them the largest high schools, research establishments, public organisations, business structures from the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Peoples Republic of China and other countries.

Now DVFU has increased quantity of programs of a bachelor degree with the double diploma which realises together with Merilendsky university. For today are two programs of a bachelor degree with issue of double diplomas; one on in a direction "Economy", other - in a direction "Finance". At successful end of training students of the program receive two diplomas Russian and the American diplomas gosudarstvenogo the sample. Besides bachelor degree programs, together with Merilendsky university DVFU realises the program of the double diploma in a magistracy in the field of management.

With university of Southern Queensland from Australia DVFU realises the program of a bachelor degree with issue of double diplomas in economic.

DVFU also develops programs of the academic exchange and offers the students possibility to pass semestrial or year training without
Degree receptions in one of high schools-partners. Exchange programs are conducted with sixteen universities of Japan and assume free training.

The Vladivostok State University of Economy and Service (VGUES) is the active participant of the international educational activity in the Far East and participates in the international educational alliances. VGUES not only offers the international programs of an exchange, the program of double diplomas with universities partners from the different countries, but also actively trains at itself foreign students.

For today in VGUES the joint international educational programs, one of them with International business school Solbridzh from South Korea in a direction "Management" act some. On the termination of the program students receive Russian the bachelor's degree of management and the Korean diploma of International business school Solbridzh with assignment of degree of the Bachelor administration business. With Daljansky oceanologic university from China VGUES the first offers two joint educational programs, - in a direction "Economy", the second, in a direction "Dealing" with reception of the Russian and Chinese bachelor's degree.

The unique joint international program is program VGUES with Pacific International School of Hotel Management (PIHMS, New Zealand). Uniqueness of the program consists in it is orientirovannostii and to modelling of conditions of the training approached to a real business environment. Students are trained and live in real hotel which and operate. In programs for fastening of professional skills two obligatory semi-annual training are included in the hospitality industries. Training programs pass both in Vladivostok, and in New Zealand where on the termination of the program of training, students receive the New Zealand bachelor's degree of the hotel
Management and tourism of the international sample.

Except joint programs of training VGUES Toyama, Japan, the Chinese university of culture, Taiwan, University of foreign trade from Vietnam and two universities from the USA, University of the Western Washington and the Hawaiian University in Manoa conducts exchange programs of training with nine universities of China, ten universities of South Korea, University of the international researches of.

VGUES actively involves on the programs of higher education of foreign students and, for today, in VGUES studies more than 600 foreign students from 12 countries of near and far abroad - in Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kirghizia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, China, Vietnam, Republic Korea and Laos, etc.

Dalrybvtuz - is branch university which prepares experts for a fishing industry and actively co-operates with partner universities of China. Together with them Dalrybvtuz realises the joint program of a bachelor degree, with knowledge of the Chinese language on specialities: economy, management, water bioresources and akvakultura, industrial fishery and a foodstuff of an animal origin. The program is realised both on the basis of international institute Dalvybvtuza, and on the basis of Northeast agricultural university (Harbin), Daljansky oceanologic university (Dalian), Daljansky university of computer science NEUSOFT (Dalian), CHanchunskogouniversiteta (Changchun), Chanchunsky scientific and technical university (Changchun).

Graduates of the international institute receive two diplomas about higher education: the diploma of the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China, and also the certificate on knowledge of Chinese language HSK. The given program allows to prepare necessary shots for the industry of the Far East which will help graduates to be integrated successfully as into economy of Russia, and countries ATR.

Pacific State University (TOGA) (Khabarovsk)
Has developed and successfully realises, together with partner university from China, the program of two diplomas. The program is realised at faculty of economy and management the TOGA, together with Northeast agricultural university (SVSHU, Harbin, the Peoples Republic of China). On the termination of the program graduates receive two diplomas: the bachelor of management (TOGA) and the bachelor of management (SVSHU). The program is calculated for 5 years of training. Two and a half a grade level in the TOGA and two and a half a grade level in SVSHU. The program is conducted in two languages, in Russia - in Russian, and in China - on Chinese.

Process of realisation of the given program is of interest. The first grade level - at Pacific state university occurs 0,5 years according to the curriculum and to additional (facultative) studying of the Chinese language. The second grade level - passes 2,5 years in Northeast agricultural university (Harbin, the Peoples Republic of China). The basic attention is given to studying of the Chinese language, acquaintance to history and culture of China. Then students study disciplines in a direction "Management" (a profile the International management) according to the confirmed joint curriculum. The third grade level - passes 2 years in Pacific state university (Russian Federation). Students take possession of knowledge in a direction "Management" (a profile the International management) according to the curriculum. The curriculum and programs prepodavaemyh disciplines correspond to federal state educational standards and answer recommendations of the international organisations.

Along with the general economic and administrative disciplines preparation on special disciplines in the field of the international management is conducted. Rates of disciplines supply noegenesis in the field of economy and management of the enterprises attending to foreign trade activities. After successful end of training in the TOGA students receive two baccalaureate diplomas about higher education: Russian and
Chinese, and also unique economic knowledge, knowledge of the Chinese language and culture the countries (Peoples Republic of China). Except cooperation with the countries ATR, the TOGA also is the participant of a consortium on realisation of project Erasmus Mundus 2 - the Aurora [40].

Far East State University of Means of communication (DVGUPS) (Khabarovsk). All realised in DVGUPS can be divided the international joint educational programs into two blocks. The first block are programs with the academic exchange and the second block - joint educational programs of "double diplomas. The program of the academic exchange is realised DVGUPS with high schools of Republic of Korea. The program of the double diploma in a direction management is realised with university of Anchorage (the State of Alaska, the USA). DVGUPS as, with universities partners, offers joint educational programs 3+2 for foreign students.

Northeast Federal University (SVFU) (Republic Sakha, Yakutia). SVFU has begun the international cooperation in 1991 with signing of the agreement for cooperation with university of Alaska Fairbanks (USA) and, for today, actively co-operates and conducts exchange programs with universities partners in Asia, in China, with Hejluntszjansky institom foreign languages, Tszilinsky university, Tsitsikarsky university, with republic Korea, with university of foreign languages Hanguk, university Choson, of Kwangju, university of Taegu, Kengsan, International business school Solbridzh, university Vuson, Pusansky national university, Pusan, university Mendzhi.

Exchange programs with uinversitetmami from Europe are actively conducted: the Austrian universities, university Innsbruck and university Alpen-Adrija, European University Viadrina from Germany. Very popular exchange programs with partner uniersitetami from France: university Versailles-Sen-Kventin-an-Ivelin, university Perpinjan Via Domitsija, university of Nice - Sofia the Antipolicy, university
Serzhi pontuaz, university Rennes 2, university Havre, university of a name of Field Sabate.

In North American region SVFU co-operates from two universities from the USA: university of Alaska Fairbanks and university of the Western Washington. In Canada partner university is the university of Northern British Columbia.

SVFU accepts active cooperation with the international funds and state to structures and offers the student and professorsko - to teaching structure stipendial programs of training in various directions and specialities and programs, for example, prorammu Fulbrajt, the program of the German service of mobility, stipendial programs of embassy of France, stipendial programs of the government of China, Korea and stipendial program HUSTEP of university of Hokkaido, Japan.


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