The major role of universities in the modern conditions, caused by a number of their features, opens it possibility to act in a role provodyonika the innovations, connecting formation, a science and production in branches and regions of Russia that is an obligatory condition innovative razyovitie the countries as a whole.

The offered model of evolution of concepts universiyotetov according to stages of development of company, has allowed sistematiziyorovat the basic functions, tools, criteria of success and a condition vliyojanija universities on innovative processes in the economic systems, missions of universities supplying fulfilment in varying phases razyovitija companies.

High schools are drivers of innovative processes in economic systems, forming conditions for achievement of global technological lead of Russia, however, for increase in their contribution development of mechanisms of orientation of directions of research activity on formation of the new markets and technologies in critical areas, and also perfection of tools of diffusion of innovations in real production and kommertsializatsii results of research and development is necessary.

Distinction as a part of objects of an innovative infrastructure of high schools in various regions demands their differentiation on a basis kriterialnogo the approach. As criterion the cumulative contribution of high schools to innovative structure of the macroregion, calculated on relative poyokazateljam shares of objects of an innovative infrastructure in their general number within the limits of national innovative system in this case can act. Approbation of the offered approach has allowed to draw a conclusion that most razviyotija an innovative infrastructure kommertsializatsii researches and razyorabotok high schools will reach a high level in the Central and Privolzhsky federal districts where are created and successfully elements of all components innovayo function
tsionnoj infrastructures. The developed infrastructure of a transfer of technologies in real production and kommertsializatsii results of a high school science obesyopechila formation of high innovative potential of regions TSFO.

Increase of efficiency of innovative processes and maintenance of competitiveness of regions in economic space of the country vozyomozhno on the basis of application in management research and innoyovatsionnoj activity of university of structurally functional model kommertsializatsii results of research activity in proyoektsii on elements of an innovative infrastructure of high school.

Institutsionalnye features of each model innovative razviyotija universities will allow already generated institutes Russian siyostemy formations purposefully to focus the strategy on realizayotsiju in the new conditions formalized within the limits of the national project "Science". Thus, the account of distinctions of models of innovative development of universities, allows to define their place and a role in realisation gosudaryostvennyh strategic initiatives of development of higher education and a science that will allow to integrate universities into realisation processes strategicheyoskih problems proryvnogo scientifically-technological development of Russia.

Studying of results research and innovative dejayotelnosti high schools of Kursk area has allowed to make waters, that the contribution of system of higher education to innovative development of Kursk region is significant. Scientifically - research activity of high schools has the important strategic significance for stable innovative development of economic systems. Joint activity of government bodies, regional high schools and real sekyotora economy should be directed on complete use of potential of the higher school for acceleration of rates of economic growth of region at the expense of an innovative component.

Approbation of the technique of an estimation developed during research effekyotivnosti control systems of research activity and inyonovatsionnym development of the university, including indicators resource and
Productive components, and also an integrated indicator organizatsiyoonnoj the structures, characterising conformity of a control system nauchnoyoissledovatelskoj and innovative activity of university to the purposes of its development, has led to working out of some design decisions on sovershenstvovayoniju an innovative infrastructure Southwest state uniyoversiteta and modernisations of organizational structure of a control system by research and innovative activity. As a result, in 2018 the parity of the executed and outstanding criteria effektivyonosti research and innovative dejayotelnostju JUZGU makes control systems 11/7 against 9/9 in 2017г., that confirms tseleyosoobraznost the made changes and fidelity of the chosen direction of perfection of a control system. It is established, that decrease in significances of variety of productive indicators in 2018 became result nerazyovitoj innovative structure and low system efficiency organizayotsionno structures of management research and innovative deyojatelnosti, that should be considered by a university management as sigyonal to working out of correcting and-or warning actions.

Such images, as a result of conducted dissertational issledovayonija teoretiko-methodological positions of management nauchnoyoissledovatelskoj by activity and innovative development of the universities directed on maintenance of lead of the state in scientific researches and workings out, including creation and network development megasajns projects, and also formation of complete system of preparation and professional growth of scientific and pedagogical shots for competitiveness increase natsioyonalnoj economy are expanded.

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A source: TIMOHINA Elena Vitalevna. MANAGEMENT of RESEARCH ACTIVITY And INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT of UNIVERSITY. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Kursk - 2018. 2018

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