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In operation monocrystals of firm solutions (niobat strontium barium (SBN) and niobat calcium barium were explored

Grown up by a method Chohralsky a crystallographic direction [001] [] •

Crystals SBN and CBN with various relations SrZBa and Sa/Va have been grown up in Laboratory of technology of oxide-coated crystals of Institute of Technology of Electronic materials, Warsaw, under the guidance of T Lukasiewicz.

For crystals SBN the nominal concentration of strontium in a solution made 26, 35, 50, 61 and 75 %. The real composition of crystals was checked 9

Method of optical issue spectroscopy with it is inductive the bound plasma (ICP-OES). The grown up crystals have chemical formula SΓ0.35Ba0.65Nb2θ6.0, Sro.40Bao.6C) Nb2θ6.O, Sro.51Bao.49Nb2θ6.O, Sro.59Bao.38Nb2O5.97, and Sro.72Bao.28Nb2O6.o ∙ Distinctions in the nominal and real concentrations of strontium are presented in table 1.

Table 1.1

Label The nominal concentration

Strontium in a solution

The real content of strontium in a crystal
SBN 26 26 % 35 %
SBN 35 35 % 40 %
SBN 50 50 % 51 %
SBN61 61 % 60 %
SBN 70 70 % 72 %

The unique gang of properties of crystals SBN is caused by feature of crystalline structure. Crystals SBN belong to a class oxygen oktaedricheskih a ferroelectric material with structure of type tetragonal kalium of tungsten bronze [1]. At the heart of this structure the three-dimensional net of octahedrons NbO6 joined in such a manner that vertex lays form alternating tetra - and pento - cycles. The structural formula of linking with the account of hollows and neekvivalentnostju octahedrons can be written down in a view (Л1) 2 (А2) 4 () 4 (В1) 2 (В2) 8Озо. In channels (А1), having square section, atoms of strontium (Sr) are located. The probability of their finding in these positions for the structures having relation Sr/Ba in a gamut 0,33

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A source: Lisitsyn Vladimir Sergeevich. PYROELECTRIC PROPERTIES And the STATE of POLARIZATION of MONOCRYSTALS of FIRM SOLUTIONS NIOBATA of BARIUM of STRONTIUM And NIOBATA CALCIUM BARIUM. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Tver - 2015. 2015

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