explored materials

In operation compositions of difficult perovskitopodobnyh oksidov on a bottom titanatov bismuth with structures of type schistose perovskita and pirohlora with various concentrations of substitutional atoms Cr, Fe and Si which can be subdivided on two major groups have been studied:

1) With structure perovskita.

Bi4Ti2.98Fe0.02On 99 (Fe0.02), Bi4Ti2.5Feo.5On 75 (Fe0.5), Bi4Ti2Fe1On 5 (Fel), Bi4Ti2.98Cr0.02On.99 (Cr0.02), Bi4Ti2.5Cro 5O ∏ 75 (CrO.5), Bi4Ti1 gCri 2O11.4 (Crl.2), Bi4Ti2.99Cu0.01O1199 (Cu0.01), Bi4Ti2.5Cuo.5O11.5 (Cu0.5), Bi4Ti2Cu1O ∏ (Cul).

2) With structure pirohlora.

Bi2Ti2.5Feo.6θ8.9 (Bi2Fe), Bi2Ti2.5Cr0 2θ8.3 (Bi2Cr), Bi2Ti2.5Cu1O9 (Bi2Cu).

Examinations of topology of a surface of samples vismutsoderzhashchej ceramics on an atomno-power microscope have shown, that the structure vismutsoderzhashchej ceramics represents grains of the small sizes (the order 0,6 - 1 micron), baked in large conglomerates [А-4].

Also in operation schistose structures on the basis of ceramics titanata-stannata barium with blanket chemical formula Ba (TibxSnx) O3 (BTS), subdivided into two groups which are of interest from the point of view of embodying of a lapse rate of concentration of tin were studied:

1) Samples in whom the lapse rate of concentration of tin was created by level-by-level conglutinating of materials with various concentration of tin.

2) Samples in whom the lapse rate of concentration of tin was implemented by means of level-by-level formation of magnetic character masses with various concentration of tin, then the sample was moulded and baked.


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A source: Shashkov Maxim Sergeevich. the DIELECTRIC RESPONSE of SCHISTOSE STRUCTURES ON THE BASIS OF AHAT- BARIUM And TITANATA BISMUTH. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Tver - 2018. 2018

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