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In operation monocrystal edges paratellurita having the shape of the plane-parallel plates which have been cut out perpendicularly following directions have been explored: [ON], the [1Ї0], [001], [010] and 2 cubes having various optical properties, which leg it is equal 1 see Samples had next sizes: d ∣-0.87 mm, S ∣-37 мм2; Ch-O.? Mm, S:-37 мм2; ch-0.91 mm, S ^-36 мм2; d ∣-0.67 mm, S^37 мм2, accordingly. Samples of monocrystals paratellurita, grown up by a method Chohralsky were explored. Vytjagivanie it was yielded in a direction [1Ї0].

Germanium monocrystals gained with crystallographic orientation , the diversion from orientation did not exceed 1,5 . The doping was carried out by introduction ligatury in an initial fill. Cultivation of monocrystals was yielded in vacuo in a graphite thermal knot; in case of a doping bismuth cultivation carried out in nitrogen atmosphere. A method Chohralsky grew up monocrystals in the form of cylindrical ingots in diameter 40 - 45 mm, length 200 - 300 mm. A method of directional crystallisation gained large-sized monocrystals in diameter of 150 and 200 mm.

As initial raw materials used zonnoochishchennyj polycrystalline germanium (mark GPZ). Chemical cleanliness GPZ spots a material specific resistance - more than 47 Om cm (at temperature 23oC); concentration of charge carriers makes l, 5∙1012см ' 3, and mobility of charge carriers at level 3,7∙IO4cm2∕B∙c.

In the grown up monocrystals concentration of the electroactive impurities was spotted by an indirect method - on the basis of specific resistance measurings (UES) chetyrehzondovym a method on shlifovannyh face surfaces of samples by means of device PIUS-1UM (a gamut
Measured UES 0,0001-800,0 Ohm-sm at a measuring error: +/-2 %). Homogeneity of allocation of an impurity on section and height of samples was in limits of 10 % for values of a specific resistance (15 - 47) Om cmи 5 - 8 % for a gamut (0,1 - 15,0) Omsm.

Crystals for optical examinations measured 039 χ 11 mm, 0150 h 16 mm, 0200 h 16 mm, 0200 h 18 mm. Crystals were polished on section 2.2.1 procedure.

Crystals for examinations teplofizicheskih performances were grown up from a melt by an expedient Chohralsky. As a dope used antimony and gallium. Samples for measurings cut out in the size 10 h 10 h 5 mm from orientations of a plane 10 h 10 mm in directions , , .

The medial dislocation density in crystals made (0,5-l, 2) ∙104 sm "2. Optical measurings of samples bezdislokatsionnogo the germanium alloyed by antimony are Besides, spent.

Samples for examination of influence of concentration of oxygen on a spectrum of phonon uptake plotted on the basis of not alloyed monocrystals which have been grown up from a melt by a method of Chohralsky nitrogen in atmosphere under a stratum of flux LhO; with addition in a composition of a flux of dioxide of germanium GeO2 [112, 202-204]. Concentration opticheski the active oxygen spotted on intensity of oxygen peak of uptake [112].


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A source: Gavaljan Mamikon JUrevich. Influence of crystallographic orientation and the impurity composition on optical, the dielectric and teplofizicheskie performances of crystals of germanium and paratellurita. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Tver - 2016. 2016

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