Measuring of a roughness of a surface of the explored sample

In the course of the analysis, gained above effects, the relief of a surface of the test sample of a foil of alloy BrH explored in operation has been studied by a method optical profilometrii. It was for this purpose used optical profilometr Zygo New View 5000 (drawing 6.8).

The device allows to gain three-dimensional and two-dimensional images of a relief of a surface of the sample with the resolution on a vertical to 0,1 nanometers. Lateralnoe the resolution and a field of vision depend on a used replaceable objective. Thanks to presence of the automated co-ordinate little table and possibility program "sshivki" the images gained at single scanning, there is a possibility to explore a platform with lateralnymi in the sizes considerably exceeding a field of vision of an objective, up to tens in sm2.

The principle of activity of this interferometer is grounded that by means of the photodiode matrix the image gained at an interference of light is registered, the sample reflected from an explored surface and a reference flat surface. In the course of scanning the objective moves perpendicularly surfaces of the sample, thus the gained interferograms register in the personal computer. Upon termination of scanning there is a computer processing of the gained data which effect is the three-dimensional image of a surface of the sample.

Drawing 6.8 - Appearance and the optical plan optical profilometra Zygo New View 5000


Drawing 6.9 - the Lateral view of a surface along sample BrH

In drawing 6.9 observed datas of a lateral view along a surface of the central band of the explored sample are given. The sizes of the explored band - 1? 1 sm2. In drawing 6.10 the incremented image of a lateral view of a site of a surface is shown. Red colour scores the sites having a roughness ~ of 40 microns.

Drawing 6.10 - the Incremented image of a lateral view of a surface of sample BrH

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A source: Rogalin Vladimir Efimovich. Firmness of materials of power optics to action of powerful impulses of radiation CO2 - lasers. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. Tver - 2015. 2015

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