4.5.1. Statement of experimental researches

Received as a result zhirnokislotnoj flotations the foamy product has been subjected chanovomu sernokislotnomu to leaching on purpose maksi - malnogo extraction from it the oxidised molybdenum. Experiences on vyshchelachi - vashju for search of optimum conditions were spent with use me - todiki rational planning of multifactorial experiment [53].
Naveska an investigated product in an air-dry condition pomeshcha - las in porcelain socket also it was filled in with a leaching solution opre - delennoj concentration at various relation Т:Ж and it was leached at the changing temperature with hashing impellerioj a mixer in a current of set time. After that received productive races - tvor it was filtered through a filtering paper. In a filtrate and in a fruitcake you - shchelachivanija the molybdenum maintenance was defined, on received rezulta - degree of extraction of molybdenum in a productive solution there paid off. Thus, sernokislotnomu to leaching the concentrate zhirnokislotnoj flotations with the maintenance in it of molybdenum oxidised 0 has been subjected? 085 %. In experiment optimum values of concentration of sulfuric acid, time of leaching, relation Т:Ж, temperatures of a leaching solution, degree of crushing of the material subjected to leaching (tab. 42) simultaneously stole up. Table 42 Levels of studied factors Factors 1 2 3 4 і 5 H concentration, g/l 10 20 30 40 50 Hg^rodolzhitelnost, hour 12 (24 36 48 60 H \, razzhizhenie pulps 1] 2 3 4 5 H і, temperature, s 20 30 140 50 60 Х5, degree of crushing, % 87 89 і 91 93 j 1 95 Values of factors Xj, X:, Х3, Х4, Х5 were set on a matrix pjatifak - even experiment at five levels (tab. 34 see). Result of experiment are resulted in tab. 43 and 44.
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A source: Kostromina Irina Vladimirovna. Justification of a rational technology of processing of molybdenum ores refractory: On the example of ores from the Zhirekensky deposit / thesis / Chita. 2004

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