Standard and empirical bases of research

The standard basis of research includes the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the federal laws regulating activity of the credit organisations, other standard legal certificates of the Russian Federation (decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, the governmental order of the Russian Federation, legal certificates of Bank of Russia).
In work separate positions of international legal certificates, the Bank code of Byelorussia, the Economic code of Ukraine are used; a number of standard legal certificates which have lost now legal validity is investigated, however their contents causes research interest from items of the comparative analysis with acting certificates.
Empirical base of research legal statements of various courts of judicial system of the Russian Federation, the statistical and other data reflecting development pravoprimenitelnoj of activity of financially-credit bodies and an item of courts in aspects of realisation of standard legal certificates, regulating public aspects of activity of the credit organisations as have drawn up subjects of a financial law.
Scientific novelty of the dissertation consists that conceptual research financial pravosubektnosti the credit organisations is carried out for the first time.
In the dissertation complex teoretiko-legal research of the credit organisations as subjects of a modern financial law contains. Proceeding from features of a subject and a financial law method, the author positions the wide (multidimensional) contents pravosubektnosti the credit organisations in sphere of the financial (public) right.
Branch (special) financial pravosubektnost the credit organisations depending on features of the subjective legal rights belonging to them and the subjective legal responsibilities assigned to them it is subdivided on active and passive, and also on kompetentsionnuju and is passive-active.
Research of the contents of the indicated kinds pravosubektnosti in various spheres of financial, monetary and credit relations is conducted with allowance for separate directions of a financially-legal policy of the modern Russian state.
As a result of the carried out research with the purposes of perfection of legal regulation of sharing of the credit organisations in financing activities of the state (municipal unions) by the author the project of the head Relations between the credit organisation and the state (municipal union) as a part of the bill directed on codification of banking (the Monetary and credit code of the Russian Federation) is developed.
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A source: RYBAKOVA Svetlana Viktorovna. THEORETICAL BASES of REGULATION of ACTIVITY of the CREDIT ORGANIZATIONS AS SUBJECTS of the MODERN FINANCIAL LAW. And In T About R E F E R And T dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of jurisprudence. Saratov. 2010

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