Introduction 3
Chapter 1. Theoretical problems of development of the mechanism
Financings of housing construction 9 The economic contents of basic elements of system of financing 9 Generalisation of foreign experience of a financial provision of housing construction 33
Chapter 2.
Problems of modern practice of financing
Housing construction in the Russian Federation 64 The analysis of the Russian practice of housing crediting 64. Population money savings As an investment resource of housing construction 83 The analysis of practice of hypothecary housing crediting 101 Chapter 3. Perfection of the mechanism of financing of housing construction and modern methods of attraction of financial resources 119 Hypothecary securities, as a method of financing of building 119 Working out of the concept of development of national system of financing of housing construction and acquisition of housing accommodation 133
The conclusion 149
The literature 158

The exclusive role of housing construction in maintenance of the population of the Russian Federation with accessible housing accommodation, with safe and comfortable conditions of residing in it, in the conditions of development of market relations in the country has required creation of new system of financing and crediting of objects of housing construction.
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A source: Yakushev Arthur Mihajlovich. DEVELOPMENT of the MECHANISM of FINANCING of HOUSING CONSTRUCTION. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Moscow -. 2006

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