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Building and sale of housing accommodation to the population on the terms of a real estate are the mechanism which will allow to satisfy, on the one hand, requirement of the population for housing accommodation, on the other hand, will give the chance to generate additional financial resources to the enterprises of a building complex.
Hypothecary crediting of purchase of housing accommodation stimulates development of a building complex, and also, owing to special position of the given branch and economy as a whole. Techniques of negotiation of the hypothecary bargain existing at the moment have limited enough character satisfying mainly interests of the creditor. Therefore special significance is acquired by working out in system of hypothecary crediting of the new indicators promoting decision-making from the borrower, and techniques of search of set of the conciliatory proposals satisfying interests of both parties. Many problems requiring labour-consuming accounts for a substantiation and a choice of the best decision, are successfully allowed with application of computer technology of processing of the information. Thereupon special significance acquires research of practical aspects of application of the given technologies in economic modelling of financial streams between the creditor and the borrower at hypothecary crediting of purchase of housing accommodation. In process of introduction of the mechanism of hypothecary crediting in activity of the investitsionno-building companies at the expense of intensive formation of own and involved financial resources there is a real necessity of an estimation of relative development both the separate building enterprises, and all building complex of region.
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A source: Konnov Vitaly Nikolaev. HYPOTHECARY CREDITING of PURCHASE of HOUSING ACCOMMODATION AS the MECHANISM of FORMATION of FINANCIAL RESOURCES of the ENTERPRISES of the BUILDING COMPLEX. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Rostov-on-Don - 2003. 2003

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