the Worker of hypotheses

Dissertational work bases on system of methodical positions and models of the author, according to which the defining moment of unity of interaction of economic interests of the borrower and the creditor at hypothecary crediting of acquisition of housing accommodation is scientific search of conciliatory proposals with application of concrete technologies.
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A source: Konnov Vitaly Nikolaev. HYPOTHECARY CREDITING of PURCHASE of HOUSING ACCOMMODATION AS the MECHANISM of FORMATION of FINANCIAL RESOURCES of the ENTERPRISES of the BUILDING COMPLEX. The DISSERTATION on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Econ.Sci. Rostov-on-Don - 2003. 2003

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  1. a legal status, a legal status of the worker, trudopravovoj the status of the medical worker: concept and elements
  2. the Purposes, hypotheses and research problems
  3. Substantive provisions. Initial hypotheses
  4. Initial preconditions and the hypotheses accepted in work
  5. Research hypotheses
  6. research hypotheses
  7. 2.2.1 Purposes, problems, hypotheses and participants of research
  8. the basic hypotheses of research
  9. the basic hypotheses of research
  10. The purposes, problems, hypotheses, the scheme and the research program
  11. the Directory of the company (worker)
  12. the Purpose, a subject, hypotheses and research problems
  13. 3.3 Hypotheses of the mechanism and mathematical modelling of process of hydrogenolysis
  14. the Labour potential of the worker