4.3 Working out of metrology security of system of diagnosing of availability index of product of headlights of vehicles in conditions "passing light", "headlight" and total light at realisation of a standard method of measurements.

The measurement method - definition of force of light of headlights in a condition "passing light" in a direction 34; up from position of the left part svetotenevoj boundaries.

Three servicing deports of automatic telephone exchange (HUNDRED automatic telephone exchanges) in which the analysis according to the standard method of measurements described in characteristics sheet on applied STD has been carried out took part in experiment.

HUNDRED have spent all on four measurements.

At holding of experiment the laboratory №1 used a gear for inspection of external light gears (with transmission of results on computer OPK. Results of measurements are output on liquid crystal

The alphanumeric display with illumination. The gear has an exit for informational link with the computer on interface RS-232 (can transmit results of measurements in the computer of a line of the technical control). Measurement ranges: an angle of inclination svetotenevoj boundaries 0-140 , force of light of external light gears 0-100000 kd, Height of an optical axis of 250-1600 mm.

Technical characteristics of gear IPF Table 4.8. Technical characteristics the Direction of a light bunch (angle of inclination), mines 0-140 Force of light of headlights and lanterns, Kd 0 - 50000 Frequency of following of gleams, Hz 0-3,5 Hold time of a light signal, sek 0,1 - 2.5 Parity of duration of a gleam to a repetition time, % 30-75 Laboratory №2 applied the Gear of the control of external light gears ISF (IPF)-01.

In L laboratory 3 available there is a Gear for inspection of external light gears С110. Consists of the optical chamber with digital indication and a mobile rack with the orienting device. Transmits the report of measurements in the central computer of a line of the technical control. Technical characteristics С110 Table 4.9. Technical characteristics Force of light, Kd 0-100000 Number of gleams in minute, 20-200 Time from inclusion to the first gleam 0,2-5,0 Ratio of duration of a gleam by the period, % 25-85 Angle of inclination svetotenevoj boundaries, mines 0-140 Heights of an optical axis, mm 300-1200 Input data. Light force sensing in accordance with GOST 51709-2001

In a condition "passing light" in a direction 34/up from position

svetotenevoj boundaries Table 4.10 Number HUNDRED i Level j (car mark) VAZ 2107 VAZ 2110 VAZ 21II VAZ 2112 715 709 721 711 1 703 735 720 745 1 721 735 717 717 722 721 724 720 731 722 712 703 720 707 726 725 z 718 726 730 714 710 734 704 726 3 727 732 707 711 726 711 720 723 731 721 711 720 726 720 728 710 Picture representations of these data are given the left part on fig. 4.6 Level

uromkkmg гJ and w in ch | and and? Hectares нами*

That tju us that 7 "?" g "/4"




On m

too w tju 7i> til that

Р*1|1ЫМ IIMIfliWI a Fig. 4.6. The Picture representation of input data for force of light in a condition"passing light".

Average values in base elements. Table 4.11 Number Level j laboratories 2 4 i * "V У* h" 9 1 715 4 725 4 721 4 724 4 2 719 4 723 4 718 4 717 4 3 727 4 721 4 717 4 716 4 Calculation of standard aberrations st)

Standard aberrations are presented in in table 4.12.

Standard aberrations. Table 4.12 laboratory Number i Level j 1 2 3 4 * "9" if * "9 *" 9 1 8,7 4 12,5 4 2.9 4 15,0 4 2 3.7 4 11.3 4 12.1 4 10,8 4 3 2.4 4 8,6 4 9,4 4 6,5 4 Further we realise inspection on compatibility and presence of ejections

At = 4и number of laboratories r = 3 critical values for criterion

Kohrena are equal 0,798 for 5 % and 0,883 for 1 %.

For level 1 greatest value s takes place in laboratory N 1 and 2; thus = 156,8; the test statistics = 0,5.

For level 2 greatest value 5 takes place in laboratory N I; thus Јs2 = 359,6; the test statistics = 0,4.

For level 3 greatest value s takes place in laboratory N 2; thus Јs2 = 243,3; the test statistics = 0,6.

For level 4 greatest value s takes place in laboratory N 1; thus Јs2 = 382,9; the test statistics = 0,6.

The received results mean, that all observations are correct, therefore there is no necessity for application of criterion Grabbsa.

Calculation t}, s0 and s ^

Variances, calculate in the following image with use of level 1 as an example.

Amount of laboratories r = 3

T '.

= = 79,07. 7\= ОО7 = 627,33. G, =? = 12.

< = ]>; = 48.7 ' 3 =-l) *, 2 = 470,5. s* =-? - = 52,27778.

r? ri-7i2Tr3 (/?-1) 7з (/-o1 t? _

tl =658934. *, = 7,230337 sK =8,097234. h

Calculations for levels 2,3 and 4 can be executed similarly, that will result in, presented to table 4.13. Settlement values mJt srj and sRj Table 4.13

h R

= 13,28742. s\= si + s} = 65,5652. Level j Pj And

mj CH sRj 1 3 6,589347 7.230337 8.097234 2 3 10.82345 10,94811 11,13249 3 3 8,131978 9.006171 10.17763 4 3 10.75232 11,29774 12.06974 Consideration of the data containing in table 4.14, does not detect any dependence, and consequently as indexes pretsizionnosti

Average values of standard aberrations fy and srj can be used.

So, measures pretsizionnosti have following values:

Standard aberration of recurrence s, =9,620589;

Standard aberration of reproducibility 5Л=10,36927.

Further we substitute the received values in expressions for errors of the first and second sort and it is definitively received Pj=0,034 and Р2=0,05 - in the conditions of recurrence both Pj=0,058 and Р2=0,064 - in the conditions of reproducibility.

Input data. Light force sensing on

GOST 51709-2001 in a condition "passing light" in a direction

52 ' downwards from position of the left part svetotenevoj boundaries Table 4.14 Number HUNDRED Level J (car mark) I VAZ 2107 VAZ 2ПО VAZ 2111 VAZ of 2112 1788.5 1790.7 1815.6 1834.0 1 1811.9 1780.6 1835.7 1852.6 1 1811.9 1779.0 1826.0 1839.4 1799.6 1771.7 1836.9 1864.2 1803.9 1783.5 1844.3 1843.6 l 1802.1 1764.0 1815.6 1854.2 i 1797.8 1788.6 1829.8 1851.8 1808.7 1799.5 1828.1 1842.6 17953 1774.5 1836.5 1824.0 \1817.5 1786.9 1835.7 1849.3 3 1798.9 1790.0 1840.3 1837.9 1800.9 1767.3 18353 and 557.4 Uroi MT

And _

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A source: Isakova Kira Sergeevna. RESEARCH And PERFECTING of METROLOGY SECURITY of DIAGNOSING AT MAINTENANCE SERVICE And REPAIR of VEHICLES (ON the ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT EXAMPLE). The thesis on competition of a scientific degree of a Cand.Tech.Sci. A speciality motor transport 05.22.10-maintenance. Vladimir -. 2007

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