3.1. Results of hydrodynamic tests of the centrifugal pump

In the project on working out of the apparatus for himiogipertermicheskoj perfusions on the basis of the centrifugal pump with non-contact magnetic muftoj, for a basis the centrifugal pump of an original design (manufacture TSNII RTK, SPb Russia) with disposable perfused centrifugal attachment MAQET is used.

After assemblage of the apparatus on the basis of the centrifugal pump a number of hydrodynamic experiments has been spent. The pump should possess sufficient productivity for the purpose of its use for carrying out of perfusion of an abdominal cavity.

The centrifugal pump as a part of the perfused apparatus works at power consumption of the drive no more than 200 In and the maximum frequency of rotation of the drive of the pump of 3500 rpm. Under the specified characteristics the centrifugal pump has advantage in front of the roller pump Mars 2 for which frequency of rotation of the drive made no more than 1700 about \minute

In a drawing 12 the head of the centrifugal pump which is shown allows to enlarge rate of giving of a perfusate in an abdominal cavity, and also interferes with rising of intraabdominal pressure.

Fig. 12. A head of the centrifugal pump

Preparation for carrying out of tests of the perfused equipment passed in some stages:

1) joining of a highway of a fence of a perfusate to the top inlet opening of a head of the pump;

2) the highway joining, submitting a perfusate in an abdominal cavity from the pump to an exit on the head party;

3) a head insert back in an apparatus design;

4) bracing of a head of the pump.

In table 14 necessary measuring apparatuses are presented.

Table 14

Measuring apparatuses for hydrodynamic tests of the centrifugal

The pump

Measuring apparatuses Scale interval Error
Stop watch

The electron

1 with 0,01
Ruler measuring 1 mm 0,50
Aerotonometer medical 1 mm hg 0,50

During experiment investigated pressure which the given perfused equipment is capable to frame. By results of bench experiment pressure did not exceed 80,68 mm hg, volume rate of perfusion has made 3100 yo 21 ml a minute. Essential advantage of the given pump is that at full crossclamping of a taking away highway there is no rising of perfused pressure above value of 110 mm. Hg

The given feature is the important advantage of the centrifugal pump which prevents failures of highways from pump branch pipes at not authorised crossclamping of resulting highways out of an abdominal cavity and also at an excess or the wrong equipment of drainages in an abdominal cavity.

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A source: ALEKSEEV Valentine Valerievich. IMPROVEMENT OF THE HYPERTERMAL CHEMIOPERFUSION METHOD IN THE SYSTEM OF COMPLEX TREATMENT OF PATIENTS WITH BERUSHINA CARICOMATOSIS. Thesis for the degree of candidate of medical sciences. St. Petersburg 2015. 2015

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